Dyson V6 Absolute Review-Captures Allergens Best

While keeping in account the best cordless vacuums for complete house cleanup, Dyson V6 is the product that will pop up in every search conducted. It is a complete cleaning machine with a wide collection of features. This is Dyson V6 Absolute Review and we will discuss everything about this product.

It is a highly priced vacuum cleaner that comes with multiple accessories. The kit of accessories includes: Removable wand, Docking Station, Product registration card, mini motorized tool, direct drive cleaner head, crevice tool, combination tool, battery charger, hard floor cleaner head, etc.

It is a trendy cordless upright bagless vacuum cleaner for versatile cleaning. The dimensions of this model are: 9.8 x 8.2 x 46.4 inches. The weight of this vacuum is 5.1 pounds which makes it very handy for convenient usage. This one is quite liked by the customers because of its highly resourceful features. You can undertake any complex cleaning task with the help of mini motorized tool. It has much more in its kitty for the customers. Let’s check out the design and features below:

Design and Features of Dyson V6 Absolute


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Dyson V6 Absolute is designed brilliantly and detailed with careful features that make this machine an outstanding model. It has Li-Ion battery that allows this machine to function for constant 20 minutes. This machine is ideally made for allergens as it has HEPA filters. In fact this product is one of the best vacuums for Allergies. The filters restrict the passage of allergens out of the vacuum unless you don’t dispose them yourself. The soft roller clean head makes cleaning on delicate areas more effective. It can be used on furniture and upholstery without fearing for any kind of wear and tear due to unbalanced suction. The direct drive clean head has got bristles that finely remove dust and pet hair from carpets. V6 digital motor provide uncluttered suction power to swash away all the allergens and dirt. It is designed for large houses and to give you cleaning with complete ease.

Now, let’s head forward in our V6 Absolute Review and explore the features:

Multiple Cleaner Heads:

There is a soft roller cleaner head and the direct drive cleaner head. The soft roller cleaner head gives brilliant cleaning on hard floors by picking some substantial dirt and debris from the surface. The direct drive cleaner head has got nylon bristles that pick up the embedded dirt from the carpets. This one has got 75% more brush power than other models available in the market.

Digital Motor V6:

It is only due to Digital Motor V6 that this product is highly capable to removing dirt and allergens from your house. It is a powerful motor and something worth your consideration.

Fade Free Suction:

With 20 minutes consistent run time, this machine provides fade free suction. It is used for quick cleaning tasks. As soon as you release the trigger, the machine starts working. Li-Ion battery is used to power the machine.

2 Tier Radial Cyclones:

There are total 15 cyclones that are arranged across 2 tiers. The working of these tiers is parallel and as a result they increase the air flow. In this way, more dirt and dust can be captured.

Handheld Cleaning:

As it is a cordless machine plus its very light in weight, you can make it handheld and use it for other cleaning purposes. This makes it even versatile and you can also clean your car. You can also store this little machine in your car and use it anywhere you like. Also it has maximum power button that gives highest suction power to do difficult tasks.

Docking Station:

This model comes with a docking station that charges it when it is not in use. Also it stores the machine with its accessories. You can install it on the wall of your house. This makes it easy to store and always ready to use.

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Here are some of the strong points that will pursue you in buying Dyson V6. It is a great product. Let’s discover how?

  • Very lightweight
  • Long Cord and Telescopic wand
  • Comes with an extra dust filter
  • Multiple accessories and tools
  • HEPA technology
  • Washable filters
  • Hygienic emptying of the bin
  • Balanced cleaning of floors and other surfaces


Now, let’s take a look at the drawbacks of this model:

  • It is very expensive
  • Pet hair sticks to the vacuum head



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Dyson V6 is quite similar to many of its sibling models. However, it is more versatile than any other machine. After various tests, it was concluded that this machine works very well on pet hair, large dust and dirt particles, and tiny sand particles. For pet hair, this model is quite similar to Dyson Animal. This one also sucks in pet hair tangles in initial pass. The soft roller head is ideally used for hard floors from where it removes dirt and pet hair very effectively. The new roller head also works great on larger particles. All the tools that are tagged with this model make it versatile and multitasking machine that can effectively help in complete dirt and allergen removal.

Purpose This Particular Product Serves

Dyson V6 Absolute, as its name suggest is a complete cleaning machine. This one is capable of cleaning stairs, carpets, upholstery, hard floor, bare floor and removing pet hair. There are different tools that help in cleaning every area perfectly. After being tested multiple times, it was observed that soft roller clean tool easily sucks in large dirt particles. At the same time, the motorized tool helps in the removal of tiny bits of dirt. This machine has also done a great job on sand particles. Hence, it is quite a useful machine that will provide solution to all your cleaning needs.

Dyson v6 absolute review by customers:

I searched a lot before I decided to write Dyson V6 Absolute Review. When I was studying about this product, I came across many websites that were sharing commendable reviews about it. For first, I didn’t believe but later I bought this model. After using it for quite a long time, I concluded that it is an amazing little dirt cleaning device that can be used by anyone for cleaning purposes. Today, I am one of the admirers of this gorgeous little machine and I feel delightful in sharing the reviews that convinced me to buy this model. Let’s see:

The cost of this machine will give you a fright at first. But I suggest you to not to scare yourself with the price and take a look at the specifications. This machine has got most amazing features. However I have to study about them from its manual but they are well described. The machine is so light in weight that you can take it to any corner of your house. I have tried all the brushes and they all work very well. Highly recommended!
It is my first cordless vacuum cleaner and I was really tensed before buying it. But this machine has turned out to be a great surprise for me. I am really happy to have it and you also must.  

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Alright, let’s take a look on this dyson v6 absolute review video from youtube.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this machine is an upgraded version of Dyson Animal (An exceptional machine for pet hair). You can fearlessly buy this model and you will be surprised by its brilliant performance.

Well, there are plenty of attachments that you get with this model. These are Removable wand, Docking Station, Product registration card, mini motorized tool, direct drive cleaner head, crevice tool, combination tool, battery charger, hard floor cleaner head, etc.

It is a new tool that comes with this model. It can clean best on hard floor and this product is ideal for removing larger particles from every corner of your house. This tool has been quite liked by the buyers.


There is no denying to the fact that there are plenty of other Dyson models that will steal your interest but V6 is something that is better than all. Yes it is a machine that costs bit heavily on your pocket but at the same time you are getting some of the exceptional features. Moreover, Dyson is a promising brand that manufactures products that can deliver the best output. It certainly depends upon your usage and what kind of cleaning your house require. In that case, buying V6 might make sense to you.

We will sum up this Dyson V6 Absolute Review now and I will definitely recommend it to all my readers. If you want flawless cleaning of your house, this is where your search ends.