Dyson DC59 Review-The Perfect Vacuum For Pet Hair

The Dyson DC59 Review here will help you decide whether you should buy this product or not. This very review will be very helpful especially to the pet owners who have been looking for a perfect vac to get rid of pet hair.

Dyson is sharing its most authentic and amazingly feature rich vacuum cleaner range in the world for a long period now. DC59 is a brilliant creation by this brand that is quite handy and user-friendly. After using this model, I concluded that this product is worth recommending to other users. That is why I am sharing Dyson DC59 Review with all you guys in order to enlighten you about what this model is capable of.

From its costing to its presentation and the features; this model is simply fantastic. It is available in a reasonable price range at Amazon. Considering that these products are for long time usage, this cost doesn’t bother the buyers. Follow me on Dyson DC59 Animal Review to find more interesting aspects about this model.

This model is an absolute pick for the ones who have pets in their house and find it quite annoying to get rid of pet hair. Let’s go on and peek-a-boo in DC59 Review.

Designing of the product plays a significant role. Customers are quite delighted with this lightweight stick vacuum cleaner that easily slides into the narrow places of your house and eradicate dirt. It is engineered to clean any surface of the house, whether it’s the carpet or the bare floor. It is an ideal version to remove pet hair from different areas of the house. DC59 has received some of the finest words from editors who appreciate this model and recommend it to other users. Let’s take a look on the top features:

Let’s take a look on the top features of Dyson DC59:

Dyson Digital Motor D6:

The motor of DC59 is the USP of this model. You can find plenty of Dyson DC59 motorhead review online that can enlighten you with the whole story. This motor has the tendency to spin 110,000 times per minute. It is a 350W motor that makes the suction quite powerful and it is way better than other models available by Dyson. It is therefore, the most powerful vacuum cleaner ever manufactured by Dyson.

Motorized Head:

This product has been further embellished with a motorized cleaner head. It is quite light in weight. This one is an ideal model to remove microscopic dirt from hard floors and carpets as it has configured brush bars. These bars are made up of carbon fiber filaments that will help in removing in-ground dirt with an easy swipe. Cleaner head has been improvised as it is much better from DC35 and DC44. It offers immense surface coverage. In an attempt to remove pet hair from upholstery, you can take help from mini motorized tool that comes along with the product.

2 Tier Radial Cyclones:

This model has got 15 cyclones that are arranged across 2 tiers. The cyclones are designed to work parallel that is why it has the capability to capture microscopic dust. The crafting of the cyclones is done intelligently in order to boost the airflow and produce more centrifugal forces. The identical thought has been put in to create floor tools as the cyclones.

Run Time:

Technically it has run time of 26 minutes with a 6-minute boost clean up. But as per the users, it only runs for 20 minutes at a stretch. There is a trigger grip situated near your hand that can be pushed in order to stop the machine from processing. In this way, the battery lasts for a longer period than other models.


There is a huge list of accessories that comes along with this model. This is what you can expect in the box: operating manual, quick start guide, mini motorized tools, combination accessory tools, charger, registration card, NMC battery crevice tools, etc. So it’s not only the product that comes but it brings a whole lot of surprises for you.

Other Features:

Dyson DC59 is incorporated with the run-time enhancing trigger that allow you to switch the vacuum off when it is not in use during the cleaning process. The battery is definitely improvised than previous launches. It is a space saving model and the nozzle can be easily swapped with the brush for dusting purposes. The crevice tool can be used to clean in narrow areas of the house. You can easily release the dirt by pushing a button.

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Here is the most noticeable part of Dyson DC59 Animal Review. Take a look at the strong points:

  • Ensures longevity
  • Huge bin for extra dirt collection
  • Easy filter removal
  • Ergonomic and light in weight
  • Two-floor attachments compatible with various surfaces
  • Great sucking power than other models
  • Available with various vacuum heads for better cleaning
  • Quality production for amazing performance
  • Amazing warranty for parts and labor
  • Best customer service
  • Balanced item for floor to ceiling cleaning


  • Little high priced
  • Irremovable battery
  • Cannot stand alone

Why Buy Dyson DC59?

It is a conventional vacuum cleaner with various gainful pros and stunning features. As it is a compact vacuum stick, it requires least space for storage. The price might seem a little higher than other models sharing same family. But the features are enough to make it a purchase worth making.

Clearly from its name, the suction of the vacuum is engineered to suck up pet hair from nooks and corners of your house. This machine can come in routine usage. It is powered with Dyson digital motor v6. It is one of the highly selling attributes of this model. This model is incorporated with smart battery that only comes in use when the machine is running.

It has the bin capacity of 0.12 gal that is sufficient for collection of enough dirt. It has continual run time of 26 minutes and 6 minutes boost time. The vacuum can be used on any kind of surface and it will clean the ground flawlessly. There are many reasons that support purchase of this model. For more information, you can check the feature section of this Dyson DC59 Review.

Customers’ dc59 Reviews And Ratings:

In terms of appreciation, this product is considered one of the best vacuums for pet hair. You can check out any review and people have so much good to talk about this model. It has scored 4.5 stars at Amazon that can be ranged in some of the commendable performances of any model. Here are some of the awesome words that people are sharing about this model:

Here are some of the awesome words that people are sharing about this model:

It is a great cordless vacuum cleaner with amazing battery life. Once charged, you can easily clean the whole apartment. It is surely a better version from its preceded models. Also it is lightweight and quite handy so I definitely give 5 stars to DC59.
From all the vacuums that I have purchased, this one is the most powerful model. It sucks all the dirt in few minutes. The processing time is only 20 minutes but this is all my back can take. It comes with multiple accessories. By far, this is the best model I have ever purchased.  
I have used Dyson products before but this one is a major improvement. This model has really graced the brand with something highly commendable that they can sell.  
CR Drumheller

Let’s checkout some of the FAQs that people are keenly looking forward to get answered:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does a charge last?

Speaking rationally, the product does not have continual run time of 26 minutes. You can expect it to function for 20 minutes without stopping even once. So the actual run time is 20 minutes.

 What is the average life span of this model?

The life span of this model is not certain as it is not so long since it is launched in the market. But the brand is ensuring longevity of this machine so you can expect this product to serve you for a great deal of time.

 What is the charging time of this model?

Well, the machine takes nearly 3-4 hours to get fully charged and function without getting stopped in the way.

 Is the battery replaceable within the warranty period?

Many customers are coming up with this question. Yes, the battery of DC59 is also included under warranty so in any case if the battery fails, you can get it replaced by the company. The warranty tenure is for 2 years.


Here I conclude Dyson DC59 Review where I would only say that this model has been quite appreciated by customers. People are more than satisfied with the functionality of this model. The pricing is a little too much but quality is never followed by an easy price. I would say that for everyone who have pets in their house and are looking to give a vacuum cleaner upgrade to their house, DC59 is a perfect choice. It can be operated easily without much trouble in learning the process.

It is 4.5 star product listed at Amazon.

Go ahead fearlessly and make a purchase of this invincible model. You will not have to regret on your decision I bet.