Bissell Cleanview Review: Upright Vacuum With OnePass

People like me don’t feel like investing a lot of money in products like vacuum cleaners. That is why I keep my eyes open for all the new launches in the market. Hence I always happen to bring you the most suitable options to purchase.

I am presenting to you Bissell Cleanview Review that happens to be the most demanded product in the market, especially because of its affordable price.

Besides its intriguing pricing, there are plenty of good features that are encapsulated in this little machine. This is what we are going to discuss in our Bissell Cleanview Upright Vacuum Review.

We shall begin with the positive-reception that this product has got from hundreds of buyers at Amazon. This model has got 4.4 stars credited by thousands of buyers. It is a stylish-sleek machine that is easy to handle while operating and also quite convenient for storage. It is the most budget friendly vacuum machine that I have come across. Also the features of this machine are its USP.

Design and Features of  bissell cleanview


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Just like I mentioned earlier, this is a sleek little machine that has got great suction to provide finest cleaning. There is a washable filter placed just inside the transparent body of the vacuum. The turbo brush tool that comes along with it has the tendency to clean stairs, chairs and upholstery effectively. Suction power is controlled by the Cyclonic system and it is also maintained by the same system even after the bin is fully covered with dirt.

There is flexible hose long enough to cover all the sections of your house. You can clean the most confined areas of your house with complete ease. There is an innovative brush that cleans more effectively than any other machine. The power switch is placed at one side of the vacuum and it has non retractable 25 foot long power cord. All in all, this machine is a great pick at such pocket-friendly price.

Heading further in our Bissell Cleanview OnePass Review, we will discuss the features of this model in detail:

OnePass Technology:

The innovative brush and the continuous supply of suction make it easier for you to clean every surface easily. For continuous supply of suction, cyclonic system has been used in this product. OnePass technology certainly boosts the power of brush to suck in every single piece of dirt scattered on the ground.

Turbo Brush Tool:

For the delicate cleaning of the surfaces such as upholstery, furniture and stairs, the Turbo brush is used. It is a powerful tool that does not work rigid on the soft surfaces but yet it gives flawless cleaning in few swashes.

Easy To Empty Bin:

This machine has got bottom opening mechanism for the dirt tank to take out and clean it. It does not require much effort and scatters no dirt in the way while you take it to the bin.

Basic Information:

Well, it is manufactured with the technology that gives ideal cleaning at first pass. The weight of this machine is 15 pounds and the dimensions are: 14.6 x 10.8 x 31.5 inches.

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Here in this section of my Bissell 9595 Review, I would like to enlighten you about the key pros points of this amazing vacuum cleaner:

  • The air performance is commendable at the end of the hose.
  • Very inexpensive
  • The vacuum does not create any sound while operating
  • Ideal machine to be used on carpets in order to suck away the embedded dirt and pet hair
  • The dirt cup is very easy to empty without creating any mess


There are some drawbacks of this product that you might want to know:

  • The hose sometimes tip over when it is extended too far from the vacuum

And that’s all in this section of my Bissell Cleanview OnePass Review.



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In this section of Bissell Cleanview Upright Review, we will discuss the performance of this machine on various surfaces. This one can work really well on the bare floor. However it is hard to catch the debris with minute sand and dirt but the larger pieces are easy to catch. The larger pieces fling inside the dirt cup easily. With the help of the innovative brush design, this one works very well on the carpets. However it works best on low pile carpet. In the initial pass, this machine gives maximum cleaning leading you to trouble yourself less with lesser number of passes. It saves a lot of time for you.

Now for the pet hair, it happens to impress many users with the high volume of tendency to clean pet hair. The motorized brush is great in picking minute pieces of pet hair from every embedded area of the house. This brush is also ideal for cleaning upholstery, stairs and various types of floors.

Purpose This Particular Product Serves

As mentioned above, this product is suitable for all kind of surfaces. This one also do great job for the removal of pet hair and clean the carpets. It is a multipurpose machine that can help you in completing all the cleaning tasks.

For every cleaning there are various tools that do the deed for it. The turbo brush is used to clean upholstery, carpets and floor. Every single bit of dust can be eaten by this machine. Turbo brush works even better with the powerful suction that provides undistorted supply due to the cyclonic action.

Then there is a motorized brush that is used to pick up all the smaller bits and pieces that are scattered around in the house. This machine has impressed all the buyers as it has done exceptionally well on all the floors, carpet and for the removal of pet hair.

 Bissell cleanview upright vacuum reviews by Customer

While studying everything about this model, I preferred referring some of the customer reviews so that I can be sure about this model. Now in this section of Bissell 9595A Review, I would like to bring forward some of the helpful customer reviews so that you can be sure about this product as much as I am. This one was fashioned with 4.4 stars by thousands of buyers who bought this machine at Amazon. Customers are quite impressed with some of its features such as the suction, multiple accessories with the tendency to clean effectively, etc.

Let’s see what the buyers have to share:

I would prefer starting with the basics. I bought this machine lately and first thing that I was impressed with this machine was that it was really convenient to assemble. This little thing then amazed us with its suction as it literally cleared the complete house in very less time and efforts. I found this machine quite easy to handles. Well, I will give it 5 stars and it is a compulsory machine for all buyers who are looking for a budget-friendly vacuuming machine.
M. Brown
Great machine to clean my house full of dirt. I love this machine. The suction is perfect and little do I know, this one is a wonderful machine.  
By Betty

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Frequently Asked Questions

For all the common questions that come in your mind before buying this model, I have got the right answers. Take a look below:

Yes, this machine comes with multiple tools and accessories that can help you in cleaning all the surfaces easily. You can also do height adjustments as per your need for perfect reach.

The tools that you can get with this machine are: Twist and Snap hose, extension wand, dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool and turbo brush tool. All the tools are quite useful and you can study its uses in the manual that comes with this model.

The dimensions of this machine are: 14.6 x 10.8 x 31.5 inches and the weight of this product is 15 pounds. It is quite a handy machine that can go to every section of your house and give you perfect cleaning.

The power cord of this machine is 25 foot. It is quite large making the machine easy to reach all the confined areas of the house.

Hope this fantastic product could impress you with all the features and benefits discussed above. If you are not still sure whether you should go for this, I will recommend you to take a look on this list of best vacuum for allergies.


So I would like to conclude Bissell Cleanview Review saying that this product has impressed countless buyers due to its affordable price and great features. The cyclonic action supplies the suction without any trouble to the machine and maintains it as well. Other things like the filter are also a contributing factor for the immense demand of this machine.

The tools that come along with it are the best part of this machine. Every tool has a different purpose to solve. The warranty that comes with this model is 2 years so you can fearlessly invest in it.


This one is a great hit in the industry and you must buy it if you have a small budget.