How to Vacuum Your House Properly & How Often Should You Vacuum

Vacuuming is not a rocket science that needs special skills to understand. However, it is not for the people who don’t understand the basic mechanism of using a machine either. How to vacuum or how often should you vacuum is an important question that must be answered.

Surely, our day to day activities do not create so much mess in the house that you need a machine to get rid of it, unless you have kids or pets in the house to create the mess. So, for the people who need a vacuum cleaner to clean the house, this is how it is done:

How To Vacuum Properly- Make Sure You Don’t Do It Wrong


Here are some of the tips that will help you in effective cleaning with a vacuum cleaner:

Don’t be Multi-directional

You have to be very careful about the directions in which you are vacuuming the house. It is important for you to make sure that you are not going in multiple directions while cleaning. When you use the cleaner in a single direction, it basically helps you in getting out every shred of dirt and particles from the followed path. At the same time when you go left and right with the vacuum cleaner, it might just leave the dirt behind.

You have to understand the mechanism of the cleaner and the way it is to be used. You can check out all the details and directions in the manual. It will help you in understanding how to handle the cleaner and which way to go for an effective cleaning. You can make choice of the direction by yourself but always ensure that you are not making an attempt to simultaneously clean the entire house.

People who are always in hurry don’t happen to extract best results. Vacuuming your house is a time consuming tasks. Perhaps this is the reason why people don’t take out their vacuum cleaners regularly and do it only once in a week.

Suppose you have to establish a plan for vacuuming your house, you will first have to focus on the areas that require mandatory cleaning. Areas such as carpets and furniture and rugs are the ones that gathers maximum amount of dirt. Therefore, it is important to create a plan.

Then you also must understand the fact that vacuuming is not a quick task. It might take some time. So, it is better to schedule the task on the day when you are free. You are also encouraged to make basic preparations such as checking the dirt bag, etc. before you plug the cord and switch on the vacuum.

The Right Usage Of the Tools

For different kinds of floors and other areas, there are different kinds of tools that are available with a vacuum cleaner. You need to know about the right usage of tools at the right time and right place. For example, the crevice tool is used to clean the edges and corners of the house. You can understand that the dust that accumulates in the corners of the house is the most difficult to extract out.

So, when you are learning how to vacuum your house properly, you must know that the corners can be best cleaned with the help of the crevice tool. Also, there are other tools that have a certain objective. Therefore, you need to understand the objective and use the respective tool for the same purpose.

Concentrate On The Carpet

Carpet is the most dust full area of the house that needs extra care and cleaning. Due to its fabric, the dirt and the dust stick inside it. It requires a high amount of suction to extract the dirt and pet hair out of it. The substantial dirt, allergens, debris and pet hair are the common things that you can find in a carpet.

There are different tools available with the vacuum for efficient cleaning. Since it is a common area, you can expect the manual to teach you with the instructions on carpet cleaning.

The bag has to be replaced soon after you find it covered with dirt in the proportion of one third. Maximum that you can take it or use it is up to 2/3rd of its capacity. The processing and the performance of the bag are hampered if it has reached its capacity.

Moreover, you will find the vacuum cleaner to start missing the debris and the dirt behind while you use it. If you have a bagless vacuum cleaner, then you need to keep an eye on the dirt tray inside it. Otherwise, you need to empty the dirt bag and after washing it, you need to replace the thing. This way, you not only ensure effective cleaning but your cleaner will also give fine performance.

Why Should You Vacuum Your House Frequently


In this niche, there are different reasons for different people. For the people who have pets in their house, a vacuum cleaner is an undeniable need. The pet hair gets stuck in the carpets and furniture and other areas of the house.

These are very difficult to extract out unless you are not using a vacuum cleaner. That is why, for people who have pets, a vacuum cleaner is a definite need. Other than that, if you like professional cleaning then you must have these vacuuming machines. The substantial dirt and dust that settles on different places in your house, these machines help in getting rid of them, leaving the environment breathable.

How Often Should You Vacuum

Well, it completely depends upon your need on how often should you vacuum your house. Most people keep it weekly since it is a time consuming task, you might need to schedule it on the weekend. If you know how to conventionally clean your house with a mob and duster then you can keep the vacuum cleaning occasional.

Its all about getting rid of the germs and allergens that shreds down from the environment every day. For the people who have pets in their house, it is suggested to keep your vacuum cleaner set ready for the routine cleaning. Rest of you can enjoy a small break.

Final Word

No wonder that vacuuming is highly laborious and time consuming. When you take out these hefty machines out from the box, your prime agenda is to utilize them the best. In an urge to use them right, you need to know how often should you vacuum.

Your hard work and time devotion shrinks when you use the vacuum cleaner weekly or on the routine basis. It’s because you keep your house updated and don’t feel the need to apply much efforts. So, learn the necessary details and work as per your requirement. Happy Vacuuming!