Best Vacuum For Allergies-Allergens Don’t Stand a Chance

Vacuum Cleaners have certainly been divided into various categories. I have come across many buyers who demand recommendations on best vacuum for allergies. Apparently, every vital brand in the market has been manufacturing such vacuum cleaners that help you in getting rid of allergens.

With the help of these machines, you can get rid of allergens from the mattresses and other areas to save yourself from the deteriorating effect of mites, dirt and allergens. Every brand follows a different method and technology in order to create such vacuum cleaners that work brilliantly in removing allergens. Products with HEPA filters are usually considered as best among all.

I have jotted all these recommendations for you so that you don’t have to struggle in finding a right option. You will find the list of best vacuum for allergies below but before that, we will discuss the things that you have to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Best Vacuum For Allergies


You will come across plenty of vacuum cleaners that looks very promising but just like its said “All that glitters is not gold”. Not every product is capable to be bought because some might have any kind of manufacturing issues or weak suction or any other reason. That is why, I would like to take this opportunity and set forth some best vacuum for allergies that have been quite admired by the former buyers. But if you want to make decision on your own then these tips might help you in picking the appropriate option.

Consider The Type:

Basically, there are two types of vacuum cleaners trending in the market and that are: Upright and Canister. You need to be very careful in picking the right vacuum for you after thoroughly assimilating your needs. For wall to wall carpets, upright vacuum is the ideal option. But if you have more area exposed to hard floors then canister vacuum is what you need. It’s only due to the lightweight vacuum machines that now these cleaning appliances can be used by elderly people, people with arthritis or disabled.

Filtration System:

If you are buying specifically for allergens then filtration must be checked closely. The filter should be so good that no dust should escape the machine. Most of the machines these days are equipped with HEPA filters that seals entire air flow. Also check whether the filter is washable or not. If it is then it is recommended to get it change periodically.


Bagged cleaners are considered as a better option than bagless vacuums. Let me tell you the reason. A bagged vacuum with powerful filter will never allow allergens to jump out of the machine. On the other hand, bagless filters are emptied by pushing a button and disposing the dirt in the bin. In this case, the probability of you getting in contact with the allergens is quite high. It is suggested to use bagged vacuums and make sure of buying quality bags.

The Odor:

Your work is not finished only after clearing mites, pollens, dust and airborne particles. It is equally important to get rid of the bad odor that is created by these substances. Thankfully, nowadays you can buy vacuums that come with filters using active charcoal and other technology to kill the bad odor.


People who suffer from allergy issues are the ones who require intense cleaning. So for intense cleaning, you certainly need more tools. Therefore, the purpose of buying vacuum might vary but for someone who is buying it for allergens, tools are something that must be taken into account.

So, these are some of the tips that will help you in buying the right machine for yourself.

How I Selected Top Products?

Well, If you have gone through some other reviews and recommendations on our site, you might have known so far that we have been conducting research and thereafter reviews on vacuum cleaners for many years. As because there are thousands of our readers looking for recommendations and reviews on vacuum cleaners we have to come up with the list of the best of bests vacuums in the market. It’s the experience, years of knowledge, market research and thousands of customers’ reviews that comes into work while shortlisting the best vacuum cleaners for your need.

Alright, let’s not extend it any further. Here is the list of Best Vacuum For Allergies


BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass 9595A 


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In the world of vacuum cleaner appliances, BISSELL is a huge name that has been contributing tremendously towards the industry. 9595A is a budget friendly and feature packed compact machine that can serve you best cleaning, every time it is used. The dimensions of this machine are: 14.6 x 10.8 x 31.5 inches and it weighs 15.1 lbs. It is a lightweight machine with powerful features for efficient cleaning.

Top Features:

  • This machine is equipped with cyclone system that helps in maintaining the suction. Also it does not weaken the suction while you are cleaning.
  • Then there is OnePass technology which is the cause of powerful suction of this machine. It is only due to this technology that 9595A easily catches embedded dirt, leaving the area clean.
  • We usually fear exposing delicate surfaces to the vacuum cleaner as it can wear and tear. But this machine has got turbo brush tool which is specially designed for soft and delicate surface cleaning.
  • This one is a bagless model and it has transparent dirt cup. The collection of dirt is clearly visible and you can dispose the dirt into the bin when it is completely filled.
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It is a highly compelling model that is available in smallest amount that you can use to buy a vacuum cleaner. The reviews of this product are also assuring so you can fearlessly buy it.



Miele S2121Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner


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This one is a fine looking canister vacuum cleaner, manufactured by Miele to satisfy your vacuuming needs. You might find this machine a little high in price but after exploring its features, you will find it worth spending. This model is exceptionally lightweight and specially crafted for floor cleaning. It is a multitasking machine that works best on hard floor or other surface types. The dimension of this model is: 9.4 x 22.7 x 15.2 inches. The weight of this machine is merely 13 pounds.

Top Features:

  • This one has got six stage easy suction settings, with a rotary dial that revolves and allow you to select the suction power. You can select required suction power varying from different types of surfaces.
  • You can also find a combination tool that transits from one surface to another very easily. You can then immediately increase or decrease the suction power according to the requirement.
  • With this machine you get washable filter bags and this machine has Auto seal closing filter bag that does not let allergens to come out of it.
  • Also it has got a telescopic wand made up of stainless steel that allow you effortless cleaning on the higher areas of your house.
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Shark Rotator Pro Complete Lift Away Vacuum NV552:


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In my list of most fantastic vacuums, here is the shark Rotator Pro complete lift away which has been ranked quite superior in flawless cleaning. This one is a middle budget product that has been liked by all. The dimensions of this machine are: 15.8 x 11.8 x 37.4 inches. Also it weighs only 20.5 pounds so you can easily lift the machine and use it for cleaning purposes. The tools that you get along with the machine are: Dusting brush, large pet power brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, under appliance wand, canister caddy and reusable microfiber pad.

Top Features:

  • This machine works on the power of 1200 watts and it can easily clean various types of surfaces such as carpet, bare floor, upholstery, furniture, etc.
  • There are various tools that come with this machine. For every surface cleaning, you can get a separate tool in order to give you best cleaning.
  • For all the confined areas of the house, you have swivel steering and rotator power nozzle. You can easily take the wand below furniture or corners of the house.
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It is a lift away vacuum so you can effortlessly clean higher regions of the house.



Dyson Ball Multi-floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner


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Just like any other model by Dyson, this one has also got greatest suction power. However, you might find it a little pricey but its worth every penny. This model has been claimed as the best vacuum for allergies and I have also used it personally. If you are willing to spend amount from $350 to $400 then this is the absolute model for you. The dimensions of this machine are: 42.4 x 13.4 x 15.4 inches and the weight is 17.3 pounds.

Top Features:

  • This machine has self adjusted head which makes easy transition from carpet to floor. It is a smarter machine.
  • The suction of this machine is the strongest among all other models. It was tested on various floor types and observed that this machine has great suction in cleaning carpets.
  • The ball technology helps in easy maneuver and makes it easy to take the machine in any confined area. All you need is to twist your wrist a little and you can take this machine anywhere you want.
  • This machine also has radial root cyclone technology that helps n capturing microscopic dust from the contacted area.
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Dyson V6 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum:


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This is another rising and shining model manufactured by Dyson. But its costing might bother you as this one is ranged more than $450. This machine is very light in weight making it easy to handle and use. After various tests it has been assimilated that this one works flawlessly on hard floors. If you are looking for a suitable machine that can suck-in allergens and pollens from your house, this machine is exactly what you are looking for. Let’s see what this machine has got to serve us in its kitty:

Top Features:

  • The HEPA filtration system in the machine captures all the allergens and it expels cleaner air.
  • There is a soft roller cleaner head that is specially tagged up with the machine for hard floors. You can expect this brush to remove large debris and dust simultaneously.
  • You can turn this machine to max power mode for most superior cleaning.
  • With the help of powerful motor you can get 20 minutes nonstop cleaning from this machine.
  • There is also a mini motorized tool that is used to clean dirt from furniture and upholstery.
  • 15 cyclones are finely adjusted among two tiers and they work parallel to increase airflow and also capture microscopic dust.
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Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner


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For animal hair and allergens, you cannot find any better vacuum cleaner than DC39. Also this machine has been decently priced and brilliant demeanor. The dimensions of this machine are: 10.2 x 19.5 x 14.2 inches. The weight of this machine is 16.9 pounds. Stuff that you can find in the box is: operating manual, quick start guide, Trigger head tool, mini turbine tool, combination tool, stair tool, etc. Also, you can get 5 years warranty from Dyson for this product.

Top Features:

  • Dyson Root Cyclone Technology keeps the suction working for longer time.
  • The ball technology allows the machine to maneuver finely.
  • Multiple tools that makes cleaning highly effective
  • This model is ideal for pet hair and allergens and known as the smaller version of Dyson Animal.
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This model has enjoyed a lot of appreciation from customers. This one is really appreciable.



Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional Upright NV356E


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Well, this model is great in terms of price and brilliant features. The demeanor of this machine is transparent and it has extra large quantity to accommodate dirt and dust. The machine has been priced very brilliantly, considering the features. The dimensions of this machine are: 15.4 x 11.6 x 27 inches. Weight of the machine is 25.1 pounds. You can find 8” crevice tool, dusting brush, pet power brush and dust away bare floor attachment with 2 microfiber pads.

Top Features:

  • It is a lightweight machine. You can easily lift the canister for cleaning purposes.
  • Further, this machine is equipped with never lose suction technology
  • Also this machine is equipped with anti-allergen complete seal technology with HEPA filter.
  • Also this machine has got swivel steering in order to give you convenient control. Machine can maneuver brilliantly.
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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus Allergy


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Last on my list is this Dyson Cinetic Big Ball vacuum cleaner that has scored 4.3 stars at Amazon. This machine however is the most expensive among all other listed options. The dimensions of this model are 43.3 x 13.4 x 17.2 inches. Also it is weighed as 19.2 pounds.

Top Features:

  • It is the first vacuum with zero filter maintenance. This machine is specially designed for houses with pets.
  • There is a specialized reach under tool which has bristles that extract embedded dirt and pet hair.
  • This machine has got tools for every cleaning task.
  • The instant release wand is easy to release in one simple action. This makes the machine to clean up high.
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Final Words

Allergens have become a huge problem for many people these days, and it is certainly important to remove them from your living space. All the models that I have mentioned above are the hottest selling products in the market. You can range them among best vacuum for allergies. You can either pick any of the option above or you can conduct personal search. I have also mentioned the points that will help you in selecting a right product.

Consider these tips and buy the best product for you in order to get rid of mites, allergens, pollens and dust from your house. One more thing, these are different types of vacuum cleaners so while you conduct search, be specific with your requirements.

We are always here to listen from you. Feel free to let us know your view. If you are still in confusion, don’t hesitate to let us know either in the comment below or Contact us here.

Good Luck.!!