10 Tips on How to Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner & Clean the Filter

If you are a cleanliness freak then your vacuum cleaner will surely be your best friend. You can live without anything but one thing that tends to be your sole reason of happiness is your vacuum cleaner. Well, I can say this so surely because I am also like that.

Any kind of mess in the house freaks me out. Since your VC is the best thing that has ever happened to you, it is quite obvious for you to look out on how to maintain a vacuum cleaner. Let’s see HOW:

How to Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner?

Maintaining a vacuum cleaner is not only a necessity but it is a duty that you have to fulfill in order to keep your living surroundings clean. I would like to discuss some important aspects on the niche. Let’s see:

1. Unplug the Vacuum before your clean it

It is highly suggested to unplug the vacuum before you begin with the cleaning regime. A single push to any button on the machine might turn it on accidentally and it will cause trouble if you are cleaning it. So if you don’t want to cause any accident then you better keep the machine unplugged. You can also refer the same at the instruction manual that will come with the machine.

2. Check whether the bag needs to be replaced or not

When you use the machine that has a full filled bag, it will need more strength to operate. You need to keep a check on the bag if it is full or ready to be disposed. A machine that is operating with a bag which is 1/3 full with debris should be replaced. Because, if you don’t replace it, the performance of the vacuum cleaner will be hampered.

3. For Bagless vacuum, empty the dirt tray after every usage

For the ones who are using bagless vacuum models, it is necessary to empty the dirt tray after every usage. If you don’t empty the tray, the dirt might get stuck in the internal parts of the cleaner. If this happens, there is a lot of possibility for your vacuum to perform poorly.

4. The brush roll should be cleaned routinely

The brush roll which is also known as the beater bar should be cleaned routinely. You can locate it under the machine and it is used to brush out hair, threads or debris from the ground. To remove the brush roll, you first have to take out the bottom plate. You might have to unscrew the screws that are holding up the plate.

You have to ensure the direction in which the brush roll spins and take it out of the machine very carefully. Clean it completely. You can also use scissors to cut the rolled hair. For the dirt and the debris, you can simple use a tooth brush and rub out the dirt off the beater bar.

5. Make sure the axle of the beater bar is fine

You are required to spin the axle of the beater bar with your finger. If it is spinning fine then you should simple put it back from where you took it out. But, if it doesn’t perform fine then you must clean the bearing. You also need to lubricate the bearing before you adjust it back in the machine.

Sometimes, substances like hair and threads stuck into the bearing so it is suggested for you to clean these areas. If you think the brush roll has lived enough then you must replace it with the new piece.

6. Confirm that the belt is working good

The belt should also be treated with care. While you took out the bottom cover, it is important for you to check the belt. Take it out with your fingers and see if it is in the right condition. If you think that the belt is worn then you must replace it with a new piece. Make sure you place it at the right position. You just have to slide the new belt on the drive shaft or pulley.

7. Cleaning air passages ares

The air passages and the brush roll housing are the areas where the debris is likely to stick. Make sure you clean that area effectively. It is even better if you can clean these areas routinely rather than the occasional clean up.

8. Check whether the brush roll is in proper working condition

Once you are done cleaning and replacing the rest, it is the time to adjust the brush roll. Make sure that the brush roll is in a decent working condition before you place the same one again. While replacing the brush roll, make sure that the belt is over the drive shaft. Screw the bottom plate and get the vacuum ready to be reused.

9. Better you rewind the cord manually

You also need to keep a check on the cord of the vacuum cleaner. It is better to manually rewind it after the usage. Sometimes, when the cord is automatically rewind, the tangles that it catches on the way will hamper the performance of the vacuum cleaner. Moreover, it might demand an instant change if it experience major tangles.

10 Clean the filter properly

The filter must be cleaned properly as well. IT is the filter that decides right working of the vacuum cleaner. You can get complete instructions on how to clean a filter in the manual. The plastic filters are easy to clean as you can use water for the purpose. Before you replace it, make sure that it is completely dry. It might cause a lot of problem for you if you don’t focus on drying the filter.

However, lets take a quick look on how to clean your vacuum filter properly.

How to Clean Vacuum Filter

The maintenance of vacuum filter is highly necessary. HEPA filters are among the most common filters that are available in market. These come with the washable parts and it is not hard to maintain these things. An unclean filter will always hamper the performance of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, it is important to learn about how to clean vacuum filter.

  • Referring the vacuum manual is the easiest way to understand on how to clean vacuum filter. When your vacuum start losing suction then it is a clear sign that you need to clean the filter. The manual will address you on which part of the filter is washable and which one has to be cleaned with dry dusting cloth.
  • The dust that a filter captures needs to be disposed outside the house, perhaps on a dumpster. Make sure that you evacuate the filter completely. To remove the outside dirt, you can use a brush and swash it on the externals of the filter
  • The filter bag, (if it is reusable) must be washed. Most of the bags are made of plastic. You can easily clean them with the water. It is suggested to check the manual first before you run water on the filter.
  • After a thorough wash and dry cleaning, you can replace it in the cleaner for efficient usage. The age of these filter bags is very small so you might need to get them replaced after a certain amount of time.

Your vacuum cleaner holds an important position in your daily cleaning. Don’t you think that these immensely resourceful machines need to be maintained? These tips on how to maintain a vacuum cleaner will help you in increasing its age span. I will definitely encourage my readers to use these tips and boost the span of companionship with your beloved vacuum machine.