5 Ways to Declutter Your Office Space

We all know how frustrating it can be to work in an office area that is messy and cluttered. It takes twice as long to find what you need to accomplish each task and if you have potential customers or colleagues coming to your office, it just gives a bad first impression. We’ve put together 5 ways to declutter your office space to help you present a more professional image and be more productive.

Sort Everything First

Get three containers or boxes and label them clearly as Trash, Donate, Keep. Start with your desk and sort everything into those three boxes. When you are finished and your desk is clear, empty the trash box into the trash, put the Keep items onto your desk or into another container that you can set aside. Go through everything piled on shelves, the top of filing cabinets, or the floor and sort them into the three boxes. Dump the trash box as needed. Empty the Donate box into a larger container or a garbage bag in the trunk of your car. Keep items should be put on your desk or in one corner of the room.

Go Digital to Eliminate Paper Clutter

Progress is priceless when it comes to getting rid of paper clutter. Go through your keep items and scan or otherwise make digital copies of all the paper and documents. Receipts can be scanned and saved in a folder on the cloud or server storage labeled tax receipts. Warranties and instruction booklets for office equipment can be scanned and then stored all in one folder. Once you’ve eliminated your paper clutter, you should be able to do away with at least some of your filing cabinets or file boxes. You just won’t need all that storage space for paper anymore.

Organize Your Keep Items

Now that all you have left is your keep items, and you’ve digitized your paper clutter, your office should be looking pretty bare. Go through the keep items and decide which items you use most often and which you use less frequently. Items that you use every day should be on your desk or in a top drawer of your desk. Items you need to reference less than once a week can be on a shelf or in a cabinet. Items you use or reference multiple times a week can go in the lower drawers of your desk.

Thoroughly Clean Your Office

Now that your office is bare, it’s a good time to give it a thorough cleaning. In fact, it’s a great time to bring in a company such as Evolve Office Cleaning to come in and do a thorough cleaning of your office. Once everything is sparkling, schedule regular office cleanings to maintain that professional office look and feel for your potential customers.

Create a System for Incoming Items

One of the final ways to declutter your office is to create a system for incoming items so that you can keep your office from getting cluttered again. In many cases, a simple system of flat baskets, labeled with action needed will do the trick. Add scan paper items into your digital files as a task on your office calendar a couple times per week to keep paper from piling up. By using these 5 ways to declutter your office, you will continue to present a professional image to your potential customers and you will experience increased productivity too!

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