Best Vacuum for Stairs – Pick your Cleaner from top 10

Whether you are looking for the best vacuum for stairs, and lightweight mobile handheld model, a rugged and powerful pet hair sucker-upper, or a versatile stick vacuum that’s great for small areas, finding the perfect vacuum for you is tough! And that’s not even getting into the cost factor.

If money grew on trees you’d have one of each – no worries!

It doesn’t so here is your solution to finding that perfect balance in vacuums for you. The ten best vacuums are right here at your fingertips for you to choose from. The cream of the crop so you a set up for success with your vacuum buying decision.

What Should You Consider in selecting the best Vacuum for Stairs and Why?

There are so many considerations when you are looking to buy the best vacuum for your stairs, condo, house, or office. The price and style is very important. Are you looking for an extra powerful vacuum and don’t care how big it is? This style would be perfect anyone not worrying about weight and that has a large area to clean.

Do you need lots of attachments or do you have allergies? Does a dusty bag bother you?

If you have lots of small spaces you’ll need a model with long tools or a smaller vacuum to begin with. And if space is slight you’re smart to go with a compact stick or handheld vacuum cleaner.

You should write down all the important factors to you when buying a vacuum, so that you have it right beside you when you are reading through all your option.

Time to get started!

How did I select the best of the best vacuums for stairs?

Well, I’ve got over 10 years of experience in the vacuum industry; working for a wide variety of different brands. From there I used customer reviews, consumer reports, and qualified review sources to narrow down the best vacuum cleaners for the money.

The final straw was testing out dozens of top-rated vacuums so that I could accurately bring you the best of bests vacuum cleaner for your stairs.

 Without further a due, here are TOP 10 Vacuum for Stairs 

Product 1: 

Black+Decker BDH2000PL

Black+Decker BDH2000PL

A Trusted Black and Decker Supreme

When you are searching for a handheld vacuum that is

simple but discreet and has awesome power, the Black and Decker BDH2000PL is your premium choice. It’s priced right and has that specialty long-lasting 20-volt lithium ion battery.

The warranty and customer service are excellent and this particular model is great for hard to reach places, stairs, curtains, and under the bed. And if your kids are heading off to college there isn’t a better going away gift!

Here are a few of the key features that caused this BDH2000PL to make the list.

Top Features:

  • The handy pull-out crevice tool makes it dreamy to get down between the crack by your door and those tiny spaces between the walls and the floor.
  • The warranty is nothing to sneeze at. You get 2 full years coverage – so if anything goes wrong, which I doubt it will, all you’ve got to do is call the toll-free number.
  • The battery is tops with 20 volts of lithium power to ensure you get the job done every time.
  • The fold-back nozzle is really neat and convenient for reaching high up and keeping things tight and compact.
  • Read BDH2000PL  full Review here

One of the best vacuum for stairs and is an awesome choice for a handheld vac.


Hoover BH50010


Top Rated Stick you want in your Closet

The Hoover BH50010 is the Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum that’s rated tops on the market. The performance for the price is what the Hoover BH50010 reviews rave about. At just under $200 it’s exceptionally lightweight and the custom brush makes the tough jobs a piece of cake. This is the vacuum you can take with you whether you are heading to the cottage, going to visit your son or daughter in college, or if you just want to help your friend with a move.

Great power for your dollar!

Top Features:

  • The lightweight and easy maneuverability of this vacuum is impressive.
  • No worries about running out of juice because the battery indication light lets you know when you need a charge.
  • The Linx is versatile; great for bare floors and carpet.
  • The diverse handle helps make that one of the best vacuums for stairs; low or high you can vacuum with ease.
  • The burst of power button is awesome for those really tough cleaning jobs that need some more umf!
  • Read Hoover BH50010 Full Review Here.


Dyson V6 Trigger

Convenience at your fingertips!

This leading technology Dyson premiere handheld vac is dependable lightweight power in your hands. It’s got twice the powerful suction of other handheld vacuums in its class, making super easy to clean your stairs, closet, entrance mat, hallway, bedrooms, kitchen, or any other space a full-size vacuum just doesn’t do the trick.

And it’s the Dyson V6 motor that gives it power to rock your house; for bonus the hygienic bin means you are getting nothing but smooth cleaning.

Top Features:

  • It’s got 2 tier radial cyclones; which means you have dual forces working simultaneously for incredible pulling and sucking power, and nothing seeps back out into the air.
  • The digital V6 motor is one of the most powerful sucks on the market in handheld vac; making sure your clean it top quality.
  • And the extra powerful suck feature means you’ve got 20 minutes of awesome power.
  • The fade-free lithium ion battery ensures you are never going to run dry.
  • Lightweight means you can easily move your Dyson to wherever the dirt and dust flies.
  • Read Dyson V6 Trigger full Review Here

Light and powerful with elite sucking power – you just can’t go wrong!


Shark Rotator NV752

Pet Hair doesn’t stand a Chance with this Best Vacuum for Stairs

If you are in the market for an elite vacuum for pet hair you’ve just found it. The Shark TruePet vacuum comes with a ridiculously awesome 7 year warranty and a lift-away rotating action that sucks up everything, including every spec of pet evidence!

It’s powerful and ergonomically designed to make it a piece of cake to reach all those tough places; with an extraordinary extra-large dust container that means you don’t have to stop and empty it so often.

The attachments just make your vacuuming job a little more fun with this Shark Powered Lift-Away vacuum delight.

Top Features:

  • It sucks at 270 AW – Giving you all the cleaning power you need to tackle any tough job – Making it top when it comes for best vacuum for stairs.
  • The extra-large storage capacity container is definitely a highlight. Industry standard is under .75 gallons and you get an amazing 0.825 gallons with the TruePet.
  • Having a HEPA Allergen filtration system ensures your floors are clean and there’s zippo backflow. An excellent feature when you’re searching for a top-quality vacuum cleaner.
  • The weight is perfect for the power; many people are surprised at how light it is because of it’s awesome suction power.
  • Read Shark nv752 Full Review Here

Calling all pet lovers – this one’s for you!


Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (HV292)

The Shark Rocket Handheld Never Loses Suck – A Cleaning Dream Come True

When you are looking for an excellent handheld with fabulous power for less, you should lock in on the Shark. It’s even one of your best vacuums for stairs.

It’s built with handiness in mind, lightweight and durable, and up to 30% less than other similar models. And it doesn’t lose suction power until your cup is full. That’s great news when you’re looking to vacuum your house clean and not spread your dirt back all over again.

The Shark Rocket is excellent for mattresses, pet hair, stairs, closets, kitchen spills, and all those other hard to reach places you can never seem to get.

The handheld vacuum that pleases so many.

Top Features:

  • The full-suction dirt cup is a genius inclusion that means every time you’re vacuuming you know you are getting full-power action start to finish – wondrous!
  • Having a washable filter means you have the peace of mind knowing you’re doing your part for the environment and you have it easy with just a rinse and dry whenever you need to clean your filter. Rinse and repeat sure it sweet!
  • The full-flex hose with attachments means you can apply the finishing touches to your amazing clean with your Shark Rocket and never look back.
  • The motorized brush gives you the design power to un-stuck all that deep down grim, release it, and suck it right up for good. A tool that makes this definitely one of the best vacuums for stairs.
  • Read Shark Rocket Hand Vac Full Review Here



Shark professional lift away nv356e

Engineered to Clean your Home Top to Bottom

The Shark professional is one of the top rated uprights, and rightly so. It’s designed to clean your home sparkly top to bottom; having earned the reputation as one of the best vacuums for stairs. Created with a portable canister makes it ultra-convenient and the built-in anti-allergen complete seal of approval means you don’t have to worry about trapped dust and dirt seeping back out into your breathing space.

The shark eats it all up so you can forget it!

Top Features:

  • Multi-surface cleaning brush-roll. This motorized rotation device unleashes deep-down dirt that’s trapped in the carpets and just seem to hibernate there.
  • The ultimate cyclonic action you get with the Shark means you are getting the strongest sick. Add to that, the dirt is actually separated from the air right inside your vacuum, meaning your filter can’t get clogged and the power stays constant start to finish.
  • Having one-step cleaning actions means you get rid of both dust and dirt; the only way you get a true clean.
  • The portable canister means you can clean ceilings, closets, stairs, curtains, and any tough spots with ease.
  • Read Shark professional lift away nv356e Full Review Here

You’ve gotta love this beautiful vacuum.


 Dyson DC65 Animal Complete

This is the cream of the crop vacuum for all pet lovers. The power is magnetic and the tools are dreamy; and the design is just perfect for cleaning.

This bagless vacuum means you don’t have to worry about dusty emptying anymore and there isn’t a battery so you get constant impressive power start to finish of every cleaning job. For the money this is one of the better complete and powerful upright vacuum cleaner.

Add to that the top brand Dyson name and the deal is signed, sealed, and delivered.

Top Features:

  • You get more suck for your value with this upright vacuum cleaner; over 25% more according to reviews. The better the suck the better the clean.
  • The redesigned brush bar give you a better smoother clean overall. Very critical in the hugely competitive world of vacuums.
  • The Dyson DC65 makes sure you never lose sucking action between floors. Going from carpet to hardwood and onto ceramic is no problem with this vacuum dream.
  • Having a FIVE-years warranty says it all; Dyson stands by their vacuum cleaners!
  • Read Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Full Review here.
  • Another Great vacuum Dyson DC35 is also reviewed here.


Bissell powerglide lift off Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Voted Best Vacuum for Stairs

The Bissell Powerglide makes any type of vacuuming job simple and quick. This 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner moves effortlessly with awesome power across your floors, and makes cleaning stairs, curtains, and furniture no big deal.

It’s cost-effective and the technology is premium. When you are just looking to get the job done right you can depend on your Bissell Powerglide vacuum cleaner.

Top Features:

  • Custom Lift-Off Technology steals the show. This Bagless vacuum comes with an easy-release portable vacuum that’s perfect for stairs and other tough to reach places. Add to this light and heavy power cleaning options and you’ve got to be smiling.
  • Smart Air Flow is another key feature that enables you to get the maximum suction power with the minimum amount of energy. Dirt gets trapped and stays trapped for good.
  • The multi-level filtration system ensures every speck of dust and dirt stays put. So if you or your family have allergies this is the vacuum for you.
  • Having swivel steer means you have more mobility than with the average vacuum; the easier the better!
  • Read Bissell Powerglide lift off Vac Full Review Here

It’s all awesome with this elite and powerful lightweight vacuum cleaner by Bissell.


Black and Decker CHV1410L

Premium Lightweight you can Trust

This 16V Black and Decker Hand Vacuum has awesome suction and its compact size means it’s ready and willing to go anywhere. The dirt and dust hidden under your beds, on your stairs, and in cracks and crevices around your house will be no more with this baby.

It’s certainly small in size but packs enormous power.

Top Features:

  • This handheld vac is versatile and ready and willing when you are. It powers up quick and can hold a charge on standby for up to 18 months. That’s awesome when you decide to leave on vacation for a couple months.
  • Because it’s lightweight makes is deceiving because of its huge power. And when it comes to longevity you get that and then some.
  • Energy saving is great. With the technological advancements of this best vacuum for stairs, you save up to 50% energy with each charge; now that’s awesome!
  • The rotating nozzle makes it super easy to get into tight spaces; which means you get a better overall clean!
  • Read Black and Decker CHV1410L Full Review Here

Everything you could ever want in a hand vacuum for the taking!


Eureka 3670g mighty mite canister vacuum

A Trusted Name in Canister Vacuums

For a quick and easy powerful clean look no further than the Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaner. It’s portable and full of awesome power. Great for taking to college, for your condo, office, or just about anywhere dirt and dirt occupy.

The hand tools with this Eureka make it super easy to get any cleaning job done no matter where or when you need to.

From dusting to digging up dirt and grim, depend on your Mighty Might to get the job done every time!

Top Features:

  • The weight is the highlight. Light and powerful means you get an awesome clean and anyone can use it. It’s easy to get up and down stairs and taking it to another location is just as easy.
  • Having a blower port just adds to this unique and top-rate canister vacuum. It’s excellent for shops and blowing pesky leaves off the drive-way.
  • The extension wands make it super easy to clean up high and even get your drapes sparkly clean.
  • Finally, the height adjustment feature ensures when you are switching floors that you get the closest suction possible.
  • Read Eureka 3670g Full Review Here

The Eureka really is a top quality vacuum choice!

Looking for Best Vacuum For Pet Hair as well ?? Well, we got that covered as well. Just take a look on the attached link as well. 

Final Words

I know that’s a heck of a lot of top notch information on the best of the best vacuums for stairs, condos, houses, dorms, garages, shops, hotels, and anyplace else you’ve got dust and dirt to battle.

Take your time in making your decision and know that any of the above choices really are top quality – in other words you can’t go wrong with your choice. Don’t be afraid to do a little more personal research on a particular model of choice just in case you have something specific in mind that might not be covered. If I went that detailed you’d be reading a 50 thousand word book right now and likely taking a nap!

All that’s left is to make your choice and know that you are getting one fantastic vacuum cleaner for life!