Bdh2000l review-20-Volt Max Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vac

Black and Decker is well known for its wonderful products. And this time it has come up with a super flawless vacuum cleaner crafted specifically for dust clean up, crumbs and pet hair. Designed to perfection, this vacuum cleaner has all the features to impress you. It is a sleek looking product detailed with rotating slim nozzle and flip-up brush.

With its incredible suction power, this vacuum cleaner is the foremost choice of every household. It weighs 4 pounds and the size is 14.5 x 5.6 x 8.1 inches. This model is specially manufactured for house cleaning which makes it easy for you to get rid of pet hair. I have used this cleaner and pretty much satisfied with its flawless performance that I would highly recommend this product.

After having used this commendable vacuum cleaner, I would like to walk you through bdh2000l review to help you in taking a final decision on this model. It is a power-pack of brilliant designing, features, quality and fine looks.

Things to Consider before buying a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner is a onetime investment so you cannot take it casually. A lot of factors are there which need to be considered before buying a vacuum for household purpose. It is a machine to be used daily so it must fulfill your requirements. Let’s take a look on the design and features of this product: 

Design and Features of bdh2000l review

Design and features of a product are the most significant factors to consider. In this bdh2000l review, I would be mentioning the design of the product in detail so that you can make your purchase with complete satisfaction. The design of this vacuum cleaner is brilliant as it has been detailed with a built-in crevice tool and a flip-up brush. This feature makes it a perfect purchase for cleaning dust, pet hair and crumbs from the corners of your house. Equipped with long-lasting suction power, this model helps you deal with large messes all over the house. And the cyclonic action filtration system keeps dust and dirt away from the filter. Crafted with stylish designing, it can be placed in the rooms or dining areas as well. The machine is light to hold as it is a cordless vacuum so you can carry it along in any room to wipe off the dust and pet hair.

Here goes the list of features of bdh2000l:

Suction Control:

This model has wonderful suction power. The suction is so strong that it doesn’t leave any bit of dirt, crumbs or pet hair on the floor. It is a huge plus of this cleaner. It has the capability to clean large messes from the house by reaching to tight spaces as well.

Compact and Lightweight:

For those who are looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner, it is the best option. Equipped with easy carrying designing, this model is a great choice. Plus, it is handy and compact that you can store it anywhere you want without any mess.

Easy to Clean:

It has a washable filter and bowl which can be cleaned easily. The translucent bagless dirt bowl can be emptied in one go as you can see the dirt accumulated in it and clean it immediately. So get your hands on this vacuum cleaner for dust clean up and pet hair removal and don’t worry about its cleaning. Simply remove the bowl and wash it under running water in your sink area.


Like many other cleaners, this one is also equipped with multiple inclusions. It has long life lithium technology and smart charge facility. It only gets charged when required and the charge indicator light indicates you when the charging is complete. Variety of applications can be served with this vacuum cleaner as it has rotating slim nozzle to reach even the tight spaces. Plus, it comes with a flip-up brush and extendable crevice tool.

Brilliant for Hard Surface:

It is an excellent choice to clean hard surfaces, carpets, stairs and much more. Plus, it offers powerful and remarkable cleaning due to the strong suction power. It nicely picks the dirt and pet hair from every nook and corner of your house leaving the area crystal clear. Its performance on a hard surface is truly appreciating as it has brilliant built-in tools and settings.


Here goes the list of some pros of this model:

  • Good to clean hard surface, stairs and carpets.
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Comes with translucent bagless dirt bowl
  • Perfect for dust clean up and pet hair removal
  • Strong suction power for perfect cleaning
  • Reaches even to the tight spaces
  • Charge indicator light
  • Handy and lightweight
  • Flip-up brush is great for door panels, boards, and tiles


  • While charging, it sits on the charger vertically which occupies more shelf space
  • Quite noisy while working 


Well, now you have read the features of this model, I guess you must be aware of the performance as well. In one line, I can say is this model is easy to carry, use and manage. And that too at such an unbelievable price… This vacuum cleaner comes with a flip-up brush, crevice tool, bagless dirt bowl, rotating slim nozzle and washable filter. These features make the performance of this product flawless as it can reach to the tight spaces to suck pet hair and dirt from there.

The bagless dirt bowl is translucent making you see inside it and empty the bag when required. Plus, it is a cordless cleaner which can be carried anywhere and you can clean your car as well. The crevice tool is perfectly designed and works great. 

Purposes this BDH2000L Serves

Well, BDH2000L is an ideal multipurpose vacuum cleaner. This machine has the tendency to swash away pet hair as well as any kind of substantial dirt from every place it is exposed to. You can use this machine to clean houses, carpets, remove pet hair and clean automobile. As I mentioned, it is a multipurpose machine that helps you with complete cleanup.

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Bdh2000l Reviews by customer

This model has received a lot of appreciation across the world due to the remarkable features it offers. The performance is awesome on hard surfaces, carpets, and stairs. Plus, it is a great model in cleaning dust and pet hair which are quite annoying if spread in the whole house or your car. If we compare this model with other models, it will get more credit due to the price and versatility.

Take a look at some of the worth-reading reviews of this vacuum:

Truly mind-blowing. I ordered this model a week ago and it just works great. I never had an idea that it would have this much strong suction power but it justifies the point. It is like a charm. It cleans easily and incredibly and cleaning it is also easy and fast. I just had to remove the bowl and put it under running water. And here it goes. 

First of all, I was a bit hesitant about the price. But then I read some of the reviews and thought of buying it. So I ordered the product. And believe me, it is a commendable product. You won’t have to regret your purchase as it has 20-volt lithium battery. Just take it out of the box and it is ready to use. It cleaned my house and car so well that I simply love it. Highly recommended product. – Mama Taney

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the battery be removed?

No, it is already built-in.

What is the stability when it is on charging mode?

 The vacuum sits on the charger in a vertical position with total stability and the performance is good.

Does it come with replacement filters?

Replacement filters can be bought according to the choice. It depends upon the type of filter that came with the product. Some models come with VF110 FC filter while some have a VF110 filter. So you can then buy the filter which you want to. These are easily cleanable with a brush and have long life existence. Plus, the filter can be washed off if required.


Overall, it is a good product at such a price. I hope this bdh2000l review will help you in making a final purchase. It is a nice product with almost all the features which are must to be in the vacuum cleaner. Get ready to clean your house or car by removing all the pet hair and dust from the nooks and corners. I would highly recommend this model to everyone who has pets in their house. Just read this bdh2000l review again and try it once for sure.

Happy shopping!!