Shark nv752 review-Powered Lift-Away TruePet Vacuum

Shark nv752 review shows that this very vacuum cleaner unanimously rank tops for truepet canister vacuum cleaners. It comes with an unheard of 7-years warranty. This vacuum beast features a rotator truepet powered lift-way; means if you are cleaning up after a pet this baby sucks up everything!

The power is crazy strong!

The price is right and the attachments are designed with ergonomic technicality – so you never have to worry about not finding a use for each one of them.

The fact that it’s custom built for pet owners tells you here’s never going to be an issue with running out of steam. If this Shark can suck up pesky little pet hairs, your household dust and dirt won’t stand a chance.

Another specialty of this beauty is the extra-large capacity dust compartment; enables you to vacuum longer before you’ve got to simply detach, empty, and click back in again to get some more vacuuming done.

This Shark nv752 review will make you believe that this is a Top notch vacuum power you can trust!

Shark nv752 in Use.

Who should buy this power-sucker on wheels? 

  • Stay at home moms
  • Busy families
  • Cottage owners
  • City slickers
  • Business owners
  • Cleaning companies
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Taverns
  • Estate houses
  • Colleges

Here are some of the Key Features of  Shark nv752

Key Feature One

It really is all about the powerful suction when it comes to vacuums.The crazy powerful suction on this Shark canister vacuum really is a highlight. This newest rotator model sucks at 270 AW; so it’s cheaper and better than the Dyson DC65. You get all the cleaning power you need with this top model Shark Power Lift-Away TruePet Vacuum. And there are many different models on the market so make sure you grab the right one!

Key Feature Two

It’s the small details that count when you are searching for your perfect fit vacuum cleaner. The dust storage on this vacuum unit is also worth the mention. Most canister vacuum cleaners have standard storage of under .75 gallons. With the Shark you get a whopping 0.825 gallons, larger than most uprights, and certainly loads bigger than the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball.

An awesome feature that lets you go longer before you’ve got to dump the dirt and reset for another round.

Key Feature Three

The filtration system on this upright vacuum cleaner is top notch. Both the rotator nv652 has HEPA filtration, and the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, ensures you are getting your floors truly clean, and not just spreading all the dirt and dust around like many other vacuums.

With this environmentally-friendly design you are rest assured the dirt you suck up stays sucked up; it never scoots back out onto your floors or gets spewed into the air with this elite filtration technology.

Key Feature Four

Something to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner is the weight of it. If you have any sort of physical limitation you’ve got to seriously consider what amount of weight you can handle when you’re vacuuming. Although not the lowest, the Shark comes in at just over 15 pounds, which is below industry average for a vacuum of this size and power.

So it’s still a positive feature to consider.

Key Feature Five

We can’t forget to mention all the strategically designed and very useful accessories that come standard with this TruePet Vacuum. It really doesn’t matter where your pet hair is hiding because this vacuum will seek it out. There’s a quick release wand, hard floor cleaning tool, rotator brush for deep down pet dirt, regular power brush, 2-in-1 for fine dusting, and a regular dusting brush. More than you’ll ever need when it comes to quality cleaning.

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  • Handle is ergonomically designed
  • Lift-away feature very useful
  • 7 year warranty is excellent
  • The price is cost-effective – a true value
  • User-friendly
  • Excellent customer relations


  • Some strings get caught in rotator brush
  • Weight is a little more than some vacs
  • Cord has to be manually wrapped up

Shark nv752 Reviews by  some happy Customers

Shark nv752 Reviews by  some happy Customers

“I bought my shark last year just before Christmas and I love it. Finally a vacuum that picks up all the cat hair around my house.”
Glady Beaty
“I gave my step-son a shark when he moved into his condo downtown. When I asked him how he liked it he told me he never knew what clean carpets were until I gave him this vacuum. He has 2 St. Bernard’s, so there’s a lot of hair in his place. I highly recommend this for pet owners.”
Tessy Pickard
“The only reason I bought this vacuum was because it was on sale. I had never heard of the Shark brand before I bought it. And I’m truly happy I did. It’s easy to use and even getting it up and down my Persian rug stairs isn’t a problem for me. Definitely affordable for just about anyone. I’m glad I bought mine.”
Johnny D.
“This is a tough little vacuum. I’ve dropped mine down the stairs numerous times and it still works like a charm. That does it for me. I recommend this vacuum cleaner for sure.”
Andy Dick
“I really like the extra-long handle and versatility of this Shark TruePet. My last vacuum was really short and I was always having to bend over and that buggered my back up. That’s why I love my Shark!”
Ester Osler
“My dad got me one of these vacuums when I moved in with my girlfriend. She didn’t really appreciate the fact I tried to give it to her as a gift but she really likes it now. We have a cat and a dog and you wouldn’t believe the amount of hair all over the place. This vacuum sucks it right up with no fuss. It’s a big heavy for her but she needs to build some muscle anyway; don’t tell her I said that please. Good vacuum if you have pets.”
 Arnold Swhartz
“I’m not sure I’d buy another one of these Shark canister vacuum cleaners because I would like more power. But both my sister and mom love theirs. Not the fault of the vacuum for sure because it’s a great vacuum for the money, for sure. I just prefer a bigger one. I’ll still recommend it though because my mom and sister do A LOT more vacuuming than I do!”
Chelsey J.



 Is there really a 7-year warranty on this vacuum? I read that in a shark nv752 review and just want to be sure.

What you read is true. Shark stands buy this vacuum and shows the world with an incredible 7-year warranty. Good luck finding that with any other vacuum cleaner!

 How long is the stretch hose?

It’s 7 feet long; which is seriously long for the standard vacuum. With that you get the ergonomic grip that makes it comfortable for your hand start to finish of your vacuuming. The hose is a feature many customers really like.

 I’ve heard this model is too much money, is this true?

Well cost is always subjective. Yes this Shark is a little bit more than some of the other models but the performance and design makes up for that tenfold. Let’s just say you get a whole lot of vacuum for the money. That’s the truth.

Editor’s view on Shark nv752 review

Pet Lovers Dream come True

Calling all seriously devout pet owners! If you are looking for a top notch vacuum cleaner that makes sure no pet hair or dander is left behind, the Shark is your solution.

Very few vacuums on the market have the suck power, tools, and longevity of this Shark vacuum cleaner. You never have to worry about finding the proper attachment because every attachment you could ever want comes with this positive Shark nv752 TruePet vacuum.

It’s a quiet vacuum for the size and relatively light; just heavy enough to make sure it adheres securely with the surface you’re looking to suck dry.

Have a look at the reviews about best vacuum for stairs if there’s still doubt in your noggin.

For many this Shark Power Lift-Away TruePet Vacuum is a dream come true.

Time for you to turn your dream into reality with this cleaning device and let us know what you love best!

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Final Words

You really can’t go wrong with the Shark TruePet Vacuum cleaner. The popular lift-away action makes sure ALL dirt, dust, and pet dander get sucked up for good. It’s been designed with comfort in mind and the handle is custom made to ensure a smooth non-stress grip.

Shark nv752 reviews highlight the fact this Shark is powerful for the price, something I definitely agree with. This isn’t a light-weight vacuum but it’s not going to break your arm off either. The weight is perfect for the design and the suck action is superior.

The top-rated vacuum cleaner for pet owners that are serious about getting their house deep down clean.

You can grab yours here.