Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy Review

Hello Readers, I welcome you to my Dyson cinetic review where I will share the most authentic information about this model. Dyson seems to rule the market with its grand gamut of products. Anyways, this review is about one of its hottest selling vacuum cleaner.

We will begin with the basic information about this model. The dimensions of this model are 43.3 x 13.4 x 17.2 inches. The weight of this model is 19.2 pounds. After undergoing multiple performance tests, this model has been awarded 4.3 stars.

It is due to the Cinetic science technology of this model that it does not lose suction at all. Unlike other conventional vacuums, this one does not have a filter to wash or replace. It has whole machine HEPA filtration. This model is quite suitable for intense cleanings such as cleaning away the carpets or pet hair removal.

This machine comes with a lot of tools that serve different cleaning purposes. There are separate tools for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pet hair removal and dirt removal. You also get a tool bag along with the machine to store all the tools.

Design and Features of Dyson cinetic big ball animal + allergy 

In terms of designing there is no better brand than Dyson. This one is a brilliant amalgam of Dyson upright range and its innovative self. The filters don’t have to be removed or replaced after initial usage. Cinetic turbine supply constant power to the machine. It is the newest mechanism used in Dyson machines so that they can have constant suction. To remove minute dirt, the smaller cyclones work and produce a high amount of centrifugal force. Even the tiniest dirt is easily picked by this vacuum that any other vacuum refuse to pick.

Let’s take a look on the Features in detail of Dyson cinetic big ball animal

Dyson Cinetic Science:

Dyson products always come with different type of suction technology. This product is detailed with Cinetic science that swings at a rate of 5000 Hz. It thrashes away even the most embedded dirt from carpets and upholstery. Also as the suction is most powerful, you can expect brilliant cleaning from this machine.

Ball Technology:

Dyson has detailed this model with Ball Technology only to make it more accessible for all the areas of the house. It is only because of this technology the reach of this machine is fantastic. It rolls easily at every corner and confined area of the house, removing the dirt completely.

Mattress Tool:

Unlike other vacuum machines, this one has got multiple tools. Mattress tool is one of the tools that help in the complete cleaning of mattresses and upholstery. You can simply rub the brush on the surface and it will remove pet hair and other allergens from the exposed platform brilliantly.

Carbon Fiber Soft Dusting Brush:

This is an interesting brush that comes along with the vacuum. The ultra fiber carbon filaments of this brush improve in picking up fine dust from the hard areas. It has got small crevices and angled handles that make use of the machine even better for the users.

The reach of this product is quite well as there is a different tool that makes the reach of the machine efficient. The paddle-shaped profile and robust bristles of its tools give perfect cleaning.


There are plenty of strong points that I would love to mention in my Dyson Cinetic Animal Review. Let’s see:

  • Multiple tools to ensure versatility
  • Maneuverable due to the ball technology
  • Great suction power
  • Very lightweight and manageable
  • No Filter
  • Perfect bag less product


Well, it is a highly appreciated and powerful vacuum by Dyson. The only drawbacks that I would like to mention in my Dyson cinetic big ball animal review are mentioned below:

  • It is a little overpriced
  • While operation, this machine creates a lot of noise

Performance of Dyson Cinetic

The test scores of Dyson products are very encouraging. Next in our Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Review, we will discuss the performance of this model. This machine has performed incredibly well in removing dirt from the carpets. The edge cleaning by this model is also quite appreciating. While testing, it was observed that the vacuum was not able to pick the rice grains or macaroni pieces that were scattered by us on the ground. However, this is a smart machine that knows when to switch from deep cleaning of a carpet to lighter floor cleaning. I would definitely give a good feedback to this model for its brilliant performance. It is a perfect machine that is specially designed to pick dirt and pet hair from the carpet. Also it was observed that it has way better suction than other related models. This very model is one of the best vacuums for carpet cleaning as well as for allergies.

Purposes Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Serves

We shall now discuss in our Dyson Cinetic Review about the purposes that this product serves. Well, it is a multipurpose machine that suits every domestic need. This model has got the best suction and that is why it is ideal to clean upholstery and carpets. This product comes with a lot of attachments that make this machine versatile and perfect for all kind of domestic usage. For complete cleaning of your house, there are several tools.

Carbon Fiber Soft Dusting Brush:

This brush consists of ultra fine carbon fiber filaments that make cleaning on hard floor easier. For better usage, you have these small crevices and angled handle that makes the usage easier than ever.

Mattress Tool:

Well, this one gives brilliant cleaning by removing allergens and substantial dirt from mattresses and upholstery. This tool can also be used to remove dirt from the carpet.

Due to the extra powerful suction and ball technology, you can expect this product exploring every corner of your house with complete ease and removing all the dirt from confined spaces as well.

Dyson Cinetic Review by some customers

Dyson has goodwill like no other brand. All products that are manufactured by this brand have brilliant suction and great reach. In this section of the Dyson Cinetic Review, we will discover customer reviews about this product. Well, if you check the score of this product at Amazon, you will be quite impressed with its 4.3 stars. There are 200+ customers that have bought this model from Amazon and thought that it would be helpful for the future buyers if they share their valuable experience with them.

I have used this vacuum for three months before I decided to write a review. There are many things that I like about this vacuum cleaner. Firstly, there are so many tools. I have got a different tool for different type of cleaning. I am amazed with its suction. The technology is very new. This product is great. – Ashley

] It is an excellent unit that cleans effectively. It is also a great machine to clean pet hair. The storage unit is a little smaller that creates a problem for me to empty it. Rest I like everything about Dyson Cinetic Big Ball. – Allen 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this vacuum work great on hard floor or tiles?

Yes, this product is engineered to be used on any kind of surface. You can expect great cleaning on the hard floor as well as on the tile.

What are the dimensions and weight of this product? Is it easy to store it?

The dimensions of this model are 43.3 x 13.4 x 17.2 inches. The weight of this machine is merely 19.2 pounds. You can store it easily at any place you like.

Where can this model work most efficiently?

This model is an ideal machine for complete home cleaning. This performs best to remove pet hair from every corner of your house including carpets and upholstery.

How many years of warranty come with this model?

Dyson seems to be quite confident on their product which is why it is giving 5 years of warranty with this model. Dyson has always regarded its granted warranty to the customers. Whether you have bought this model online or from a conventional seller, the warranty remains the same. You can get the product replaced in case of any problem.

If you got a pet at home and got allergy too, then this is the product fits you best. You may take a look at the list of best vacuums for allergies. However, if you are still not sure what is the best vacuum for you, then I suggest you go through the comprehensive guide here, I am sure this will help you decide.


I conclude my Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy Review by saying that this model is a lot better from its competitive models. This one is also priced very well considering its features. For the people that are looking for products that can give them efficient cleaning of the car, floor, and carpet, you can simply buy this one. It is a multipurpose product with brilliant suction. Also after various tests of this model, it has been observed that this model has great features to clean every section of your house and automobile.

You can expect a complete cleaning from this powerful little machine.

Happy Shopping.  🙂