Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright Review- Designed For Pet Lovers

Very much similar with Dyson series, this one is a buzz in the market. Detailed with most mesmerizing looks and great appeal, this model is the most lightweight product launched at such a price. I would like to share Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright Review with you and I am so much impressed by this product that I have a lot of stuff to share with you guys.

Shark has launched this brilliant product in its rocket series. This product has managed to accumulate a lot of appreciation from the users. It is 8 pounds in weight and the dimensions are 11.1 x 11.9 x 33.5 inches. It is a sleek machine that has been manufactured specially for pet owners. This model excels in the removal of pet hair from every corner of your house.

It is being claimed by Sharks that this product will work better than many other same range products. Another reason for people to look forward to this product is the price. It is a complete package of quality, versatility and good looks.

Design And Features of Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright 

So we have now reached the most substantial section of Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright Review where I will discuss the design of this machine in detail. This is a very finely designed machine, equipped with cyclone technology. As I said earlier, this machine is specially designed for pet hair. It has a TruePet motorized brush that helps in easy removal. It also stamps out pet hair from the most embedded areas such as carpets and upholstery. Also, there are 2 washable form filters. At the floor base, you can find LED lights that illuminate the area that is to be cleaned. So you don’t have to light up your house for cleaning, it can be done in dark as well. Check out the video demonstration of this Shark rocket Ultralight upright vacuum cleaner.

Shark Rocket HV322 review:

Suction Control:

This machine has got perfect control of suction. It works on the no-loss suction mechanism that helps in continues cleaning. Most of the vacuums don’t have this feature so it is definitely a plus. Just like an upright vacuum, you can clean any place of the house including the ceiling and the drapes. It is also brilliant for cleaning bare floors and hard floors.

Performance on Bare Floor:

With this model, you get two different brushes to clean the bare floor. For the main floor, you have a brush roll to use. This cannot be stopped but it can be set to 1 in order to save your upholstery from powerful cleaning. It performs really well on the bare floor with the help of brilliant tools and their respective settings.


Just like other vacuum cleaners, this one also comes with multiple accessories. You get crevice tool and dusting tool. The dusting tool is efficient enough to give you the clean ambiance of the house. Other than that, there is a pet hair tool that works amazingly on pet hair removal from various corners of the house. There is also a hard floor genie and a microfiber pad.

TruePet Mini Motorized Brush:

The motor gives absolute cleaning to your house. The TruePet brush easily picks pet hair and loose debris after powerfully cleaning the surface. In case when you want an easy transition from the floor to the ceiling, you just have to release foot pedal. Also the wand that is incorporated in the machine help you in reaching narrow spaces.

Two Speed Brush Roll:

This product has got various settings for different types of surfaces. Basically, there are two powerful settings for your floor needs. The carpets can be cleaned perfectly and the embedded dirt is extracted out. The settings also go gentle on bare floor and delicate upholstery.


Here are some of the shining points of this model:

  • Very easy to handle and lightweight
  • Powerful suction and deep cleaning capabilities
  • Great LED lights
  • Swivel Steering
  • Easy removal of dirt cup from the motor
  • Highly versatile as it can smoothly clean different types of floors
  • Very long power cord for easy reach
  • Perfect for carpet cleaning and to extract out pet hair


  • The dirtbag is small
  • Needs assistance to stand
  • Creates a lot of noise
  • Difficult to remove attachments with the single hand 

Why Buy Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright?

This is the fun section of Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright Review that I love writing about. Why Buy?

Well, if you have read the review completely, you are aware of the features of this model. It is a perfect machine, easy to use and manage. In the supporting statements, I would say that this machine comes with various helpful attachments such as Crevice tool, dusting brush, hard floor genie and TruePet mini motorized brush. It swivels brilliantly under any kind of furniture and cleans the area. The headlight of this model illuminates the area and allows you to clean the floor in dark as well.

It has 32 feet long cord that helps you to reach the areas that are far away from the reach of your hand. It has perfectly propelling technique. Other than that this product comes with fiber duster that is reusable after you wash it. It can also help you in cleaning drapes.

Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright Review And Ratings 

Not only at Amazon but everywhere in the world, this product has got a great response. People are satisfied with its performance on the bare floor and carpet cleaning. This model is idyllically working great for pet hair removal; moreover, it’s one of the top products for pet hair removal. When compared with other products of the type, this one is getting some extra credit due to its pricing, lightweight, and maneuverability.

Now, let’s see what people have to say about this model: Simply commendable!!

This product has gone from a flip phone to a smartphone. What a performance by sharks by launching this one. It is worth buying people. I was getting continuous remarks about canister vacuums so finally I decided to check one. After testing this one, I am simply spellbound about how this machine works. It is highly versatile and worth investing. Keep up the good work sharks! – Jeffrey McMahon

 Love Love Love this rocket. It is simply amazing. I have a pet in my house that has white hair. I usually find them spread everywhere in my house. This vacuum works meticulously on pet hair and abolishes them as if they were never there. This vacuum is also highly recommended to those who do not have pets. It is a multitasking machine, brilliantly engineered.  – Daniel Hanke

 So happy to have this product in service. It is affordable and very convenient to use. My kids usually surprise me by cleaning the house. Also the pet we have to keep shedding hair that annoys me a lot. This vacuum cleans the hair very easily. I am happy to have it. I would rather say that this is a must-have product for all the folks who own pets.  Steff

Frequently Asked Question

So let’s see what are the frequent questions that you might like to know about shark hv322

Is TruePet different from deluxe pro in terms of features?

No, I guess the only difference between these two is of the color. Also, there is one more difference where you can find an additional upholstery tool in the deluxe pro. 

Is there any special tool to clean the drapes?

 It is a lightweight machine so you can easily hold it up and cleans the drapes. But yes, there is a different tool that can help you in cleaning the drapes easily. 

Is it comfortable to empty the dirt cup?

It’s very easy to empty the dirt cup. There is a button situated near the dirt cup that has to be punched in order to release the dirt cup. You can then empty it.


So here I conclude Shark HV322 Review saying that the customers who have already used this machine are more than satisfied with its performance. It is a highly functional model that can do perfect clean up to your house. It is a must-have machine for pet owners. The TruePet motorized brush is the special attachment that can help in getting rid of the pet hair. It is also perfect for bare floor cleaning and hard floor cleaning. Compared to other models that are giving similar services, this one is very genuinely priced.

Usage process is really simple that even the kids can clean the house without any supervision. It is a very cool machine and I definitely recommend it to all my readers. Explore my Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright Review and decide for yourself.


Happy Shopping!  🙂

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