Hacks on How To Clean Car Carpet And The Interior

You can avoid taking mud full shoes on your house carpet. But, you can never avoid taking dirty shoes on the car carpet. All those dirt and dust making your car carpet dirty. Dirty car carpet poses health threats. So, for the sake of better health, you need to learn how to clean car carpet.

Also, the substantial dirt from the environment settles on the car interiors, making them appear ugly and bad. So, in order to get rid of all these impurities that might cause health threats and bad impression, you need to learn how to clean the inside of your car properly.

Step by step guide on how to clean car interior

There are few major steps that have to be followed to clean the inside of your car.

For efficient vacuuming, you must take out the floor mats. Use the vacuum cleaner on the car seats, the carpet areas and other confined areas of your car. With the help of right attachment, you will be able to use the vacuum cleaner efficiently.

Try to reach under the seats and near the paddles, etc. You can clean the dashboard, doors and center console with the brush tool that comes along with vacuum cleaner.

If your car has leather seats then you might have to be extra careful while using the vacuum cleaner on them.

It is easy to clean the upholstery of your car. You can clean the strains with an upholstery cleaning agent. Just spread it evenly all over the strain. Then you are advised to rub over it vigorously in order to get rid of the strain. Use a dry paper towel to damp it. You can use the same process to clean the doors.

3. Clean Car Leather Seats:

The leather seats are very careful to manage since they are so delicate to handle. There are some leather care products that will make them shiny and slippery. Others can make them tacky and sticky. You are advised to pick the products very carefully. Also, never use a paper towel while cleaning because these can stretch the seats. You are recommended not to use any cleanser at the steering wheel. If you are using a vacuum cleaner then crevice tools can help effectively in cleaning the leather seats. Cotton towels can be used to clean the leather seats.

Car carpet cleaning is a broad thing to talk about, therefore it has been discussed with a bit more detail at the end of this guide.

However, for a quick tip, car carpets can also be cleaned same way as the upholstery was cleaned. Simply spray the targeted area with a carpet spray. You can use a brush to rub the target areas well and strain the dark spots. Then you can use wet cloth to rinse all the spots and stains. Don’t use excessive water because it will cause mold smell.

The dashboard and the other plastic can also be cleaned with the help of a spray soap and dry cotton towel. I emphasize on cotton towel because paper towels might cause damage to the leather seats or plastic material. You just have to spread the polish evenly on the target area and then take a cloth towel to the damp area to dry it. You are advised on not to directly spray the liquid on the electronics. For them, you can simply use a semi wet cloth and clean the area.

Window cleaning can be best done with the help of a window cleaning spray and a cotton towel. You just have to spread some spray at the target area and dry clean it with the towel. Even the most rigid stains and marks can be removed with the glass cleaning spray.

Additional Tips: To get rid of the foul smell that comes out from your air conditioner, try some odor treatment from your local air conditioner spray. It will kill the bad smell generating bacteria and the environment of your car will be back to pleasant.

How To Clean Car Carpet?

How to clean car carpet is a big question. No matter how lazy you are in handling and cleaning tasks but it is one thing that will agitate you to an extent that you will be forced to clean them. Let’s take a look at the process of cleaning the car carpet.

  1. The car mats must be removed and kept aside while you take car carpet in consideration. While you take out the mats, shake them well on the ground in order to get rid of all the large particles into it.
  2. Take out your vacuum cleaner and use the appropriate tools to clean the carpet. Make your way under the pedals and seats and crevice in all the areas of the car to pick up the dirt and trash from the carpet.
  3. If you explore the market, you will find plenty of products that are best for carpet cleaning. Pick any good product among them and you need a brush to scrub the dirt out of the carpet. You can also use a detergent as it can also solve the purpose. Use the detergent and scrub with a soft brush to clean the carpet.
  4. The carpet shampoo will do the remaining work. Surely, you don’t want to lose the luster of the carpet. Therefore, you can use carpet shampoo, spread it evenly on it and let it settle there for 10 minutes.
  5. Just make sure that you don’t wet the carpet too much because it will create molds underneath and later it will cause bad odor in the car. Just try to pick up as much shampoo as you can with a dry rug. Make sure you soak all the moisture out of the carpet.
  6. Leave your car open for some time and allow the carpets to dry before you place the mats back at the position. This may take few hours but you need to give it the time to get dry.

This is the easiest way to clean your car at home just like a professional.

Final Word

I hope by now you have got the answer for the quest How to clean your car carpet. Just make sure you keep your car interior clean and out of dirt. Cleaning the car interior depends on both your habit and frequency of cleaning. It’s better idea to clean them all before the dirt and grimes settle into your car carpet or in interior. Moreover frequent cleaning habit always keep your car clean and hardly requires you strong cleaning effort.