Dyson DC25 Review- Designed For Home With Pets

Launched in year 2008, Dyson DC25 is still ruling the market with its powerful and most resourceful features. By far I believe that this is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever come across. In this Dyson DC25 review I would like to share some of the facts about this product. I believe that it is a commendable model, specially manufactured for pet owners.

This model suits requirement of every household. However, it is specialized for the pet owners and helps them in many significant ways. It is usually said that with time things get replaced by their newer versions. But the demand and craze of DC25 is still there, in spite of the fact that there are multiple other vacuums are released by Dyson after this model.

It is quite a handy machine weighing 21.1 pounds. The dimensions of this model are: 11.5 x 11.5 x 39 inches. In terms of designs, outlook and enrichment of features, this model is simply invincible. I personally adore my vacuum for many reasons. It is detailed with latest and most powerful technology. Inevitably,  this model has done quite well among customers.

The Design- Every customer wants to collect maximum information about the design. Let’s dig deep into this section in this Dyson DC25 animal review and see what it is capable of:

Well guys, clearing from its name, it is an upright vacuum. There is a brush bar that is attached to the ball. The tools can easily be located on the right side of the vacuum. Here is the video that can help you in understanding how this model works.

Well, this machine doesn’t have those conventional wheels but it moves on the ball that rolls. The motor is situated in the large ball. It makes cleaning various surfaces quite simple for the user. In any way, the designing of this model is very smartly done.

Let’s now hit the next section of Dyson DC25 Ball Review and explore the features:

Root Cyclone Technology:

This product works on a mechanism of cyclonic separation which helps in easy separation of dirt from the platform. When the machine processes, the dust spirals down to the bin and the air makes its way out in the environment. This also save money that was to be used on dust bags as the debris directly reaches the bin rather than going into some dustbag.

Dyson Ball:

Rationally speaking, Dyson ball is the feature that makes Dyson products different from other brands. The movement of this ball is great and amazing in capturing dirt. The whole machine moves on a ball rather than having wheels. The ball is made up of plastic and it houses very powerful motor inside it. Also the ball gives great maneuverability to the machine, letting it go everywhere and clean all parts of the floor. The only disadvantage of ball system is that it is hard to insert under a bed for cleaning purposes.

Telescopic Reach Wand:

Another enticing feature of this model is the telescopic wand. It is situated inside the handle of the vacuum. The wand has 28 inches hollow piece of aluminium and it has flexible length. With the help of the wand, it becomes easy to lift and clean areas as bookshelves and drapes.

Suction Power:

Along with the cyclone technology, there is 11 amp motor that gives you powerful suction. It has 220 air watts of suction power. Well, in comparison to other models that are available in market and as per my personal experience I would say that this machine has brilliant suction power. Whatever fits to the hose will be instantly picked up by the machine when it comes in contact.

So these all are the brilliant features of this machine that will help you in better decision making.

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Here I am listing the pros of buying this model, take a look:

  • Amazing looks
  • New ball technology, suitable for cleaning of all kinds of surfaces
  • Amazing suction power
  • Great air filtration system
  • Brilliant in cleaning the edges
  • 15 feet long telescopic wand
  • Performs excellently on the carpets (Take a Visit to Best vacuums for carpet)


Here are some of the cons of this model that you need to know about:

  • It is a heavy machine and not ideal for drape cleaning
  • A little extra priced given its competitive models
  • Smaller dirt bin
  • The cord is short

Why Buy Dyson DC25?

In this segment of DC25 Dyson review, I would like to share some of the strongest aspects that will help you in making decision about this model. Let’s see:

This one is crafted with Dyson ball technology that is quite appreciative in many prospects. It has great maneuverability and fantastic range over the edges and everywhere else on the floor. This vacuum makes cleaning an extremely easy endeavor. The ball of the machine is fashioned with a very powerful motor. It is ideally designed for home usage. No matter how embedded the dirt is in the carpets and other areas of the house, it can be easily removed.

In order to catch allergens, this model comes with HEPA filter. The air that is expelled from the vacuum is least harmful. This machine is also certified as asthma friendly. It has the bin of 1/3 gallons that can be easily emptied. It comes with 5 years warranty that is excellent enough for any vacuum. You can fearlessly invest in this model and give a cleaner look to your house.

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 Dyson Dc25 Reviews And Ratings by Customers

Considering the stars that are scored by this product at Amazon, it is really something creditable. Users have rewarded this model with 4.5 stars and have shared some of the fantastic reviews about it as well. The most catching features that have been liked by all includes the most powerful suction, ball technology that rotates and takes away all the dirt and the 5 brilliant attachments that comes with it. Also its looks are something that cannot be avoided while you are praising the product. These all features make this vacuum one of the top products for pet hair.

Here is what customers are saying about this model and the most laudable section of my DC25 review:


I will definitely rate this vacuum as the top rated product in the category. By far I have used many vacuum cleaners and this is the one that I am most satisfied from. Its features are really creditable and something that speaks the words of appreciation by them. I give 5 stars to this vacuum and surely recommend it to all who are looking for the right machine.
This is the vacuum of my dreams. I used many models but was never satisfied. I am overwhelmed to buy this model as it has got all the essential features that I ever needed. Too good.
Vera Casdia

Frequently Asked Question

Ok, now let’s check out the FAQs that come to every mind on first reading about this product:

Is it under 5 years warranty by Dyson?
Yes, it is a Dyson product and comes with its assuring 5 years warranty. Anytime this product is troubling you, it is easy to call and ask for help from Dyson. They have very assuring and promising system and you will never regret getting associated with this brand.

Does the machine produce noise while operating?
With my personal experience I will say that yes this machine is quite noisy when it is extracting dirt or pet hair from the surface. When the area is cleaned and the machine is still in process, you can expect it creating less noise. It produces whining sound that is sometimes very annoying.

Is this product heavy enough to move around?
To your dismay, people are coming up with this complain that this model is pretty heavy and it becomes difficult for them to move it around. You can only position it at a certain location and use it. Once you are free from one location, you will have to make some efforts to move it to the other location.


So guys, I am at the end of Dyson DC25 review and would like to give you a quick recap about what was worth noticing in this model. It comes with ball technology that is best suitable for cleaning edges and bare floor with absolute ease. The motor can be found inside the ball and it is highly powerful motor that can be of great use.

Yes one thing that you might find a little dissatisfying in this model is the weight of the machine. But at the same time, considering other features, it is just a small adjustment that can be made.

The pricing is right, the features are enough, and all in all, it is a brilliant model to buy.