Best Vacuum for Stairs – Reviews & Buying Guide

Is it just me or do I feel the glares oozing out from my screen as you all read stairs on this article? Stairs aren’t necessarily anyone’s forte; no one likes cleaning stairs. That’s probably why we felt the need to help you out.

If your house has got those posh flight of stairs then this is exactly what you need. We can help you keep your stairs tidy with the best vacuums for stairs that we have listed below, especially for the lazy lot.

We understand you couldn’t resist from typing some well-thought words for a miracle to show you how to better clean your stairs, and well we answered your prayer. Stick around to find out our list of vacuums for stairs.

Without pushing your delicate mind towards further suspense and anticipation, we will reveal our greatest best choices and yours in the 10-best vacuum for stairs listed below. 

Best Vacuums for Stairs – Our Picks

1. Shark Navigator NV356E – Best Vacuum for Stairs 


Shark will lift away the first spot. With one push of a button, lift that canister away and clean areas that are rather hard to reach. Slide it smoothly under your bed and reel in that dust bunny.

Anti-allergen and HEPA filters are going to be ideal to trap dust and allergies inside the vacuum, restraining them from making a sneaky escape back into your airspace.

Powerful and lightweight will give that rush of excitement since it is also portable. So, if you have to climb a great flight of stairs, you don’t have to worry about extra weight

Why we love it:

Shark is sleek and the design is a real beauty to look at. The cord length and lift-away canister functionality make work so easy, saving time for procrastination without feeling guilty.

Shark won’t be a shark if it couldn’t make a mark on the list as the best vacuum for stairs.


  • HEPA filtration
  • Good cord length
  • Portable lift-away canister
  • Easy maneuver


  • The motor head has a width of 11 inch
  • No onboard storage

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2. Bissell 3624 – Best Vacuum for Stairs 


While 3624 is a replica of Darth Vader’s mask, with extended technological advancement, these are worth running after as one of the best vacuums for stairs offers ¾ tank capacity, 4-feet hose, and 22-feet cord.

Additions to it are the excellent spot cleaning which instantly removes stubborn and tough spots from carpets, stairs, upholstery and any other places which require extensive cleaning.

2-year limited warranty, 5 flex hose and additional 6 stair tool, 3 tough stain tool all constructed to vaporize and erase nasty stains before you can spell stains.

Why we love it:

This is the professional helper we have been waiting for. While stains, pet hair can hinder the perfection of your stairs.

Bissell is here to eliminate all those scrubbing sessions and remove any stains, making your stairs new and shiny again. Resurrection in style!


  • Excellent for stains
  • No separate filters required
  • Doesn’t occupy space
  • Ideal for pet stains too


  • Not suitable for hard surface
  • Water needs to be heated before cleaning

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3. Dirt Devil Scorpion Hand Vacuum SD20005 


This vacuum for stairs is what the name suggests. This is the devil in 4 pounds light size with monster cleaning quality. You can pick it and vacuum where ever you want in the blink of an eye.

The 16-foot power cord is a considerable size when you are cleaning stairs and it’s also great for couch cleaning too. This can be done without unplugging in case both aren’t at a far distance.

Bagless coupled with a powerful 7 Amp motor and 2.5 hose length seems about the right size for this devil to flare up the vacuum game.

Why we love it:

Did you know it has a quick flip crevice tool? Well, no you do. The Dirt devil has managed to surround our thoughts and chant the best vacuum for stairs repetitively.

If there is anything else that’s red apart from the color of it, it is our highlighter that put a small Asterix near this on our wish list.


  • 2-in-1
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth rolling wheels
  • Constant suction


  • Dirt compartment may be small to some
  • Warranty

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4. VonHaus 2 in 1  Stick Vacuum– Vacuum for stairs


This could be your funky, Rockstar vacuum. Giving you the best of both worlds with 2 in 1 combo of both stick and handheld, cleaning has never got a double twist.

VonHaus materializes 1.3 dust capacity that is both easy to empty and detach for your weekly cleaning. This is indeed the best vacuum for stairs since it did not leave out HEPA and sponge filtration.

Are stairs made of hardwood floor? VonHaus understands the concern and it is friendly on your floor. Excellent glide and powerful suction will reel you in too. Sounds like the best vacuum for stairs to me here.

Why we love it:

Nope, VonHaus is not too good to be true, it gives you additional attachments, 19.5 quick release power cord. Also, you get to choose if you are feeling upright or handheld for the day.

This is a vacuum for stairs that won’t disappoint rather have your dopamine level kick up while cleaning.


  • Great ergonomics
  • Upright or handheld
  • Great dust capacity compartment
  • Extra attachments


  • May not be compatible on the hardwood floor
  • Subjective to scratching

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5. Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum 4122


Bissell is simply wonderful and it makes it a lot better when Bissell comes to mind when looking for vacuums for stairs. Powerful suction is suitable for bare floors, rugs or for carpeted stairs.

Cleaning on the go is as smooth as the transition from carpets to the floor; multi-surface cleaning feature. Hose length is 5 inches and a 10.3 cleaning path wide. Can’t help but to pin it as the best vacuum for stairs.

Attachments are a blessing and Bissell has always been kind to bless with a telescoping wand, variable suction control, auto cord rewind, and exciting other twists.

Why we love it:

Looking past the best vacuum for stairs is a sin we shall not commit. Adjustable suction gives the power to control the pressure and that’s all we can go crazy over.

Fewer mishaps, more cleaning, and sparkly house environment. What else can we ask for?


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable suction
  • Multi-surface floor nozzle
  • Retractable Cord


  • Performance is subjective on carpets
  • No motor brushes

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6. Eureka EasyClean Handheld Vacuum 71B


handhelds will never go out of style if you tweak it the way it should be done. Eureka weighs 5 pounds and you can absolutely carry it wherever and however you want it to while cleaning up and down your stairs.

Motorized brush with on/off switch is great when you have your stairs that are fully carpeted. Also, easy to empty dust canister is nifty as they house the most pack of dust and litter

The 20-foot cord will be an estimated right size to consider for stairs as cleaning would be done at one go rather than having to bother with changing sockets. A great investment and the best vacuum for stairs.

Why we love it:

How do you assure a thorough clean? You give your product two motors, one for the brush and one for the suction so power can be evenly distributed and in greater amps.

71B could be your little Wall-E. No matter how much you look at other option, 71B will surely make you come back once more.


  • Good cord length
  • Minimum on noise
  • Great suction
  • Cheap and container cleaning is simple


  • Unwashable Filters
  • Capacity may not be enough

7. Hoover Cordless Upright Vacuum BH51120


Cordless, Bagless and upright is a bemusing combo to have and Hoover BH51120 is all that. It is extremely convenient for cleaning your entire home with 2 batteries giving you 50 minutes of run time.

Remarkable dirt cup capacity at 1.05v liters and employs WindTunnel 3 technology that uses 3 channels of suction to remove any dirt components embedded in depth. Also includes 2-in-1 dusting and crevice tools.

Multi-floor electronic brush roll that can easily convert from carpet to hard surface are on the touch of a button. When you asked for the best vacuum for stairs, Hoover hoped in with removable canisters.

Why we love it:

Hoover has made a fan out of because we have memorized their WindTunnel technology by heart.

This is considered an excessive catch to have because our stairs need in-depth cleaning without having us worrying about residues and doubts.


  • WindTunnel 3 technology
  • Mobility
  • Multi-floor facet
  • Ease of use


  • Could be considered large
  • High price

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8. Dirt Devil Stick Vacuum SD20000


Innovation has got a new name and it’s here to make a mark to remember by. SD20000 will not just give you the privilege of a stick vacuum but also a detachable hand vacuum.

Although it weighs less perfected for comfortable carrying, it weighs strongly as the best vacuum for stairs on this list. Inclusive is an onboard crevice tool for hand vacuum to enter tight spaces.

Smooth rolling wheels and 16-foot cord along with dry nozzle brush is a must have on your list when you are looking for a quick, effective and firm cleaning.

Why we love it:

Marvelous as it gets, dirt devil is giving us reasons to give multiple thoughts and ground our pick.

Having a revolutionary thought, the idea of both stick and handheld will make cleaning a lot easier and well manipulated when manual assistance will become necessary.


  • Powerful
  • Very light
  • Compatible extension
  • Perfect for small areas


  • Tiresome to hold
  • May need multiple emptying of dirt compartment

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9. Hoover Max Extract 60 FH50220


Stains are going to be the stubborn nemesis who is always going to make your work hard no matter how much you want to minimize on cleaning time. FH50220 is going to take care of that with an edge to edge cleaning.

DualV nozzle technology and heated cleaning system are both going to give you the finest assurance for faster dry time so when there is water spilled on the floor, it can help speed up the drying process.

Exclusive spin scrub technology gently loosens dirt and cleans all sides of carpet and upholstery.

Why we love it:

We were looking for the best vacuum for stairs and Hoover just zoomed in because that’s what it does, cultivates the best qualities according to our needs and takes the place for anything beginning with best.


  • Great design
  • Easy Setup
  • Separate cleaning solution tank
  • Great hose length


  • The water tank is small for some
  • Fewer attachments

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10. Dirt Devil Hand Vac 2.0 SD12000


Another dirt devil making a strong comeback with motor driven high-speed brush roll for the fine continuous cleaning. Looks superb while doing the deed too.

One touch bottom dirt empty cup has a surefire way of making dirt disposal a lot more effective and greater without having to get tangled in mess and everything else that would make you shudder.

It’s the best vacuum for stairs because the lightweight design will guarantee 20-foot-long power cord.  This is a power pack that is a great buy when you think of stairs and power cleaning.

Why we love it:

dirt devil is making some amazing impression on us. It’s lightweight and compact design has optimized on the functionality rather than the shape and size of it.

Dirt cups are a drag to clean, dirt devil has got that worry out of the way and made that a lot easier for us.

Even if you have the ultimate weapon to fight dust, pet hair, stains on your stairs, you still need some more ammo for the A-OK shot. You have your best vacuum for stairs but the zest is missing. What is the zest you ask? It’s the sizzling guide to help you find your desired vacuum.


  • Effective size
  • Low price
  • Motor-driven brush roll
  • Reusable filter


  • Warranty period
  • The availability of the product

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 Considerations for The best vacuum for pet hair

1. Weight

You do not want to buy a 10-pound vacuum just because it gives you all the amazing features you had been waiting for. This should be kept in mind when you are out to buy a vacuum.

It’s plain and simple, you may think you have found the best vacuum for stairs, you get it but then it ends up not serving the purpose, why? Because it’s heavier than the impending guilt you may encounter afterward.

Weight does play an important factor so when you are considering to buy yourself a vacuum, check if it’s too heavy for you to lift it up. Now stick vacuums are always going to be light and portable too.

Although sticks are convenient, some prefer canister so that’s when the weight concerns the way in. Therefore, speculate features that are available with fewer weight issues.

2. Cords and Cordless

Cordless is impeccable for hassle-free cleaning. You can run it over horizontally, vertically even sometimes lift it up to clean ceilings. That is true for most lightweight, upright vacuums.

However, not all cannister is corded and all uprights are cordless. Makes sense? A minute of repeated reading of that line will clear the cloud. For stairs, cordless and cords are both great.

In case you are contemplating to buy a corded vacuum, it should have a long cord that reaches the top of the stairs if your power socket is down below. A standard 22-30 feet should be really handy.

When you do get a cordless one, it is absolutely the best choice to make for stairs cleaning but the battery runtime could spoil that. The longer the runtime, the more satisfying it will be.

Nonetheless, both of these will complement the best vacuum for stairs, whichever that may be according to you.

 3. Attachments

The cherry on the cake will always be the marvelous attachments which will reign on your paradise and make it an even more fascinating of an experience.

Most vacuums are loaded with stair friendly attachments for you to review and reconsider. There are long hoses which are usually 4-5 feet and makes a great difference when you clean while ascending or descending down the stairs.

More attachments are inclusive of pet hair brush for owners who have stairs and pets. Did that just almost blow your cool? It wouldn’t because best vacuums for stairs are designed to tackle those worries away.

While these are just a few of them, there are extension wands and crevice tool spares that is just the right amount of magic to nudge your fancy and get you clean while you dance to your favorite Jazz number.

When visiting retail outlets, you have the option to get up-close and personal with the salesman to let you show some great offers regarding complimentary attachments with the vacuum.

4. Price

Everyone is on a budget and budgets don’t always guarantee the best. It is okay to pay some extra greens when warranty will guarantee consumer satisfaction on the purchase.

The best vacuum for stairs won’t just be the best if it is not reasonable pricey. If you have personally generated a vacuum that has all your preference in it, chances are they will differ slightly above your range.

Some extra features also demand price functional, therefore, when you decide to make the investment, research some feedbacks, hold onto certain reviews that you have acquired, compare and contrast on social grounds.

Finally, withhold the need to get a vacuum right away if you see it has everything you want but it is expensive. It’s better to wait since consumer demand will have an impact on price.

In the end, if your next line was “it doesn’t even matter”, it’s high time to get your attention and say out loud to look out at discount or sale offers because it does and will matter. 


In the world of Sharks and Bissells, there are Hoovers and Eurekas too. So which do you choose as your best vacuum for stairs?

While everyone is silently debating and pining their votes, our verdict is favorable towards brilliant Shark Navigator NV356E.

Still have got your doubts? Seems justified. Maybe re-checking the list to find your top horse could help you with that. Good luck, because any buy from this list is your forerunner.

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