Shark Professional Lift Away nv356e Review-Powerful Suction with XL Capacity

Shark professional lift away nv356e reviews speak the world about this versatile and lightweight upright vacuum cleaner. It’s designed to help you achieve floor to ceiling clean with awesome easy to attach tools that will enable you to take your Shark where few vacuums have gone before.

How’s that for a vacuum pitch?

The portable canister is ultra-convenient and the anti-allergen complete seal technology makes sure you get cleaner air every time you vacuum.

A 98% recommended shark nv356e review rate is nothing to dismiss.

It’s affordably priced, lightweight for a powerful upright, and easy to store and transport. The flex-action head means no more backaches when you’re vacuuming.

I can almost say it’s fun to vacuum with your Shark, at least when you read through some of the Nv356e reviews, that’s what you’ll see. Included are lots of different attachments to make sure you’ve got the tools to battle any sort of vacuuming challenge.

This Shark is a sure winner – read the full Nv356e review to find out more!

According to the shark professional lift away nv356e review, who is this vac designed for?

Shark Professional Lift Away nv356e in action


This Vacuum Cleaner has been designed for the following type of people

  • Moms
  • Dads
  • Dorm rooms
  • Cafes
  • Cars
  • Stores
  • Offices
  • Basements
  • Maid services
  • Gyms
  • Lawyers Office
  • Schools

Here are some of the Key Features of Shark Professional Lift Away NV356E



Feature One – Multi-surface Cleaning with Brush-roll

With this motorized rotating powerful brush you can loosen deep-down trapped dirt in the carpets that usually just gets vacuumed over, not actually out. It’s easy to turn on and off when you’re zipping through your house from hard floors to carpets, just with the push of a button. It’s actually kinda fun at first.

An excellent feature to ensure you get your house the cleanest you possibly can with ease.


Feature Two – Great Cyclonic Action

The Shark is built with advanced cyclonic technology to ensure you get the strongest of the strong suck action. Pesky dirt is actually separated from the air inside your vacuum, so the filter never gets clogged and the active cleaning power stays strong start to finish of every job. Dirt that gets sucked up stays sucked up for good.

A piece of mind to say the least.


Feature Three – One-Step Cleaning

This Shark offers up one-step cleaning for all floors. You can speed up your cleaning with the Dust-Away hard floor attachment; which combines a enormously powerful suction and effective dusting power all in one. Also included is a washable microfiber pad that comes in handy.

A floor surface can’t ever be truly clean unless you deal with both the dust and the dirt; and the Shark makes sure you have the ability to conquer both with ease.


Feature Four –Portable Canister Included

With is upright vacuum you get a portable canister to make jobs easier for cleaning stairs, ceilings, and other above-floor areas. Rarely do you find a vacuum that offers this feature as an extra, an excellent feature that gives you the tools to ensure you get ALL the vacuuming done right.

Top to bottom your Shark is up for the challenge.


Feature Five – Bonus Tools

There are lots of vacuums on the market that come without any attachment, but not the Shark Professional. You get a premium power brush specifically for pet hair and both short and long tools for corners, getting deep into closets and under beds. Everything you need to never miss an inch of cleaning space. Talk about awesome!



  • Bagless upright vacuum
  • The price is right
  • Bonus canister
  • Multi-surface cleaning brush
  • Specific pet hair tools
  • Advanced cyclonic technology
  • Anti-allergen complete seal technology (also check Another anti-allergen vacuum from Dyson)
  • One-step cleaning feature
  • Easy portability
  • Extra tools


  • Larger than other models
  • Too many features
  • Noisier than other vacuums

Shark nv356e Reviews by some Customers

“OMG – I love my Shark Navigator! I have a pretty big house so I need a vacuum that’s powerful and pretty big. The Navigator fits the bill perfectly. It’s got power and all the tools I need to get everything vacuumed. Definitely recommend it.”
Sandy Andrews
 “I actually bought this for my father-in-law but he didn’t like it, so I’m using it and I love it. It cleans much better than my old canister vacuum and now I can even vacuum my drapes. One person’s junk is another’s treasure.”
Cindy Lou
“I’m a bachelor and don’t know much about cleaning. I saw this vacuum on sale and bought it. Glad I did because even though my house is pretty messy, my floors and nice and clean.”
Giles Mead
“My wife Andrea is a little spazzy when it comes to cleaning, so I got her this vacuum for her birthday because I read some of the Shark nv356e reviews on it. Happy I did because she hasn’t stopped yapping about how great is it and I gave it to her 3 months ago. Never thought a few hundred dollars could make someone so happy. Good vacuum for the money.”
Rodney Ranger
“I needed a good quality vacuum for my law office and decided to try the Shark Navigator because a friend recommended it. Everything she said was true and I’m very happy with it. Had it almost a year now with no issues. If you are looking for a top quality vacuum this is the perfect pick.”
Barry Wright
“When I finalized my divorce I wound up with the big house, which means I needed to get a really powerful vacuum because it has a lot of carpet. The Shark fits the bill perfectly. It’s light enough to maneuver easily but strong enough to suck up everything in its path. So glad I bought it!”
Sam Kelly



 Will this vacuum last?

This upright comes from an excellent brand and is long-lasting. Any Shark professional lift away review you read will verify this. A great vacuum that is built to last.


 Are the attachments easy to get on?

This vacuum was designed user-friendly. So you won’t have any trouble getting each of the attachments on and off while you are vacuuming. This helps speed up the process of cleaning and make sure you get the job done right.


 Is this vacuum good for cat litter and pet hair?

Yes. It’s the best vacuum for pet hair because it comes with tools specifically for this. Will suck up animal air and bits of litter with ease.


 I have allergies…Is this vacuum dusty?

I know what you’re talking about and no, you aren’t going to get any dust or debris spewing around the air with this vacuum. There is no bag with this vacuum and the allergy-technology with the shark makes sure all dirt and dust gets trapped in for good.


Editor’s View about shark professional lift away nv356e  review

Pet hair doesn’t stand a chance with the specialty tools that are designed specifically for that.

Emptying the canister is simply easy, and you get an extra canister to help you get spic and span clean the areas above your floors; like the ceiling, stairs ( in fact this is one of the Best Vacuum cleaners for stairs as well as for allergies), and up in your closets.

The HEPA filtration system ensures allergies aren’t aggravated and the dirt and dust you clean stays trapped.

And the price is right for this upright vacuuming gem.

All that’s left is for you to checking this out on AMAZON, get this vacuum cleaner and put this baby to work!

If you have allergy and have been looking for best vacuum for allergies, Here we have got 8 best vacuum cleaners for you that are perfectly anti-allergens.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking of a reliable powerful vacuum with all the bells and whistles that’s priced right, the Shark is your best choice. It’s great for pet hair, for your stairs and comes with the tools you need to reach all those areas nobody wants to clean. The extra canister is excellent for cleaning the stairs and things other than your carpets and floors, light the ceiling and up inside the closet.

There isn’t much not to love about this Shark Professional vacuum cleaner.

If you are in the market for a no-hassle trustworthy vacuuming machine that can tackle just about any vacuuming job, then you need to invest in the Shark Professional lift-away vacuum cleaner.

Time for you to commit to clean today!

Grab yours today