Best Vacuum For Pet Hair- Ultimate Choice For Pet Lovers

For someone who has pets in their house very well know that it is prior to have a vacuum that can help them in getting rid of pet hair. This consequently increases the demand of buying best vacuum for pet hair.

The odor, allergens, debris, dirt, dust and pet hair; all these are sufficient to make your day gloomy as no one likes to be around any of the above mentioned elements. Well then, it is essential to guide you about best pet vacuum so that you can make safe and worth investment. So let’s jump into next section of this simple guide.

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I would say that there are plenty of things that are to be considered while you are buying best vacuum for pet hair. It is not some petty investment that you can do aimlessly, without thinking about it much. Moreover, it is to be used on routine basis so the machine has to be perfect as per your requirements. Let’s see what all is to be considered before buying best vacuum for dog hair:

1. What is to be cleaned?

First thing that should be considered is the space that is to be cleaned. There are various types of vacuum available in the market that specializes in various niches. For pet hair, Dyson has launched many amazing products. But it is quite essential to know what you need in order to buy right product. Some of the things that are mandatory to acknowledge are: whether the place is small or large, whether there are embedded pet hair in the carpets and upholstery or not, whether the area is highly jammed or with less visitations, etc. Once you know about all these points, it will be easy for you to settle on a certain model.

2. Suction Power:

Pet hair usually gets stick to the upholstery or get fussed up in the carpet. That is why the model should be so purchased that can give you better suction. But at the same time it is also quite imperative to have different settings in the machine so that it cannot ruin the delicate platforms such as upholstery.

3. Filtration:

It is very obvious that houses that have pets are more predisposed to have allergens in the air due to animal dander. That is why it becomes even significant to buy vacuum with very good air filtration system that can keep your house safe from pet air, dirt, dust and allergens. There are various machines that are certified for asthma and are best to be bought if you have any such trouble.

4. Capacity:

To save yourself from frequent trips to the dustbin and emptying the dirt bag, it is best to buy a product that has large capacity cleaning bags. In this way, you can clean the whole area and after getting free, dispose all the dirt at once.

5. Attachments:

Vacuum cleaners are not only for some specific purpose only. You can make it multitasking with the help of the additional tools that are incorporated with the machine. It is best to check out a product that comes with maximum tools. Such machines are more versatile. Most of the machine comes with different tools for floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning and most importantly, pet hair clean up.

So guys, while you make up your mind for buying best vacuum for pet hair, do keep these points in mind.

How I selected Best vacuums for pet hair ?

Trouble alert! There are hundreds of models competing in the market and trust me, no brand is willing to take any chance in offering quality. It is quite bothering to go through so many reviews, check what customers have to say about the products and then settle down at one. It needs a lot of time to research and also it is highly perplexing. But there are certain recommendations that can ease up some of the burden.

I have made this list of best vacuums for pet hair 2016.

You can check them out and then decide which one suits your requirement and finances.


Shark Professional Lift Away nv356e

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This one is also most decently priced model in our series. Be it the looks of this product or the essential features, everything is simply admirable. There are two prime reasons for massive sale of this model: Firstly, it is manufactured by Sharks that have commendable goodwill in the market and secondly, it is very decently priced that it can be easily afforded by anyone. Also the features of this model are simply venerable. You can find plenty of reasons to invest in this machine. Let’s see what all those reasons are:

Top Features:

  • This machine works on the mechanism that never let it lose suction.
  • It is highly lightweight and recommended to all those that do not like to move and haul the machine with any sort of discomfort. The canister is big enough to accommodate extra dirt
  • It is based on HEPA technology and Anti Allergen complete seal technology for safest usage
  • It has swivel steering for different type of surfaces in the house
  • It gives you superior deep carpet cleaning by thrashing out embedded dirt and hair from it.
  • It supports three types of surface cleaning including carpet, hard floor and bare floor.
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Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete in use

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This one is another wonderful launch by Dyson based on its signature ball technology. This one also comes with 5 years warranty and has been enriched with features that are worth your attention. This one has also been very cleverly priced considering its offerings. The dimensions of the machine are 10.7 x 11.5 x 36.4 inches. Let’s just jump into the pool of features for this model.

Top Features:

  • It has radial root cyclone technology for deep cleaning on various types of surfaces
  • Dyson ball technology for brilliant maneuverability and great reach
  • Various setting suction power for different types of floors
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Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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Ok, if you want to invest in a model that is also best priced and which can give you most amazing services, this one is the ideal model for you. It is the most genuinely priced machine in this list. The weight of this model is 10 pounds and the dimensions are 10.4 x 8 x 24.8. Here are the features:

Top Features:

  • Incorporated with wind tunnel technology, cordless and bag less vacuum
  • Multiple settings for various type of floors
  • It has edge cleaning bristles and low profile base, energy star battery charger and battery fuel gauge incorporated in the package
  • Different power controls
  • Easy release of dirt cup
  • Handle is highly reclining and can easily move to the places far beyond your reach.
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Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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First one to be there in my list is this sleek looking beauty called DC59 Animal. This model is certainly called the best vacuum for pet hair. It is a sleek cordless machine that is ideal for extracting out pet hair. The pricing of this machine is quite justified given the flawless features it have. This one comes with 2 years warranty of parts and labor from Dyson. The product is quite versatile, handy and lightweight for regular usage. Let’s now illuminate the features of this brilliant vacuuming machine:

Top Features:

  • It has got extremely powerful motor that spins 110,000 times in minute and mostly 3 times better than any conventional motor.
  • With the help of 15 cyclones situated in the machine, it is best to capture microscopic dust.
  • Comes with various tools such as combination accessory tool, crevice tool and mini motorized tool.
  • Comes with a trigger that doesn’t let the battery get wasted unlike other cordless vacuums.
  • This one has 26 minutes cleaning time and 6 minute boost cleaning
  • Transparent bin that alerts you about when to empty the bin
  • It has a detachable wand that helps in many ways for cleaning purposes
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Shark Rocket TruePet Ultralight Upright

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Very well deserved and a commendable entry in the list of best vacuums for dog hair. I have used this model personally and I must say that is the best shark vacuum for pet hair. This one is very decently priced. Usually it was quite compared by many other competitive models but this one has commendably proved its credibility. It is an Ultralight model, ideal for cleaning walls, ceiling and drapes. But this model is specially manufactured for pet hair so it is best to be used for the respective purpose. Following is the list of features that will surely lure your interest, let’s see:

Top Features:

  • Detailed with advance swivel technology that let the vacuum to easily slip into narrow spaces and give you best cleaning
  • TruePet motorized brush that helps in deep cleaning and sucks in all pet hair from the surface
  • Additional tools that help in best bare floor and hard floor cleaning.
  • Includes crevice tool, dusting tool, pet hair tool, hard floor genie and microfiber pad for enhanced cleaning.
  • It has large dirt cup that can hold more amount of debris than its former releases and it can also be released easily.
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Dyson DC25 Animal Ball Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

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Well Well, this one has not lost its significance among buyers even being launch around 8 years back from now. It is finely bracketed with brilliant looks and praiseworthy features. Also the pricing of this model is done wonderfully that cannot trouble any pocket. It gives smooth steering due to the ball technology and being an upright vacuum. However it is a little much in weight of 21 pounds. The dimensions of this product are 11.5 x 11.5 x 39 inches. It is a brilliant purchase for every household and it works on an extremely simple mechanism.

Top Features:

  • Dyson ball technology that help in easy maneuverability and ease of using on every kind of surface. It also stands alone as there are no wheels and the vacuum moves on the large ball at the base.
  • Highly powerful motor that helps in brilliant suction. It is incorporated inside the ball
  • It has telescope reach wand of 16 feet that can reach up to the ceiling and drapes for easy cleaning.
  • It has HEPA filters that traps microscopic allergens and expel environment friendly air. Also a certified model for asthma patient. It poses no threats to anyone.
  • Read dyson dc25 Full review Here


New Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum:

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First when I came across this model, I was simply amazed by its stunning looks. This one is made up in a combination of lotus white and grey. It is rightly priced as the features that you can get in this machine are simply brilliant. The dimensions of this model are 14.4 x 13.4 x 46.5 inches and it weighs 21.4 pounds. There are many interesting features in this machine that makes it worth your interest and worth spending huge amount of cash. Let’s check out what U1 Cat & Dog Upright has got in its kitty to serve us with:

Top Features:

  • It features unique electro brush that help in easy contouring of the vacuum head and settles on any platform so that cleaning can be done more efficiently.
  • Helps in getting rid of bad odor in the house as well as it has Miele Air Clean sealed system.
  • There is a rotary dial control that comes with four different settings of power. It helps you in setting suction power for various types of surfaces.
  • LED lights that illuminate the area that is to be cleaned. You can have a close look on the dirt and abolish it.
  • Read miele dynamic u1 cat & dog Full review Here

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All formerly mentioned models can be categorized in the list of best vacuum for pet hair. And why not, every model has got exceptional features that make them better from others in the market. All the models are well tested and used by hundreds of users and the performance of these machines are outstanding.

Pet hair is really disturbing when you see them scattered all over the place. As much I love my pet, I hate seeing the hair decked all over in my house. And I know all pet owners can understand what it is like having the hair wherever you sit in the house. That is why these machines are must have for all pet owners.

Pick any one of them and you will never have to regret your decision.  🙂