Miele Complete C3 Review- It Worth Every Penny

We all love our pets but not their hair that we find in every corner of our house. For how many times in a day you have to dispose them out of your house? Well, I have to do it multiple times in a day until I bought my magical vacuum machine. That is why today I decided to share with you guys Miele Complete C3 Review.

I feel profuse amount of joy to present this model in front of you guys as it has really helped me in making my house a dream home, ensuring complete cleanliness.

The weight of this little wonder is only 19.4 pounds. I must say the looks of this machine are to die for. The dimensions are 19.5 x 11.2 8.9 inches. It is a brilliant canister vacuum with silence motor and 3 speed settings that can be reached via handle controls. It also has automatic motor settings. This model is recommended for all kind of floor cleaning.

Anyways, this model has received quite a lot of appreciation in terms of cleaning, easy handling and brilliant reach. The performance of Miele vacuums is consistent from last 20 years. That is why this brand is called the most preeminent name in manufacturing the finest vacuums.

Design and Features of Miele Complete C3

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In this section of Miele Complete C3 Review, we will discuss the design of this model. Well, it comes with an Electro Premium brush with 5 adjustable height levels. There is LED light detailed at the base of the vacuum cleaner. The electro brush is best suitable for medium to high pile carpeting. Then there is Parquet twister that offers 180 degree rotation of the tools and ensures gentle care on the smooth surfaces. The handle is quite comfortable and it has six-stage suction controls. This model gives you complete luxurious cleaning experience.

This model includes other integrated accessories such as upholstery tool, crevice nozzle and 3D bumper.

Electro Premium Power brush:

It is an electrically driven carpet tool that smoothly rolls on the carpets and extracts dirt and pet hair flawlessly. This tool has got swivel neck that increases the reach of the vacuum cleaner. There are 5 level height adjustments for convenient cleaning.

Handle Controls:

This model has got very convenient handle controls that allow user to increase or decrease the speed of the machine. You can also use any automatic setting from the handle or turn the vacuum on or off.

Velvet Bumper Strip:

The velvet bumper strip is useful in saving the furniture from any kind of damage that can be caused by accidental collision.

Parquet Twister:

For smooth floors or any other kind of surfaces, the Parquet Twister rotates 180 degrees and provides most effective cleaning. This feature increases the reach of the vacuum cleaner in various areas of the house. This makes cleaning stairs quite simple.

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For me this machine is a great pick. I bought it a year back and since then I never have to come up with any complaint. Well, in this section of my Miele C3 Complete Review I would like to mention the pros of the machine. Let’s see the strengths and highs of this model.

  • Great in looks
  • Great in reach
  • 36 foot operating radius
  • Recommended for all flooring types
  • Powerful cleaning with 6 suction levels
  • Very effective for pet hair removal
  • Sound proof functionality


On the down side I have found only few things to mention:

  • Very long cable
  • Turbo head is large for stairs


Well performance of a product can be measured on various parameters. Every tool that is tagged with this model is ideal in lending great cleaning performance. After undergoing various tests, it was observed that suction of this machine is great. The Turbo head tool is used to remove embedded dirt and pet hair from various parts of the house. For upholstery, there is a separate tool that rolls easily and removes the dirt. The AirTeQ head is also used for deep cleaning. It can pick up the smallest bits of dirt from every corner of your house. Also the dirt bag is huge to accommodate a lot of dust and pet hair. This reduces your tours to the dustbin for emptying the dirt bag over and over.

Purpose Miele Complete C3 Serves

To assimilate the purpose that Miele Complete C3 serves, just read its name. It is a total cleaning solution of your house. There are various tools that make cleaning so easy for the users. It produces great results on carpets and hard floors. The Parquet Twisted head works flawlessly on the hard floors and carpets. In fact this is one of the best vacuums for carpet. The lowest power settings are enough to remove light pet hair from the corners and other parts of the house. But for the embedded dirt and pet hair, you can go for extreme cleaning. The AirTeQ head does not stick to the floor and works very effectively. There is also Turbohead tool available that can be used for extreme cleaning.

This machine is also ideal for stairs. You can pick it up and take it upstairs as it is quite light in weight. According to various tests that have been done for the stair cleaning, the upholstery tool seems to be the best option to clean stairs as it can take care of the narrow parts of the stairs effectively. For pet hair removal, the ideal option is Turbo head. As I mentioned earlier, it is used for extreme cleaning and you can effectively clean your house completely with the help of multiple tools.

Miele complete c3 review by Customers:

Customer reviews are very essential as they enlighten future buyers about the credibility and capabilities of the product. Miele Complete C3 is a great machine and it has got best of the features. Customers are quite satisfied with this model as it is a total solution for the cleanliness of the entire house. This one works great on pet hair and it is also an ideal machine to clean upholstery and carpets. This powerful vacuum cleaner has scored 4.6 stars at Amazon.

Let’s see what customers are saying about this model:

At first I was not sure about whether I should invest so much in a vacuum cleaner or not. But then I was convinced that this model is a great investment. Around 9 years back, I bought a great model from Miele’s Gemini series. Oh god, it was the best thing I had in my house. That is why I was convinced that Miele products are the best. This is the second vacuum cleaner I bought. It’s been more than a year and I am more than satisfied with the performance of this machine. It is a great pick guys. Go for it.
I would say that it is the nicest vacuum that I have ever used. This is the total cleaning solution of your house. Go for it guys, you will never feel bad over your investment.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here in this section of my Miele Complete C3 Review, I have compiled a list of FAQs that will help you in making right decision:

Miele has been quite generous in providing a good tenure of warranty with this model. Customers can have 5 years warranty on everything and long 10 years warranty on motors and casings. As compared to all other vacuums that are available in market from various models, Miele is giving the best warranty.

The dimensions of Miele Complete C3 are 19.5 x 11.2 x 8.9 inches and the weight of this machine is 19.4 pounds. This machine is easy to operate and store after usage.

There are 6 motor speed settings that are controlled via handle control. All the motor settings of this machine are automatic. You can simply reach them to select and use them as per requirement.

The accessories that come with this model are a dusting brush, an upholstery tool, a crevice nozzle and a velvet 3D bumper.


To sum up my Miele Complete C3 Review, I will only say that it is a great machine that will assist you in complete cleaning for long time. It is a durable machine. You might find it highly priced but this is a long term investment. However it is always suggested to the buyers to understand their needs first before they buy a product. But as referred from its name, it is a versatile machine that will help you in brilliant cleaning of your house. This one works quite well on pet hair, allergens, airborne particles and substantial dust.


It has got most powerful suction for adept cleaning.