Shark NV552 review- A Lift-Away Vacuum

When I was checking out the best upright vacuum cleaning, I came across Shark NV522 quite much. These days, people prefer buying upright vacuum cleaners and this looks like the most suitable option for people who buy budget friendly products.

I was quite impressed with this model when I bought it and decided to write Shark NV552 Review for my readers. It was indeed a brilliant choice that I made.

No one will deny the fact that Shark is considered as one of the hottest selling and authentic brand in manufacturing quality upright vacuums. The products by this brand are lot liked by the buyers and these are also not intensely priced, so you can call it a mid-level player. There are plenty of things that I admire in this model.

It is a sleek transparent machine that is easy to assemble and use due to its dimensions and weight. The dimensions of this model are: 15.8 x 11.8 x 37.4 inches and the weight of this machine is 20.5 pounds. It has been flagged among the hottest selling products at Amazon. Let’s take a look at the designing and features of this model in detail, in order to know better about this product.

Design and Features of  shark nv552


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Shark NV552 has been designed incredibly and has the tendency to serve like 3 different vacuums. It can be used as powerful upright, lift away pod and canister vacuum. To use it as a portable vacuum, you can make it lift away pod. The cord length of this machine is 30 ft, making it easy to reach at various places of the house. Tools that comes along with this machine makes it ideal for cleaning different surfaces such as carpet, bare floor and tiles. It is equipped with sealed vacuum technology and the filter is washable for hygienic usage. The machine has got HEPA filters. Also there is undistorted supply of power and suction that makes usage of this vacuuming machine better than any other machine.

Let’s see the features now:

Dust Cup and Dust Away Attachment:

This machine has got an extra large dirt cup and anti allergen mechanism. It traps all the allergens and dust particles inside the vacuum. In order to capture minute and extra fine dirt, microfiber pad is used. This one gives superior cleaning of bare floors.

Tools and Accessories:

Well, this product comes with brilliant tools and accessories. It has got a dusting brush and 12 inches crevice tool. There is a large pet power brush that swashes away pet hair from your house. The wide pet upholstery tool gives extra brilliant cleaning on upholstery and furniture. Also there is a under appliance wand and usable microfiber pad. To use this machine as a canister vacuum, there is a canister caddy that comes along-with.

Rotator Power Nozzle:

It has the swivel steering that makes the reach of this machine to the narrow places more convenient. You can make this machine sweep under furniture and beds for ultimate cleaning. There is also a premium rotator power nozzle that is equipped with headlight. This makes cleaning easier for the user.

HEPA Filters:

The HEPA filters are ideally installed into the machine to remove allergens. The filters stick dirt and allergens to it and it does not let them to come out from the machine unless you don’t empty the dirt cup. These filters are washable so you can have hygienic cleaning. Also because you can wash them and use them again; you don’t have to replace the filter over and over again.

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Here I am listing all the pros of Shark NV552.

  • Performs very silently without disturbing anyone around
  • It is a smart, lightweight upright machine
  • Equipped with never lose suction technology
  • Equipped with HEPA and anti allergen complete seal technology
  • Performs like 3 Vacs such as: Powerful Upright, Lift Away Pod and Canister
  • Extra large transparent dirt cup for complete monitoring


  • Hard to stand by itself
  • Difficult to lift

Performance of Shark NV552


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We all need a vacuuming machine that has the tendency to keep dust, dirt and allergens away from our house. Well, Shark NV552 is certainly a machine that serves according to your vacuuming needs. The carpets with deep piles can be cleaned easily with the help of powerful brushes that simply rolls over the surface. Then you have got an option that makes the sucking power of this brush even better so that you can use it on bare floor and hard floor. When you position the vacuum in upright position, the spinning brush instantly stops. This keep the machine silent most of the time and also while you are cleaning walls and other confined places of your house. It is a simple machine that ensures best performance on all surfaces.

Purpose This Particular Product Serves

There are plenty of features of this machine that makes it highly versatile. This machine is specially designed to remove allergens and dirt from your house. This particular vacuum is one of the best vacuums for Allergies. It has got HEPA filters that keep the allergens and dust confined to them .As these filters can be replaced, you can expect hygienic working of this machine. The multiple brushes that come along with the machine makes it ideal for cleaning bare floors as well as carpets. The enhanced steering wheel allows it to reach all the confined sections of the house and clear the mess. This machine works brilliantly and it is a must have model for all the vacuum lovers.

Shark NV552 reviews by Customer 

It is rightly said that upright vacuums are lot better than any other type, if you are looking for the best performance. Indeed, this model has got great acceptance by the customers due to its brilliant crafting and dirt eliminating tendencies. This product has gathered 4.5 stars after being used by hundreds of users. If you are thinking about buying a vacuum cleaner and still struggling with the choices, I bet this product will provide you most satisfactory service.

If you don’t believe me then I suggest you to explore some of the reviews by customers that have already used this product:

Much better than expected- I never read a review before buying this machine. It was actually recommended to me by some friend. Firstly I was not sure if I was spending my money for good or not. But soon after I started using it, this machine began to surprise me with its fine cleaning. This shark cleans every surface of my house very effectively. The maneuver is very easy and t also unclogs as everything is transparent in this machine. It helps in easy monitoring. It surprised me by giving much more than I expected. You must try this machine.
Its been 2 weeks since I bought this machine. Just so you know, I don’t get impressed by anything any time soon but this machine; its really amazing. It is a lightweight machine and performs really well on everything. Perfect vacuuming machine. Highly recommended.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here in this section of Shark NV552 Review, I am listing the frequently asked questions with their answers. This will help you in making decision:

Well, after personal usage I would say that this model works very well on tiles, carpets, hard floor and bare floors and dust my shelves brilliantly. It picks up the dust from every area of my house. Sometimes even I am amazed on looking at the dust bag as it works very effectively on every area.

No, it is a very quiet vacuum cleaner. You can also use it if someone is sleeping in the room. Though it has a powerful motor but I never heard any annoying sound out of this machine that could disturb you.

Yes, the filter of this machine keeps the allergens confined to it and also the suction is so powerful that it does not let dirt come out of the attachments. I would recommend it to every household with allergens. It will be the most satisfying purchase for you.


So guys, I would like to conclude my Shark NV552 Review by saying that this is a brilliant lightweight upright machine that ensure total dirt and dust clean up of your house. If you are looking for a machine ranging between $200 and $300, this is the right solution for you. As there are multiple tools and attachments tagged with this product, you can customize it according to your needs and requirements.

Moreover, you can have 5 years warranty by Shark that makes it a safer purchase. Many customers have appreciated the working and performance of this product so you must also give it a shot and allow it to surprise you.