Hoover bh50010 review-Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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The Hoover bh50010 reviews for the Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner rank it one of the top stick vacuum cleaners on the market!

CNet Editors highly recommend this uncomplicated stick vacuum cleaner in large part because of performance and price. For under 200 bucks you exceptionally powerful lightweight performance that’s easy to empty and it stands the test of time.

This stick vacuum comes with custom brush attachments that give you the full versatility you’d expect with a Hoover brand, a straight-forward great value for your money Hoover stick vacuum.

It charges effortlessly and because of its aerodynamic configuration and size, it’s super simple to store and move around if need be.

Some users have complained it looks a little boring, but they love it because it sucks up all the dust and dirt and locks it in; there isn’t any leakage.

You get what you pay for – a quality vacuum for a great price.

Who Should Buy the Hoover bh50010 Stick Vacuum? 

This cleaner has been designed for the following type of people

  • Families
  • Medical Offices
  • Nursing Homes
  • Coffee Shops
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Students
  • Single Parents
  • Pizza Shops
  • Boutiques

Take a look on the Top features of Hoover bh50010

Key Feature 1 – Light Weight

The Hoover Linx weighs in at just 7.3 pounds, which makes it a light weight in relation to the power it provides. Because stick vacuums tend to have less power overall, it’s important you buy one that has the power you need to get your vacuuming jobs done. This Hoover does the trick. So you don’t have to worry about vacuuming and re-vacuuming over the same spot two or three times. Once and forget it is wonderful!

Feature 2 – Battery Indicator

The last thing you want when you are cleaning is for the battery to run dead just before you’ve finished your vacuuming – that sucks! The convenient battery indicator light built into this Hoover Linx cordless vacuum cleaner makes sure you know when it’s time for a charge; and the simple custom 3-option switch ensures you know exactly the mode you need without getting confused.

Feature 3 – Versatility

Not all stick vacuums are built to use on different floors; no worries with the Linx because it’s excellent for bare and carpet flooring. All you need to do is flick the switch from hardwood floor to rolling brush carpet, and you’re off to the races. A simple straight forward stick vacuum cleaner without the bells and whistles that just gets the job done.

Feature 4 –Diverse Handle Recline

A unique feature to this Hoover is the neat and well placed low reclining handle. This means you can get to those spaces many other stick vacuums can’t quite reach; like under your bed for instance. Awesome for people living in smaller spaces with lots of furniture to maneuver around.

This just gives you a little more options for flexibility when you are cleaning your home.

Feature 5 – Practical Modes

Not all vacuuming jobs are the same and most people agree with the Hoover bh50010 reviews, in that having a convenient button that provides a burst of powerful cleaning power is optimal. Even if you’re a clean freak you will eventually come across something that doesn’t quite so easily vacuum up. This Hoover has that extra powerful mode, making it much easier to get that full clean when you do come across some stubborn debris.

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  • Super light-weight
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Dual floor cleaning capacity
  • Multi-use attachments
  • Quick charge
  • Maximum power burst feature


  • Doesn’t come with extra attachments
  • Not as much character as some of the other stick vacuums
  • A little too “simple” for some people
“I was a little worried when I first bought my Hoover about the power. This model has all the power I need to get my apartment dust-free!”
Sandy White
“I was a little disappointed at first because there’s no attachments with this stick vacuum model. But I found out I never really use them anyway. This stick is an excellent vacuum for the money, exactly what I need to get my vacuuming done fast.”
Andrew Sanderson
“I have to be honest, I bought this Hoover stick vac on the elegant look! Silly but I’m so glad I have such good taste because this vacuum cleans like a charm every time. Highly recommended!”
Amy H.
“When you have 2 young boys to care for there’s lots of vacuuming to do and I love the light-weight power of my Hoover. It’s so easy to use, sometimes my boys even pitch in to help. Good buy.
Tim B.
“My husband is a vacuum cleaner addict and he gave me one of these last Christmas. I have to say of the 6 vacuums we’ve got, it’s this little stick that gets the most use! Probably because it’s the easiest and there aren’t any attachments to hook up and lose. If you are looking for fast and easy, I definitely think you should buy this Hoover.”
Natasha Elliot
“I recently bought a little café on the west side of town and needed a powerful small vacuum to clean up my front mat; customers are always dragging in plenty of dirt. I grabbed this Hoover stick vacuum because it was on sale for $145, and boy am I glad I did. 6 months now and it’s still working like a charm. I certainly recommend this top vacuum to you.”
Charles Gill



 Does this Hoover hold its charge?

With any cordless stick vacuum cleaner you can only get so much running time. This Hoover is standard in charge performance and definitely gives you enough to get the job done.

 I heard there aren’t any attachments with this vacuum cleaner, is this true?

Yes. There aren’t any attachments with this model because it’s built so versatile. It’s small and powerful and there really isn’t a space you can’t reach with it. The model is simple and effective.

 How light is this Hoover?

It’s ultra-light for a stick vacuum cleaner at just over 7 pounds. This makes it excellent for older people or someone that has health problems.

 I’m looking to buy a smaller stick vacuum, why should I buy this one?

Well the price is right at well under two hundred dollars, it’s simple and powerful, and gets the job done. No fuss with this stick vacuum and the brand is tops in the world of vacuum cleaners. An excellent choice for stick vacuums.

 Is there a warranty on this Hoover vacuum?

Yes – You get one year full warranty. That means if anything breaks all you’ve got to do is call the toll-free number and it’ll get fixed at no cost to you.

 Will the customer service reps answer my questions?

Hoover stands by their name and one thing they are known for is having excellent customer service. If you have any questions or concerns with your new vacuum cleaner just call the toll-free number and a customer service rep will get right back to you. Customers come first at Hoover.

Grab your Hoover and you can cross your vacuuming worries off your list of things to get done.

Hoover has built its name and reputation on top quality vacuum performance. Although this stick vac is a little simpler than most, that doesn’t take away from the powerful suction performance this light-weight star has.

It’s no secret that some fancy people aren’t impressed with the “boring” design of this vacuum cleaner, but in reality what has fanciness got to vacuuming performance? Nothing really. If you want fancy and the top power on the market you can go get it, but it will cost you, at least double what this effective and efficient Hoover does. The choice is yours.

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Some people like simple and others complex. If you are in the market for a simple, effective and powerful lightweight stick vacuum cleaner that isn’t complex, then you need to follow suit with the Hoover bh50010 reviews and grab yours today.

It’s not fancy but do you want pretty or do you want a stick vacuum you can trust? – One that will get the job done for you quickly and with power EVERY time?

Bottom line – for the money this Hoover stick vacuum cleaner is tops. All that’s left is for you to buy yours and test it out.