Black & Decker CHV1510 Review-Cordless Hand Vacuum

Cleaning could be fun if you have the right cleaning appliance in your hand. By cleaning appliance I mean a perfect vacuum cleaner. One such appliance is Black and Decker CHV1510 as it ensures the best performance.

What this product is capable of can be found in this CHV1510 review. It is among those machines that are available at the best price, have great suction and give much more than you could ever imagine. People from the United States are especially fond of this machine. There are plenty of reasons that make this product a better option than any other in the competition. This Dustbuster 15.6V Review will give you all that you want to know about this product.

It is a simple home cleaning machine with plenty of amazing features such as: Rotating slim nozzle that rotates and captures dust from every section you expose it to, better accessibility and it is cordless that is you don’t have to find yourself wrapped up in wires while you use the machine. It is a small and trendy machine priced very genuinely. Also, this product comes with 2 years of warranty from Black and Decker. This model weighs only 3 lbs which makes it quite easy to carry anywhere along-with.

Design And Features of CHV1510

The designing of this product is done flawlessly. It is crafted with a mixture of two colors: white and grey. It has a cyclonic system that keeps the machine from losing suction and power. The pivoting nozzles help in thrashing out all dirt from the tight spots. For better cleaning, there is a Flip-up brush and crevice tool that can be used. Also, there is a mirror frame detailed over the dustbin so you can monitor the bin and know when it is to be emptied. The dirt bowl has the capacity of 20.6 OZ. It can be taken out and washed with soapy water.

Now let’s head forward in this Black and Decker dustbuster 15.6V review and explore its features:

Powerful Device:

Following the tradition of conventional Black and Decker machines, this one gives you instant and absolute cleaning. The cyclonic action of this machine does not let dirt or debris stick to any nook or corner of your house. The weight of this machine is too less and you can easily hand it for perfect cleaning, without tiring your arm.

Great Reach:

The second aspect that has to be considered closely by the buyers is the reach of the machine. Unlike other dustbuster vacuum cleaners, this one has 50% more reach. You don’t have to bend or hurt yourself in order to reach tight spaces of your house. This could be done easily with the help of the wide mouth. Even from a decent distance, this machine sucks away all the dirt that it comes across. It is also an ideal machine to clean carpets. You can carry it with you wherever you go.

Various Tools For Ultimate Cleaning:

There are two main tools that do all the working. Firstly there is a crevice tool and the other one is the brush. There is a safe place for both these tools inside the machine. In this way, you don’t get to lose them. Then there is a huge mirror bowel where all the dirt is collected. You can see when the bowel is ready to be emptied. You can remove the bowl, empty it and wash it for hygiene purposes. Also, there are 3 stage filtration systems that make this product more credible.


Check out this amazing section of pros in my Black & Decker CHV1510 Review and find out some of the interesting points about this product:

  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Works on battery
  • Multiple accessories
  • Washable filter and pre-filter
  • Excellent in removing dirt from floor and carpet
  • An ideal machine for removing pet hair from the upholstery and other confined areas
  • Easy to maneuver


The only con that I came across in this machine is:


There are multiple aspects of this machine that makes it brilliant in delivering high end performance. It has got a very interesting shape that let the user perform cleaning in many different ways. There is a slim and rotating nozzle that allows the machine to perform well on tight spots. Also, this machine has got better reach than any other former model of B&D. To make it more accessible in distant places, there is a crevice tool that helps in maintaining the reach. Also, there is a flip-up brush that helps in offering various cleaning functions.

This machine has also got various accessories with it that serves multiple interesting features. This one is quite high in performance and quite applauded by the users.

Purposes Black and Decker CHV1510 Serves

Be it the house cleaning or the car clean up, B&D CHV1510 does all the cleaning very influentially. The powerful features of cyclonic action maintain the suction and don’t let the machine lose any power while operation. The slim and rotating nozzle of this product targets in the tight spaces of the car and extracts all the dirt with complete ease. Due to the crevice tool, it becomes more accessible for you to reach every corner of your house and clean. It is also best suitable for floor cleaning and automobile cleaning.

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CHV1510 Customer Reviews: 

It is very important for the new buyers to take a piece of help from the former buyers. This section of the CHV1510 review includes customer experiences and what are the aspects they liked the most in this model. According to Amazon, there are thousands of potential buyers who have bought this product and 90% of them have given positive reviews about it. However, we cannot even neglect the criticism because not every user gets to extract the best out the product. Anyways, I would like to share some of the reviews by the customers, what they liked the most in the product and what their experience has been with the machine.

I just causally bought this machine thinking that it is another experiment. When I started using it, I was very impressed with its capabilities. Later I studied its manual and came across many other features. I took me some time to understand its working; however, it was not very complex. I am more than satisfied with the design and functioning of this model. The only drawback I found in this machine is the fur sticks with the bin and it doesn’t come out without me putting my hand into the machine. – Charles Chen

 If you are a clean freak then this product is definitely for you. There is no way that this powerful little machine leaves any dust. I love it. – Paul

 Frequently Asked Questions

In this section of the CHV1510 review, I am listing the question that might come to your mind as well:

Is the filter of this machine washable?

There is a detachable filter of this machine that helps you with convenient clearing and washing of the filter. It keeps your vacuum cleaner tidier.

Is this machine good for carpets, especially for pet hair?

Due to the cyclonic action, this machine has got great suction power and it takes away all the dirt and pet hair in single squash. This product is very high in performance so you don’t have to worry about any such thing.

What are all accessories included with this product?

Well, the package includes the CHV1510 vacuum cleaner, crevice tool, flip-up brush, washable filter, washable pre-filter, charger and a wall mount package. It is an ideal product to be gifted. 

How do I know I the product needs to be charged?

There is a light indicator on the machine. If the red light is on, this means your machine still has enough battery for you to work. If it changes color then that means you need to charge it first before you begin the cleaning process. 


There are certain products that bring more credibility to the brand they have been derived from. In this CHV1510 review, you must have learned that this product is a great purchase. It is a cyclonic action cordless vacuum that has brilliant suction and amazing functionality. It has also got energy star approved charging system that saves the maximum amount of energy. The nozzles are ideal for taking out all the dirt, pet hair and clean the tight spots.

Undeniably, this machine is a great purchase for all women who are crazy for cleanliness. Also for the fact that this one is not too much priced, you can add it in the cart today and bring home a happy cleaning surprise.