Black And Decker PAV1205 Review- Dustbuster Pivot Auto VAC

The trend of powerful and compact vacuum machines is proudly carried forward by Black and Decker PAV1205 as it is a machine that gives you great cleaning instantly. It is a small car gadget that has the tendency to keep your car clean by sucking all the dirt out of it.

This is me presenting Black and Decker PAV1205 Review to enlighten you about this small cleaning appliance and letting you know how it rocked the market.

Just like other amazing models launched by Black and Decker, this one has also got pivoting nozzle and cyclonic action. The suction is controlled by this action and also the filter is cleaned instantly. There is 3 level filtration processes for better cleaning. Also the price of this product is great so that everyone can easily afford it. Personally I like this machine a lot as it help me get rid of the annoying dirt around in my car. This model is great in design and packed with great features. Let’s head forward towards the section of design and feature.

Design And Features of Black and Decker PAV1205


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This compact machine is powerfully designed for great cleaning purposes. I personally like each and every aspect about this little machine. It has got a long pivot nose that is compatible with various tools for versatile usage. It is followed by a large translucent dust bowl that is also removable. It empties easily. The cable is on board and it gets wrapped around on the machine only. There is a high performing motor for easy cleaning of every place you expose it to. The filter cleaning wheel helps in making it easier for you to hand the dirt filter and empties it without any hassle.

Now we shall move forward in this Black and Decker PAV1205 Review and learn the features:


The suction is the first thing that anyone would like to know about while buying a vacuum cleaner. Some products have better suction power than the others and it is always wise to buy a vacuum that has best suction. This one has got cyclonic action for consistent supply of suction and powerful suction. This feature is especially necessary when you have to clean the confined places of your car.

Battery Life:

One thing that every individual want during the vacuuming process is an uninterrupted service. This is only possible if the battery is good and power doesn’t runs out. The cord is too long for a consistent supply of power during the cleaning process. Besides there is 12 volt handheld mechanism especially designed for automotives.


You might need to clean your car wherever you want. So the machine you buy has to be portable. PAV1205 is quite a portable machine that you can carry anywhere with you. You can store it back in the trunk of your car. Therefore, its small size makes it easier and a portable option that you can invest in.

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In this section of Black and Decker PAV1205 Review I am listing the pros of this model. Let’s see the points that might entice you to buy this model:

  • Lightweight model
  • Huge capacity of dustbowl to catch the dust
  • 2 years long warranty
  • Transparent dustbowl to monitor if it’s filled or not
  • Compact model that maneuver perfectly
  • Easy storage as it can be folded from middle
  • Long power cord for easy reach
  • Strong suction


Here are some of the drawbacks:

  • Small pivoting arm
  • Hose function sometimes loses power


The machinery, designing and a lot of other things conclude if the machine is high in performance or not. Talking about this little cleaner, it is great in performance considering the high power suction and super cleaning tendencies. You have 3 level filtrations in this machine. The dirt bowl is large enough to have sufficient dirt collected. Also the dirt bowl is translucent so that you can peep inside out to ensure if it is completely filled with dirt or not. This machine has done quite well among buyers because of many competitive reasons. It is compact and portable. You don’t have to worry about the battery. It is a great product in every sense and you will surely love it.

Purpose Black and Decker PAV1205 Serves

Every machine is detailed to serve certain purposes to the customers. Talking about this amazing cleaning appliance, it is an idyllic machine for car vacuuming. The compact size of the machine makes it easy to take inside the car for cleaning purposes. Then this machine is further featured with 12V DC outlet that helps in powering it inside the vehicle. For complete reach of the machine inside the car, it is crafted with 5 meter long cable. You can take it anywhere inside your vehicle. The brush tool of the machine is helpful in removing dirt from the tight spots in the car. The extra long crevice tool is specially made to reach at all the confined areas of the car. Due to the super powerful suction, you can expect the dirt to be drawn out of the spotted area in one swash. This machine is idyllically made for vehicles like cars, trucks, etc. You can however use it for other domestic purposes as well.

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Customer Reviews for Black and Decker PAV1205

For this model, I have assimilated that customer that have already used this model are quite impressed with it. It has received 4.2 stars and a lot of good words by the customers. The suction has got great appreciation and so as the cyclonic action. Also that it is a small machine; it becomes easy for the buyers to store it. The usage is also quite simple. Well, some people are not as satisfied with the looks of the machine as they feel it is a little bulky in appearance.

Let’s see what people have to say about the product below in this Black and Decker PAV1205 Review:

The reach of this machine is simply commendable. I bought this little machine a year back and ever since then, I never had to regret my decision of buying this machine. I am completely satisfied with its working and tendency to suck in all the dirt. The tools are also quite appreciative.
This one is a great machine. It does the work so efficiently that I love to have it. I researched for it from various websites before buying. However I was convinced that this machine will be a great purchase, of course not every review will be false. I bought it and it was a great decision. 5 stars to PAV1205.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every buyer has some questions in their mind before they plan to buy a product. I am hereby listing some questions that you might want to know about:

Well there are various accessories that come along with this product. Some of these accessories are: instructional manual, upholstery brush, soft brush, flexible hose, storage bag, etc. You can get a lot of things with this product that can help you with effective cleaning.

The cord is long enough that it can easily reach everywhere in the car. Also this model is well used by truck owners. Besides, this one can also be used as handheld for more comfortable functioning.

Black and Decker is a renowned brand and it has a long history of serving its customers with the best post selling services. You can expect best of the services from the company in case of any complication with the product.

Yes, this model comes with a case where you can not only store the vacuum cleaner but you can also place all the tools and related accessories inside the case.


As I conclude my Black and Decker PAV1205 Review, I would like to say that it is the finest cleaner. There is a combination of fine features that make this product outstanding. Given the price of this product, you can get phenomenal features. The powerful suction will help you in getting rid of all the dirt and substantial dust around. As it can be folded into half, it takes very less space for storage.

It is also a great option to carry with you on the rides. The battery is not to be charged as the cord is long enough to give you nice cleaning anywhere in the car.

If you have never planned to buy a separate vacuum for your car then this one might change your mind. Happy Shopping!