Shark rocket hand vac review-Never Loses Suction Technology

The Shark Rocket hand vac reviews are right on the money. This is a solid quality built vac that’s easy to handle with adequate cleaning power with a broad array of handy extensions, and it’s lightweight and affordable. On average it’s about 30% less than other comparable vacuums, like the upright Shark Rocket.

But the gold at the end of the rainbow for this beauty is that it won’t lose suction until the dirt cup is full. An excellent feature when removing dirt from your floors, closets, and furniture is what vacuuming is all about.

This sleekly designed mattress works awesome for stairs, small areas; pet hair, and dust and dirt in hard to reach places. The grip is neat and discreet; as comfortable as comfortable gets for handheld vacuum cleaners.

Read on the full Shark rocket hand vac review for more!

Who should buy the Shark?

  • Small office buildings
  • Home daycare
  • Homemakers
  • Car shops
  • Nursing homes
  • Mobile home sellers
  • Animal shelters
  • Kids headed to college
  • Spas
  • Group homes
  • Maids
  • Hotel chains 

Here are some of the Key Features of shark rocket hand vacuum

1.Full Suction Till Dirt Cup Full

This is a key focus feature. Every vacuum is different and each has at least one feature that stands out from the crowd, and the Rocket is no exception. The suction holds strong until the dirt cup is top notch full. The suction is good but the never loses suction technology is why this hand-vac sells. No worries of losing suction and not getting a thorough clean with the Shark Rocket – Wonderful.

2.Washable Filter

This is a subjective feature, but nonetheless, many people enjoy the convenience of a reusable easy to clean a filter. Some of the Shark Hand Rocket reviews say this feature is worth its weight in gold. Not having to worry about making sure you’ve got extra filters is definitely a good feeling; usually, when you really need one you are on empty.

This easy to wash filter makes the maintenance on this Shark a piece of cake.

3.Attachments and Flexible Hose

Another highlight worth a few words is the ease and flexibility of the hose; it’s not too stiff or difficult to maneuver with, and the attachments really do come in handy. The dusting brush is excellent for making sure you get the finishing touch and the crevice tool is awesome for down in between car seats and deep in the couch; you know what I’m talking about. Really nice features that make vacuuming a little easier.

4.The Motorized Brush

The motorized brush is essential for a full clean; particularly if you have dogs or cats. The brush helps loosen the hair and pet dander so you can suck it right up for good. This brush is also excellent for things like your entrance way doormat, where all the mud and muck gets ground in.

It’s easy to install and take off; a definite plus for the Shark Rocket hand vacuum.

5. Micro-Vacuum Attachments

Another really nice feature is the micro-vacuum kit that’s for cleaning fine grooves in the furniture, and cracks in the door and floors; you know those spots that are just impossible to clean because they are so teeny-tiny.

The Shark comes to the rescue! Now there is a small twenty dollar charge for it but it’s well worth it. Exactly what you need to get your house that much cleaner!


  • Cheaper than most comparable hand vacs
  • Washable easy-use filter
  • Flexible hose with attachments
  • Motorized brush for deep cleaning
  • Great for pet hair
  • Weighs just five pounds
  • Canister empties with ease
  • Large dust cup
  • Great suction to clean stairs
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  • A little heavier than most hand vacs
  • The cord can be a nuisance
  • Suction is good but could be better

shark rocket hand vac reviews:

“Love my little Shark! Dad got it, for me to clean my room and it’s a snatch. Nice to have a room that’s not just tidy, but vacuumed too.” – Tess Thorton

 “I was skeptical of this vacuum cleaner because the last handheld vac I bought really sucked; I mean it just didn’t pick up anything, not even cookie crumbs. Happy with my shark because the suction is great. And mines lasted 6 months now with no issues.” – Andy Capling 

 “Mom just moved into a retirement home and she’s a clean freak and wanted her own vacuum. I thought this Shark might be too heavy for her but it’s perfect. She’s happy cuz her room is clean and I’m happy because I don’t have to hear her complaining about it anymore.” – Suzanne Quikson 


Does this Shark vacuum cleaner come with a battery?

No. It uses a cord and needs to be plugged in to use. Some people find that a bit of a bother but on the flip side, this means you don’t have to worry about wanting to vacuum and not having your vacuum charged and ready to go. A personal preference for sure.

How is the suction on this hand vacuum cleaner?

The suction is good; it’s not the best in the world but it definitely gets the job done. The suction until the dirt cup is full feature is awesome, just to make sure you are actually sucking up all the dirt and not spreading it back across the floor you just cleaned.

Are there bags with this vacuum?

No messy bags with the shark; so you don’t have to worry about exploding your dirt and dust all over your house again. The filter is reusable and easy to use. Just clip it out, rinse it out, let it air dry, and pop it back in again. A breeze when it comes to filtering maintenance.

Are there any attachment tools with the Shark?

Oh yes…everything you need to brush out dirt and hair and get deep into the cracks and crevices of your house. The motorized brush is excellent for getting every speck of dirt.

Will this vacuum work for the car?

Shark Rocket hand vac reviews shout out this vacuum is great for the car, just because it’s so small and versatile. The cord is nice and long so if your car is in the garage you don’t have to worry about not being able to plug it in. All the hand tool attachments make it super simple to get down under your seats and down in between the door and the seat; the spots that never get cleaned and are loaded with dust and dirt.

I need a vacuum for my small cottage, is this a good one?

The Shark hand-vac is great for smaller spaces, so yes, this is the perfect fit. It’s by no means industrial in power but neither is the price. It really is a great little vacuum and I’m sure you’ll agree after you get yours! 

Editor’s view about  shark rocket hand vac review

If you are looking for a low-price high-quality vacuum cleaner for small spaces, the Shark is your best choice.

Never lose suck action until the dirt cup is full!

It comes with all the tool attachments you could ever want, the filter is reusable, the grip is ergonomic, and the power is above average.

Kids heading off to school?

The price is right with the Shark Rocket and the brand is a name you can trust for top quality vacuums.

Time for you to take the plunge and buy your hand-vac today!

Final Thoughts

Cheaper than most comparable hand vacs; some Shark Rocket hand vac reviews say up to 30% cheaper, this is definitely a great vacuum to consider. When you can get a reputable brand vacuum for less money than some of those fancier models, and it does the trick, why wouldn’t you? That just makes sense.

Not to say there aren’t better hand vacs of this capacity out there; because there are; but this model has the positive reviews saying it gets the job done and you can save some money buying it.

It’s got all the tools you need, plenty of suck-action power, you don’t have to worry about charging batteries, the filter is reusable and easy to clean, and it stands the test of time.

Bottom line, this Shark Rocket is the hand vac that will get your vacuuming done fast and leave you with a happy smile.

Grab yours today and gives us a shout to let us know what you like best!  🙂 

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