Black & Decker PAD1200 Review-An Auto Flexi Car Vacuum

Car users are very well aware of the fact that if they don’t clean their automobile on a routine basis then how messy it begins to appear by the end of the week. Black and Decker PAD1200 sounds like an ideal way to get rid of all the dirt and mess that you have created in your car. I have created this Black & Decker PAD1200 Review about the respective product of course that will give you an inside scoop about this model.

There might be multiple other models out there in the market struggling for your attention but this one has been launched like a magnet that has attracted an eye of every car lover. There are stimulating features of cyclonic actions, availability in multiple colors, available with 5-meter cable and many more that makes this product worth your attention.

Tagged up with multiple accessories, this one could be a perfect gifting option. The weight of this machine is 2.2 Kg and the dimensions are 18 x 31.6 x 24.8 inches. The bag will include 2 in 1 crevice tool, long crevice tool, and a storage bag. Now let’s explore the designing and the features of this model in this PAD1200 Review.

Design And Features of PAD1200:

Moving further in our Black and Decker PAD1200 Review, I would like to present the designing of this model throughout this review. It is a compact model highly lightweight and easy to carry. There are a combined crevice and soft brush leading at the tip of the nozzle that easily draws in all the dirt that it comes across. There is also a unique integrated hose that helps you in easy reach to complex areas of your car.

This model comes with a 5m long cable that can be wrapped up and stored inside the machine only. The cable also lets you take the machine anywhere inside the car for easy cleaning. At one side of this product, there is a filter cleaning wheel that makes handling the dirt cup very easy. It is a great product with amazing features that can help you in cleaning your automobile brilliantly. 

Let’s move to the next section of our Black & Decker PAD1200 auto flexi car vacuum review and find out the features:

Dustbuster Flexi Auto Hand Vac:

This product is fashioned with 12V DC technology for convenient cleaning. Also, there is a long cable in the machine that helps in making the reach convenient. Other than that, there is a brush that makes cleaning at confined areas simple and also clears the messy spots. The other tool known as crevice tool helps in reaching the areas such as between the seats simple for the users.

Flexible Hose:                                                                                                            
There is a flexible hose attached to the machine that gives you multiple options for usage. For conventional usage or to use the cleaner as a handheld device, the hose and the nozzle have to be left in a fixed position. To reach restricted areas, the user has to unclip the nose piece. Upholstery brush can be flipped out in order to remove dust from areas such as around the switches on the dashboard.

Cyclonic Action:

The cyclonic action allows the vacuum to maintain the suction. There is a dust bowl window that indicates the right time when the bin is to be emptied. Also, there is no requirement for an extra bin as the wheel has to be unpinned in order to empty the bin directly. Triple filtration helps in making the cleaning process more emphasized.

Considering the design and the features, it is indeed a perfect purchase for your car.


Here I am listing all the strengths of this model:

  • Great suction power
  • Very compact and portable
  • Lightweight
  • High-performance cyclone action
  • Multiple accessories for various type of cleaning purposes
  • 4” flexible hose for convenient reach
  • 2 years warranty
  • Large storage bag that can accumulate much dirt from the vehicle
  • Auto DC power source
  • Brilliant built quality
  • Genuinely priced


I try to find the negative aspects o this model but I was not able to come across many of them.

  • Cannot use well in the running car as the accessory mode provide power for 30 minutes only


The suction of this model is great so it is a high performing gadget that you can carry along with. As the weight of the machine is too less, it will not be a problem for you to carry it. This one is fashioned with 11.5 watts air watt that makes it even proficient in performance. The capacity of this model is 17 OZ. in every case this one has been proved as the best vacuum cleaner for cars. Customers are more than satisfied with the performance of this model. Due to the high performing suction, you can easily get rid of dirt from the confined areas and between the seats. I would definitely present this model as a recommendation to all of my readers of Black & Decker PAD1200 Review.

Purposes Black and Decker PAD1200 Serves

Black and Decker PAD1200 is a brilliant compact vacuum cleaner specially designed for automobiles. As there is a long power cable, you can take the machine anywhere inside the car. Also if you want to use this product in moving car, this one has 30 minutes of continuous power supply to give you instant cleaning. This machine is a perfect combination of high performance and versatility.

It comes with the brush tool that helps in eradicating spots and dust in awkward areas. The long crevice tool, however, helps in reaching the areas such as between the seats. It is a powerful machine that is specially designed for your automobile. Be it any area of your car, it is not inaccessible by this Dustbuster flexi auto hand VAC cleaner.

Customer Reviews for Black and Decker PAD1200

After being highly applauded by the customers, this one has managed to score 4.2 stars at Amazon. There are thousands of customers that have already purchased this item and found it very dependable. The USP of this product is its designing, built quality and pricing. Also, people are quite impressed with the maneuverability and its tendency to reach every place of your car.

Let’s see what customers are saying about the Black and Decker PAD1200 vacuum cleaner:

I like this small machine with a compact design. The suction is just the perfect. I have quite liked various features of this product. Its ability to clean every section of your car is flawless. I am a picnic person and my family and I keep planning a vacation almost every 3rd It becomes quite messy when you return. This small thing helps me in complete cleaning in a few hours. I love it. – TOM

I have this small car and bought PAD1200 a few months back for cleaning of my car. As soon as I got this machine, it was like my new friend. All the mess created by my kids is cleared within little time. The dashboard got cleaned easily. I simply love this machine. Also, I would definitely recommend it to all. – Silver914 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cord long enough to clean all the areas of the car?

The cord that comes with this vacuum is 5m long. That is why you can expect it to reach all areas o the car and help you with potential cleaning. Also, the wire can easily be wrapped up and stored inside the machine. 

Does it need an extra dust bag to detach and free it into the bin?

No like Dyson products, you don’t need any extra bag to clear the bin. You can easily undo the cap and get rid of all the collected dust from the vacuum cleaner. 


So, guys, this is me signing off and concluding this Black & Decker PAD1200 Review by saying that this product is simply amazing and highly dependable. It’s been a long time since I am using this model and I must say, it has the perfect cleaning tendency. No matter how detailed the area is of your car, the suction can brilliantly drag out all the dirt out of the area. The pricing is also done by keeping into consideration the buyers of all financial backgrounds. No matter if you have a smaller car or the larger one; this model can simply befit all your needs.


I am delighted to have this product and would surely recommend it to all my readers.

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