Pro Tips on How to Vacuum Clean Without Mistakes

Who doesn’t want to have a neat and clean house? It is not only needed for you and your loved ones to stay fit and healthy. But at the same time, it will also make you feel all fresh.

Now in order to make sure that you are running a very tight housekeeping, you will need a good vacuum cleaner. At the same time, you will have to know how to operate it properly.

No matter how easy vacuuming may sound; this indeed requires some skills. If you know some simple tricks your life can be much easier when it comes to using a vacuum cleaner.

The good thing is- the modern vacuum cleaners come with a wide range of features. These options allow us to operate the machine in different floor types and conditions.

If you have pets in your house, there are specialized vacuum cleaners to collect the pet furs and what not. If you are not a big fan of all those buzzing noises, there are certain models that produce considerably less noise.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the right techniques to follow. No matter how many features your vacuum comes with, it will be of no use if you are not following the right technique. 

So let’s learn how to vacuum your place properly.

Useful Tips to Use Your Vacuum Cleaner Properly

How to vacuum clean your home properly

1. Attach an Extension Cord with your Machine

Plugging in the vacuum cleaner while vacuuming the room may sound all too simple. But when you are planning to clean a larger place, this might be a challenge.

The solution is- using an extension cord with your vacuum cleaner so that you don’t have to unplug and replug it all the time. This will also help you to get done with the cleaning much faster.

2. Deodorize the Carpet

Sprinkle the deodorizing powder all over your carpet and let it sit for up to fifteen minutes. Then vacuum the carpet as usual.

This way you are keeping your house clean. At the same time, a nice, refreshing fragrance of the deodorizer will spread in every corner of your house. So in a way you are doing two tasks at a time.

3. Make sure that your Vacuum is Clean

You are running the cleaning machine each and every day. So naturally, your cleaning buddy will get a bit dirty.

Make sure that you are cleaning the vacuum cleaner properly once you are done using it. Otherwise your entire afford will go in vain.

Always remember, your vacuum cleaner is fighting all the dirt and debris that are piling up in every corner of the room. So it does require some maintaining. Otherwise, the next time you use it for cleaning, it will do more harm than good.

4. Vacuum the High Traffic Areas on a Regular Basis

This will make your life much easier. While it is important to clean the entire house regularly, there are certain parts of your premises that need more attention than others.

High traffic areas are the paths that are always being used by you and others who live in the house. The path from the entrance to the living room is one of the high traffic areas.

Also the path from the living room to the dining space and the corridor between the bedrooms. If you keep these high traffic paths clean, your battle against dust and debris will be a half won. 

There are certain low traffic areas that you don’t really have to vacuum so frequently. For instance, the guest room, under the furniture and inside the closet.

5. Dust Before Vacuuming

This will make your cleaning far more effective. Dust the furniture with a microfiber cloth (make sure that this is all damp). Before you vacuum the curtains, shake them so that the dust will loosen up.

6. Prepare the Room First before Vacuuming

If you are planning to vacuum the living room and there are toys and everything else lying on the floor, time to put them back where they belong. This will help you to vacuum faster.

Some Common Vacuum Cleaning Mistakes

vacuum cleaning mistakes not to do

You might be vacuuming your house for many years now. But did you know that there are some common mistakes that most people do while using a vacuum cleaner?

Learning about these mistakes is going to save you a lot of troubles. This will also increase your efficiency as a “dirt terminator” dramatically.

So let’s see what are these common vacuuming mistakes that you should take into consideration.

1. Not Cleaning the Vacuum before Using

Many people make this mistake when it comes to using a vacuum cleaner- leaving the dirt cup or bag unclean. This will reduce your vacuum’s capacity to store the debris.

At the same time, if you are dumping more dirt into the bag than its capacity, in the long run, your vacuum will need serious maintenance work.

2. Using the Wrong Vacuum for the Wrong Floor

There are different kinds of vacuum cleaners available in the market for different types of floors. Some are good for carpet cleaning; some are designed to clean the wooden floor.

There are some models that come with multiple floor cleaning options. However, some are specialized to clean a certain type of floor. Using a wooden floor cleaning vacuum on your carpet will not do you any good.

So before buying your vacuum, make sure that the model you are choosing does have the ability to clean the type of floor on which you are going to use it.

3. Using the Vacuum on Water

The most common vacuum cleaner models that we use are not designed to clear water. Trying to do that can damage your machine pretty badly.

Even if your vacuum is not damaged, the dirtbag will turn into a big mess with the other debris getting soaked with water. So avoid vacuuming water if your model is not designed for that.

If you think you will need to use a vacuum to clean the wet kitchen floor, buy one that has the ability to do so. There are models that specialize in sucking up water from the floor.

4. Vacuuming with a Dirty Filter

This is another common mistake that most people do. Running the vacuum cleaner too long without cleaning the filter.

So if you think your vacuum is not giving you enough suction power, check with the filter. Clean it up and your vacuum will be right in business.

5. Leaving the Attachments Unused

Your vacuum cleaner comes with several attachments. They are designed to make your cleaning experience better.

You will find crevices tools as well as dusting brushes that are provided with the package to make cleaning more effective for you.

A very common mistake made by most users is that they do not utilize the attachments properly. At the end of the day, this only leaves them with less effective cleaners.

6. Rewinding the Retractable Cord without Guiding it to the Reel

This is another very common mistake made by many vacuum users. They retract the cord without guiding it properly.

If you don’t hold the cord with your hands and rewind, the cord can go off the track. When it happens, you will need to call for service. A cost that you can easily avoid by simply guiding the cord carefully.

Now you must be wondering how you can know if you are doing something wrong while vacuuming. Well, the answer is quite obvious; your house will not be clean enough. 

However, there are some specific sings that you can look for to be sure. I am listing them down here:

  • There are dark lines visible on the carpet near the base of the walls
  • Your house seems to get too dusty too often
  • You are left with dirty socks when you walk through the floor wearing them
  • There is a distinct smell in your house that is usually found in old houses (and your house is quite new)
  • The spots where you keep the furniture seems to have a different color (you will notice them when you move your furniture)
  • The high-traffic paths on your carpet seem to have a darker shade than other parts 

If these signs are visible in your house then you need to seriously think about what you are doing wrong. Just follow the right vacuuming approach and you will be just fine. 


One thing is for sure, as far as maintaining a house is concerned, your vacuum cleaner is going to be your best friend. So make sure that you are buying one that will meet your needs.

Carefully go through the manual and learn about the features that come with your vacuum cleaner. If you have pets in your house, your machine should have the ability to collect the animal hairs from every corner of your room.

Identify the heavy traffic paths inside your house and give extra focus to those while vacuuming. This may look a bit too laborious at the beginning but you will be left with a neat and clean house.

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