VAX H90-GA-B Gator Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Vax brand is the ruler of vacuum cleaners in the market. It is a brand which offers powerful and strong cleaners. And this product is an ultimate delight for household use.

I can say that it is the best product I have ever used at this price. In this vax h90-ga-b gator handheld vacuum cleaner review, I would be walking you through the commendable features of this product.

It is one model that fits every requirement of cleaning a house for bread crumbs, peas, and poppadum. Each and every bit of mess gets scooped up with this cleaner effectively. However, this model is designed beautifully to serve your house cleaning needs; it is also a good option to clean the cars as well. Many other models are available in the market but this one is simply incredible for its performance.

It is a handheld cleaner specifically designed for quick and easy cleanups. Manufactured without cord, it is a lightweight and compact cleaner. In terms of features, it has built in crevice tool which is enough to suck dry spills. Crevice tool makes it easy for you to reach tight areas for cleaning purpose and offers mess-free emptying. Plus, it offers easy cleaning and emptying due to Gator Mouth technology.

Let’s take a look on the design and features of this model:


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Design and Features

This is the section I love to write. It is the human nature to check the features of a product before buying it. So let’s read this vax h90-ga-b gator handheld vacuum cleaner review in detail:

Well guys, it is an amazing vacuum cleaner for household purpose or car cleaning. It is like your right hand which offers you quick and easy clean-ups.

Check out this video demonstration to get a better idea of how this vacuum cleaner works.


It is a lightweight machine with cordless functionality. So you can take it anywhere along with you to clean the house for bread crumbs, peas or any type of dust. Plus, you can also clean your car as it is handy to carry. The cleaning of this model is quite easy and the built in crevice tools perfectly pick up dry spills. All in all, this model is worth investing in.

Let’s take a detailed look on its design and features:

Easy to Empty:

This model is designed with Gator mouth technology which is helpful in emptying the cleaner without any mess. Any item accumulated in the cleaner can be dropped in the bin easily by just pressing the button to pop the bonnet. And the items will fall into the bin immediately. Simply clean the surfaces and empty the filter quickly and fast.

Multi-Purpose Machine:

it is a multi-purpose machine perfectly crafted for quick and hassle free cleanups. If you are looking for such a cleaner which can quickly clean the mess, then your search is over here. Use this cleaner on floors, hard surfaces and upholstery. It works great on every surface. Plus, it can be carried anywhere as it is a cordless machine.

Cordless and Lightweight:

This machine weighs 1.3 kg which is pretty good to hold. Now get effortless and quick cleaning as you can take it along with you anywhere in the house. Plus, it reaches to hard areas where other cleaners cannot. You can use this cleaner continuously for 8 minutes without the need of charging it as it has 10.8 volt battery.

Built-in Crevice Tool:

Crevice tool is a feature that makes it the best cleaner when compared to others. This feature helps you to reach the tight spaces like behind the doors, inside the drawers and beneath furniture items to do cleaning. Clean the kitchen area around toaster as it is small in size and effectively clean up every nook. The suction power is quite strong to scoop every little bit of debris.

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Here are some of the admiring pros of this machine:

  • Nice suction power
  • Good battery life
  • Perfect for car cleaning, house cleaning and spot cleaning
  • Can reach into drawers or behind furniture items
  • Easy to empty
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Cordless designing


  • Large things like leaves get stuck in the nozzle
  • Filter requires frequent cleaning
  • Power cable is not included in the package


Every customer wants to read about the performance of the product they are going to buy. And it is an interesting section to read. Well, moving onto the performance of this model, I would like you to read this vax h90-ga-b gator handheld vacuum cleaner review carefully as this section will make you settle on the final decision of buying it.

It is a perfect vacuum cleaner for houses as well as cars. It has Gator technology which helps in easy cleaning and emptying. It sucks dirt, dust, pet hair, breadcrumbs and peas etc. effectively and efficiently from the nooks and corners. The battery life is quite good i.e. 8 minutes. And 8 minutes are more than enough time for a cleaner to stay on. Plus, it has well built designing. You just need to press two side buttons and the bonnet will be popped up enabling the debris to get in the bin. And the filter can be easily cleaned by releasing the button.

Purposes VAX H90-GA-B Gator Serves

VAX H90-GA-B Gator is a perfect machine to be used at home. This one can give you efficient cleaning in every corner o the house without putting in much effort. As it is lightweight machine, you can use handle it effortlessly. The crevice tool that comes with this model is quite efficient in cleaning the tight spots of the house. It is a multipurpose machine that can clean floor and upholstery perfectly.

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Vax h90-ga-b gator handheld vacuum cleaner reviews by Customer:

This product enjoys a nice customer rating of 4 stars which is quite good to consider. Plus, the reviews given by the customers who have used this model are commendable. The most admiring features of this model are good suction power, built in crevice tool and easy cleanups.

Let’s take a quick look on vax h90-ga-b gator handheld vacuum cleaner review and see what other customers say about this creditable product:

Simply awesome!! It scoops pet hair and seeds efficiently from the ground which my pets spread all over. And it is an ideal cleaner to get inside the cupboards and furniture. I bought it 6 months ago and till now it is working fine. So replacement filters are not frequently needed to get changed. But it doesn’t work so great for big items. Overall, a worth buy product.
It is an excellent product. In my first use, I was quite impressed with its suction power. Plus, the crevice tool is quite effective in sucking out dirt or dust from the corners and it slides in and out with ease. The charging capacity is worth appreciating as it doesn’t stop while working. I would highly recommend this model for household purpose as well as car cleaning. Go for it if you are looking for sturdy, powerful and reasonable product.  
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is only for dry items as wet things can get stuck in the nozzle. For that, buy some specialist machine.

Yes, the crevice tool is an attachment which can be pulled out.

You can buy two attachments for this cleaner. One is to use this cleaner perfectly in the car and other one is to scoop pet hair.

Well, the user cannot replace it. You may have to seek some help from the service centre.

No, it is available in two colors i.e. Orange and white.

Yes, it comes with 2 years warranty. Vax brand is well known for offering quality products to their customers to ensure their complete satisfaction. In case you find any issue with this, contact the service centre and get the defects repaired.


Here, I am concluding this vax h90-ga-b gator handheld vacuum cleaner review. I would highly recommend this model as it can be purchased under your budget with a long list of amazing features. All in all, it is a worth buying product. You will never have to regret your decision of buying it.

The most enticing part of this model is that you can buy two separate attachments for car cleaning and pet hair removal if not satisfied. It’s not much expensive. So guys give it a try and relish it for the years to come.