How to Clean Your Room Super Fast Following the Simple Checklist

Our lifestyle is very much reflected from the way our house looks. I remember going to my friend’s house and finding it really fascinating, even though it was a small apartment. I believe the only reason I found her house so attractive was the way it was interiorized and most importantly the cleanliness.

If you want people to appreciate your style of living then it is highly recommended to keep your living space neat and tidy. In this piece of content, I shall begin with how to clean your room.

Check-list of How to Clean Your Room Super Fast and Easy

A complete plan on how to clean your room will help you save your time and energy. Since cleaning is a routine chore, you won’t find it much troubling to get done with it super fast, if you have a check-list to follow. I am happy to share my checklist with you. Here we go:


  • You are recommended to start with The Bed
  • Since the clothes are scattered here and there in the room, I then concentrate on The Laundry
  • After that, its time to focus on The Random Stuff that is scattered in the room
  • You can also do some Dusting in the obvious as well as the confined areas of the room. With the dusting process, my vacuum cleaners helps me the best
  • You are now free with the major task so now you can head towards the Dressers and The Closet
  • It is also important to clean the Bookshelf. So next you need to schedule is the bookshelf
  • You might have the side table or a computer table in the room. Well, it is the time to focus on the Computer Table
  • If there is a carpet in your room then make sure of cleaning the Carpet with a vacuum cleaner
  • Last thing to do before summing up a complete cleaning session is to clean the Floor

So, here we go. This was a complete clean up list on how to clean your room fast. I will discuss about it in detail below.

Pre Cleaning Preparation


While you are learning on how to clean your room, it is quite significant for you to understand that before a total clean up, you need to prepare your room for it. It’s not that every day we spend long hours to undertake closet and computer table types articles of the room to clean.

These things enjoy occasional privilege to get cleaned up. Therefore, when you are planning for a complete room clean up, here are the pre cleaning preparations that you need to do.

  • 1. As I assimilate that cleaning can become a little dreary, you need to create the ambience of the room. You can either play music or listen to an audio book while getting your hands dirty
  • 2. For the adept cleaning, your room needs sufficient amount of light. Make sure you light the room well
  • 3. Creating a schedule always help. Follow the checklist above
  • 4. You cannot be much productive if you don’t know when to take a break
  • 5. It is better if you make targets, keeping in check with the time
  • 6. Schedule the cleaning when you don’t have anything very important to do in a day
  • 7. Go very slow
  • 8. Take one step at a time
  • 9. Keep your phone someplace else as it can be a distraction
  • 10. Arrange the storage boxes for the random stuff
  • 11. You cannot clean the room perfectly if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to arrange a Vacuum Cleaner before you begin
  • 12. Keep at trash can inside the room for the redundant stuff

Let’s Step into the Detail to Clean Your Room Like a Professional

So guys, if you are following my instruction then you must have read the check list above. What we are going to do in this section is that we are going to discuss about the steps on how to clean a room by targeting every location mentioned in the checklist:

The Bed:


Your bed is the place from where I encourage beginning. It can be done instantly and you will be away to shun away one task from your to-do list. Since it is the place where you spend maximum time while you are in your room, it needs to be treated with that level of significance.

You just need to remove the unwanted stuff from the bed and bring out a new bed sheet. Spread it on the bed and tuck it inside from the sides. Now you can place the pillows with replaced pillow covers and spread the blanket the way you like.

The Laundry:


We all have the habit of spreading our laundry in the room. You can usually witness a chair that is kept aside only to accommodate your daily wear clothes. This creates a lot of mess and looks appear pretty bad to the viewer. So, the next thing that you have to do is to pick up the laundry from all the nooks and corners of the room, fold it neatly and stack it where it belongs.

The clothes that you have worn a lot of times must be kept for the cleaning and the washed one need to be piled into the closet.

Random Stuff:


Other than the laundry, there are a lot of other stuffs that you can find scattered in the room. It could be your shoes lying aimlessly here and there or papers that you don’t want, etc. or the wrappers of sweets, those kinds of things. These things tags up and make a box full of litter that has to be disposed off in order to clean the room.

The stuff that is not disposable should be placed where it belongs or if you have redundant things lying around then you need to store them in the storage boxes.



Through the windows or the open door, the minute dust particles come inside and settle on all the areas of the room. These are clearly visible and look very bad. So, it is important to do some dusting tasks. You can either use a wet and a dry cloth for this. But, if you want professional cleaning then you must use a vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to easily swap away the dust first with the dry cloth and then wash the area with the wet cloth. You can repeat the session with one last course of dry cleaning at the end.

The Closet:


Throughout the week when you are in a hurry for the work, you never get a chance to maintain your closet effectively. The clothes are usually stacked in a poor position. It becomes a matter of life and death if you have something urgent to take out of your closet and there is a complete hassle inside.

So to clean the closet, you first have to empty it completely, fold all the clothes that you have, place the accessories like watches and other things that you wear in the drawers. You are encouraged to create different piles of clothes as per your routine needs. This will help you in locating stuff in your cupboard easily. Don’t forget to use dry and wet cloth to clean the shelves of the cupboard.



While creating a mess, we don’t think about the stuff that we are placing aimlessly inside the room. The bookshelf is also among those things in the room that not only accommodate the books but other random stuff like waste utensils, clothes, etc. are also found there.

Therefore, to clean the bookshelf, you have to remove all the books and other stuff from the shelf, wipe it off and rearrange the books. Make sure this time you only rearrange the books and not the other stuff that doesn’t belongs there.

Computer Table:


Computer table in the room immediately becomes a random table where you place all the extra stuff. So, we will start with the removal of unwanted stuff from the table. Then you have to wipe down the dirt from the table, ensuring that you don’t damage any part of the computer with the water. You have to restack the stuff at the table in a more arranged and sorted way.



You comb or take the outwear footwear inside the room or any guest walks into your room, the area that catches maximum dust is the carpet. You can never clean a carpet without using a vacuum cleaner. There are specialized vacuum cleaners available in the market that is specially made for the carpets. This might take some extra time but it is very essential for you to clean the carpet in order to clean the entire room.



So, at last we have to cover the floor. Well, you can do it in the conventional way where you use a broom to take away all the dust or you can always use a vacuum cleaner for the endeavor. This has to be followed by a wet swash of duster on the floor. For the areas where there are rigid strains, you can use a sponge and the cleaner to wash them off.

Final words

Cleaning of your living space is important not only to define your healthy and hygienic lifestyle but also to keep you from various health threats. As I mentioned above, a plan can help you with efficient cleaning and you need to work on a plan to reach where you desire.

I hope this checklist and steps above on how to clean your room fast have helped you in a major way. Please leave your comments below and I will be delighted to add your thoughts in the upcoming articles. Have fun cleaning!