How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Tile Floors

I understand how difficult it can be to maintain a clean floor especially when you have a busy family.

When everything in the house including the pets is busy dirtying your floor. We have different types of floors back in our homes. You may be having a carpeted floor while I have a tiled floor.

It all depends on your preference. Now, believe me, these two types of floors will always have different difficulties in cleaning. Vacuuming is one of the best-preferred means of cleaning floors in organizations and in homes as well.

There are still other means of cleaning the floors but vacuuming is perfect and faster compared to the rest.  Any vacuum can typically clean any floor but there are those specific models that will perfectly do the task.

Do you wonder how to get the best vacuum for your tile floor? It’s time to cease your worries.

After an extensive research on vacuums and several evaluations on different vacuums performances on tiled floors, I was able to understand the features and performances of the best vacuums for tile floors.

If you have been facing troubles with choosing the best vacuum for your tiled floor, here is a well-compiled list of tips to help you pick the best vacuum for your tile floor. 

What to look out for when choosing the best vacuum for tile floors

Choosing the best vacuum for your tile floor will not be a usual task at all. There certain specific factors that you should put into consideration. Certain things that you should look out for in a model you choose to settle on.

These factors include the following.

  • 1. The type of tile flooring:

This is quite crucial to consider every time you decide to get a vacuum for your tile floor. Different tile floors have different qualities. When I talk about quality here, I simply mean the ability of the tile floor to resist dirt. Basically, there are those tile floors that are perfectly able to resist dirt. Others do not. For instance, tile floors with a glazed finish will always resist dirt.

On the other hand, there are those tile floors that have a coating to improve their smoothness. Mark you, smooth floors are easy to clean and do not attract dirt whatsoever. The only drawback for glazed tiles is that they are vulnerable to scratching.

Remember the smoother the floor the easier the cleaning. This means unglazed tiles will cost you much effort to clean compared to glazed tile floors.

  • 2. Steam cleaning:

A simple floor vacuuming will not be enough for your tile floor. For a deeper cleaning, you need to do something more on top of vacuuming and scrubbing. To be precise, a mere vacuuming will not kill any bacteria on your floor. Therefore, it is wise to consider doing the steam cleaning. Steam will surely help in killing the bacteria. Consider getting something that allows steam cleaning.

  • 3. Ease of operation:

This is quite obvious. Who goes for the most difficult machine to operate? None of course unless otherwise. Consider getting a vacuum that will promote ease of operation.

In this case, go for a vacuum long enough to help you avoid bending during vacuuming. Vacuums with attachments will do well for you in case you need to reach certain hidden areas like the parts around the tables and couches.

  • 4. Brush roll on and Off feature:

A good vacuum will always have a roll on and off feature. In this case, you will be able to choose either to switch the machine on or off depending on what you need at that particular time.

This feature helps quite a lot in cases of cleaning large debris. With such a vacuum, the cleaning will be perfect and without dirt being scattered all over the place like it is with motorized vacuum brushes.

  • 5. Grout Size:

The crevices between the tiles promote dirt concentration in them. In some floors, the grouts are bigger and deeper while in others the grouts are shallower.

You should always know that the deeper/lager the grout, the more the dirt concentration. Cleaning such grouts are tough to clean. It only takes a stronger vacuum to clean such areas.

Nevertheless, consider using vinegar together with baking soda for an excellent stain elimination.

  • 6. Vacuum price quality:

It’s wise to consider the price of any product you plan to purchase. I always say that price does not necessarily determine the quality of a product. Not even during the batter trading era.

It’s always important to confirm your budget limits before buying the item. There is no sense in purchasing an expensive vacuum worth a thousand dollars and later on fail to clear your household bills – it makes no sense at all.

Be wise enough and get something that you can pay for comfortably. Do not settle for fake nonsense though? The fact that price doesn’t determine the quality of a product doesn’t permit you to buy a fake vacuum.

  • 7. Type that has excellent performance:

There are specific vacuum models that will perfectly serve you. For tiled floors, I would confidently recommend stick and canister vacuums. Upright vacuums will do perfectly also. These three types have enough length for a comfortable cleaning posture.

Lengthy vacuums do not require bending form the users for vacuuming exercise. You can operate them while you stand upright. You don’t have to strain your spine in the name of vacuuming.

Get something that is comfortable enough to work with. To add this, such kind of vacuums are perfect for large-scale cleaning.

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