Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog Review- Ultimate Pet hair Vac.

Miele has always come up with the most fantastic range of vacuum cleaners in the market. Today I am going to discuss Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog Review where I will be stating every bit of information that will help you in building a right sort of knowledge about this product.

This brand has credibility that make it’s every launch is a brilliant hit in the market. I have used Dynamic U1 cat and dog vacuum cleaner and I must say that it is simply amazing. There are many new aspects in this model that cannot be found in the former launches of Miele.

The newest feature that has been incorporated in this product is Active clean filter with charcoal cassettes. This features help in neutralizing bad odor. Other than that, this model is an influx of great features and brilliant looks. It is also a compact machine that can be stored anywhere in the house.


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This product is commendably designed and best for domestic usage. You cannot find a competitive product for this one that can stamp out pet hair so brilliantly. It is designed with 1500W upright cleaner. Also this machine has 6 liters dust bag that can accommodate enough dust and pet hair. It is a highly versatile machine and has outstanding cleaning power. Also this machine helps in removing odor from the house. This is possible due to the large Hyclean U dust bags that have charcoal filtration that helps you in getting rid of allergens and bad odors.

Let’s go ahead in this Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog Review and discover its features:


Miele u1 Cat and Dog Features at a glance

Swivel Neck Technology:

For the domestic vacuums, the first requirement that is seen in every machine is of maneuverability. It is important to see if the machine can reach various segments of the house and give a perfect cleaning. This machine has swivel neck technology due to which this model can give you invincible maneuverability. It can easily pivot around chair legs and also reach under the low base furnishings. This technology can only be found in Miele products and it ensures reach to every area of the house.

Auto Height Adjustment:

In this machine, you can find a feature of electro brush. This helps in contouring the floor. It automatically adjusts according to various types of floors. Also it helps in auto adjusting the height and assimilates the type of floor. Whether it is carpet or bare floor, the adjustment is done and suction is provided differently to different types of floors. This helps in cleaning the surface gently by removing dirt, allergens and pet hair.

Active Air Clean Filter:

In the houses where there are pets, it becomes quite imperative to have a check on the odor. There is Active Air Clean Filter with a combination of Air clean technology. There are active charcoal cassettes that keep the odor of allergens and pets in check. Basically the odor is neutralized and absorbed which is why the house doesn’t smell bad at all. It is a perfect feature for all the pet owners as it can help them phenomenally in maintaining their living space.

STB 101 Mini Turbo Brush:

We often come across this troublesome decision of whether or not using the vacuum on the cut carpets or delicate upholstery. Well, with the usage of this machine, it can be fixed. This tool is not only ideal for the delicate upholstery but it is also perfect to clean heavily trafficked stairs. It can easily suck out deeply embedded pet hair and allergens from the carpets and delicate furnishings. It is indeed the USP of this product.

LED Light:

Not all machines have LED light system crafted at the front of the machine to illuminate the area that is to be cleaned. This feature also helps in efficient cleaning even when it’s dark. The machine is equipped with quality LED lights situated right at the front base of the vacuum. It helps in illuminating the area that is to be cleaned.

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Highlighting the perks that you can enjoy on buying this product, take a look at the pros below:

  • Very powerful and variable suction that sucks in all the dirt
  • An outstanding machine for pet hair
  • Long cable for maximum reach
  • Brilliant in carpet cleaning (Take a look on the best vacuum cleaners for carpet)
  • Equally well performing on floor cleaning
  • Telescopic wand
  • Various on-board tools
  • Huge bagged upright cleaning
  • Odor filter


Let’s also take a look at some of the drawbacks of this machine:

  • Bit heavy in weight
  • Huge power use
  • Pricey

Why Buy Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog?

Well if you ask me, I have plenty of reasons to buy this model. It is time to discuss the reasons that help you in decision making. Read the Miele U1 Cat and Dog Review further and find out the reasons that support purchase of this model.

This model has got a very impressive new feature of active air clean filter. This filter neutralizes the bad odor of the house by absorbing it. The mini turbo brush is ideal for vacuuming on delicate upholstery. The maneuver of this machine is also great as it can help in cleaning the narrow areas of the house easily.

The swivel neck technology of the machine is also great for cleaning low base furniture items. This model automatically adjusts according to the height of various types of floors. It has spring roller brush that helps in auto adjustments. That is why there is also no loss of the suction.

This product has got many rich qualities that can persuade you to buy it. Take a look and make up your mind.

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Miele U1 Cat and Dog Customer Reviews And Ratings

In terms of customer ratings and acceptance, this model has done quite a great job in fact it is one of the best vacuum cleaners for per hair. Talking about the Amazon score, this model has been ranked as 4.7 stars. Customers are quite appreciating every quality of this machine. Different variables of this model have got great feedback. Customers have liked suction power, input power, dust capacity, special features, filtration system, usability, etc. of this machine. All in all, it is a commendable product launched in market by Miele.

Best vacuum ever as it maneuvers easily, it has great reach and it is terrifically crafted. I am overwhelmed to have it in my life. Ever since I bought it, this little machine has changed my way of cleaning exceptionally. There are various automatic features that help me a lot in easy cleaning.
Farm Chick
Highly satisfied with the performance of this machine. I really wish I would have bought this product long time back from now. It is a great product and quite appreciated. It works the best on dog hair. Earlier I was annoyed with the former models I used that they literally failed in extracting dog hair. But this one is a great machine. Miele Rocks!  
Karl M

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Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that you can check to increase your know-how about this model:

Well, as per the manual and my personal usage, this model is a little heavy. It becomes difficult to move it from one place to the other. And no, this model is not portable. If you want to take it from one place to another, you need to put in a lot of strength.

To your dismay, there is no reset button in this machine. But you can always find a time indicator button that alerts you about the time when the machine needs servicing. On overheating or any kind of problem, the machine shuts down automatically.

There are only suction control settings in the product. Most of us leave the suction on maximum when we are cleaning bare floors. These settings can be done for height adjustments. However it is auto adjusted. But for the manual usage, the settings can be used.


On concluding Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog Review, I would only say that this product has got the richest assortment of noticeable features. It might seems to be a little heavy on your pocket but once you will compare it with the features, it will never look more demanding cost wise. Unlike other models, this one has got amazing LED lights. Miele has done a lot of work on influencing the looks of this machine. It has got brilliant suction power, input power, usability, dust capacity, etc. that makes this machine a perfect purchase.


So guys, this is the product that you cannot afford to miss. If you have a requirement to upgrade the vacuum of your house, this is the product where your search ends.