7 Ways to Make Your House Stay Clean Longer

Keeping your home tidy and spotless for longer than six hours can be difficult especially if you have kids and pets. There’s no magic or secrets of achieving a full-day spotless home, however, there are tips that will hopefully keep you and your home more organized and cleaned for as long as possible. Read on to get started:

Invest in a laundry basket

In the modern world, a laundry basket can be used for an array of household chores that will keep your home fresh, organized and tidy – all day long. This basket is quite portable and you can tuck it under your arm as you walk room to room, throwing all the irrelevant items- from misplaced socks, toys to food wastes. If you’ve enough of muddy shoes blocking the mudroom door, you can use this basket to help contain the problem. You can also place your toddler in the basket and allow for peaceful playtime as you handle the house chores.

Give out unused or unnecessary items

If you have some old toys in the sitting room that no longer serve the purpose; it’s time to let them go. Consider giving it out or displacing them completely. The more junk stuff you have in your home, the more time you spend cleaning and trying to keep them in order. Old clothing, decorations, and furniture should be removed from the living spaces for a fresher look. Moreover, call a house cleaning company for completely deep cleaning your home if you find that there are lots of cluttered.

Make good use of the HVAC

Most homeowners don’t know the right humidity levels that should be maintained in their living spaces. Too much moisture creates a perfect environment for dust mites while too little moisture boosts the degree of static electricity which causes dust particles to stick on surfaces. The right humidity level should be between 40 to 50 percent.

Keep the cleaning supplies at convenient points

To avoid the mantra of “general cleanliness” which rarely happens, it’s important to tuck cleaning essentials in inconspicuous places such as; paper towels in a bathroom closet and a dust-cloth in a deck-drawer. This hygienic arrangement will motivate you to clean such places instantly when you’re there.

Choose your pets wisely

If you’re a pet lover and looking forward to adopting one in the near future, it’s important to consider the type or breed before making up your mind. Some dog breeds for example; the German shepherd has hairs that can stick to the couch or carpet. If you’re running out of options; you should learn to brush the pets outdoors.

Every Family member to play a part

This will not only train them to be disciplined but also, they’ll give you a hand in handling some of the chores. By turning the cleaning into a group effort, you get a lot more done in less time besides teaching your kids some art of responsibility.

Designate everyone a drawer

Every member of the family should have some space to keep their own stuff; be it in the kitchen, dining room or sitting room. This will make sure that personal belonging is well kept after use. This reduces the amount of stuff you’ll have to pick up later and hence keeping your home clean at all times.

House cleaning isn’t always an easy task for everyone. It takes more a tactical plan and proper organization to achieve that spotless and uncluttered look. With the above 7 tips, you can rest assured that your living space would remain clean for a longer time.

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