7 Effective Tips on How to Vacuum Your Car

Children can bring in sudden terrifying dirt or mess in your car. Yesterday my son conspired to detonate a glitter bomb in my car. Yeah, why not? As a result, my car became his ride straight out of the fairyland.

Just like any other parent, it was my duty now to clean up the mess. I wanted to teach him a lesson and so I thought of cleaning the whole thing by myself instead of sending it to a cleaning service.

So, I did a little research on how to clean a car at home. I thought that I should share this knowledge with others so that they can handle car dirt by themselves.

Thus, here is your guide to vacuum a car. 

1. Select Tools Precisely

Tools matter very much in vacuuming cars. The most important tool is the car vacuum cleaner. Select the wrong one and you will be done. Your cleaner should be powerful and mobile. Try to avoid bagged cleaners.

Handheld or cordless vacuum cleaners will help you to reach the most difficult corners of your car. To get the best vacuum cleaner for your car you can do a bit research on the internet. Other than this, you can get these items too.

  • Appropriate sized cleaning wands
  • Crevice tools
  • Brushes (For dusting)
  • An accessory hose (Bendable)

If these come with the vacuum then you don’t have to buy these. If not then you should consider buying these. Without these getting a professional cleaning would be difficult. 

2. Rubbish Removing Time

Once you get your tools it is time to jump into the cleaning. Start by cleaning the door pockets, holder and the floor. Remove large items or wastes and put those in a bag for tossing. This part can be easily avoided if you have a car trash can.

You can get the best car trash cans by choosing from car trash can review. Your car will look a bit cleaner once you remove the trash and personal belongings.

3. Dealing with Floor Mats and Door Jambs

Many cars have floor mats. If your car has one then do not think of vacuuming around it. Take the floor mats off the car. This will make your car floor cleaning process a lot smoother and easier.

Sometimes the door jambs get scratches while cleaning. To avoid that, you can put old towels on it. In this way, your hose will not damage the door jamb paint. 

4. Bye Loose Dirt

This is the first vacuuming that you are doing. Use any type of attachments or no attachments for this. Vacuum the carpet, noose, pedals etc.

Basically, vacuum any place where can reach without any struggle. To reach under the seat, you can use extenders. Areas like floor pedals, console etc. require smaller attachments. 

5. Brush out Stubborn Dirt

After your primary vacuuming is done, start using the brush. Your car might seem cleaner than before but there is more cleaning to do. There is dirt trapped in the fibers. You need to bring this dirt out of the fiber. For this you need brushes.

Do not start brushing with some testing. Some brushes are found to be harmful to the carpet fiber. Pick a brush and use it in a sample area. If you see that the carpet fiber is getting removed by the brush then switch to a different brush.

Start testing with a fine brass brush. If that does not work then try out stiff carpet brush. Remove dirt from the area the vacuum cannot reach. Take the dirt to an area where your vacuum cleaner can reach later. 

6. Vacuum the Brushed-up Dirt

Now, as you have the brushed-up dirt, you can vacuum it. Use a low-profile head for this. You can use the soft bristle brush at this point to remove dust from your seat folds, the panel seems and some special nooks.

Now, do the vacuuming once again. If you are using a bristle brush then move it to tighter seams. Do it because there is a high chance that dirt is hiding in those spots. 

7. Dirt Under the Seats

One might think that there is no need to clean under the seats as it is invisible. Well, that is true but if you do not clean under the seats then other areas will get dirty in no time. As a result, your whole cleaning will be fruitless.

So, you need to clean under the seats properly. To do this, you can try to move your seat forward and backward. Move the seat forward to clean the space at back and vice versa. 

Extra Car Cleaning Tips 

  • Start cleaning section by section. This is told to be the best method to vacuum clean a car. Also, properly finish one section before moving to another.
  • If your car carpet has bad odor then try to remove it. Sprinkle freshener or use baking soda. After sprinkling the freshener, allow it to settle for a few minutes. Then start with the vacuuming.
  • Avoid plugging in vacuums in your car. This way your cleaner might not get enough power and the cleaning might get hampered.
  • If you have dogs or cats then there might be pet hairs on your car. Use a vacuum cleaner with revolving brush to clean pet hair.
  • If you are concerned about your leather seat then you can use a leather conditioner. But before that remove dust from your leather seat by using an upholstery brush. Then you can apply a leather conditioner. This hinders the dust to break into pores.
  • Use upholstery brush with soft bristles to clean dirt from your ceiling. You should not avoid this area as it collects a big amount of dirt. 

Bottom Line

Cleaning a car on your own is hard. But I can bet no one will clean your car with more care than you. Also, doing things like this evoke a feeling of pleasure inside one. I found out this by cleaning my car.

So, try out this method to vacuum clean your car and make it brand new.

Good luck with the cleaning!

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