Dyson DC40 Animal Review- Pet Hair Doesn’t Stand A Chance

Dyson DC40 Animal Review- Pet Hair Doesn’t Stand A Chance

Talking about the Dyson products, DC40 is the name that will surely come forward among the range of best vacuum cleaners. Among the best range of products by this brand, DC40 is the least expensive and high performing model available in the market for routine usage. It is an ideally engineered masterpiece to get rid of annoying pet hair from every nook and corner of the house. Incorporated with fine looks and a precise shape, this model has rocked the market. Pricing is done keeping in mind so that it can be afforded by every buyer.

In this Dyson DC40 Animal Review, you will get to understand about all the shining and dark points about this product. It is a perfect upright vacuum which is suitable for every household that has pets. There is surely no denying to the fact that there is a great competition for this model, considering its price but DC40 has proved to be the best among all. It ensures great performance and amazing quality. All I can say is that it is the full value of your money spent.

Design And Features Dyson DC40 Animal

Features are the heart of every product that makes it what it is. Dyson DC40 has the rich collection of amazing features that make it stand out in performance and credibility. Now in Dyson DC40 Animal Review, we will discuss the features and designing of this product. It is a sleek machine very light in weight. A classic combination of purple and orange is used in crafting the outer demeanor of this model. It is a smart looking machine that you can keep anywhere in the house without fear that it will tarnish the appeal of your living space.

This machine has 0.42-gallon removable dustbin and an extension hose that reaches the areas that cannot be reached easily. Let’s proceed and take a look at the list of features of this model:

Radial Root Cyclone Technology:

Often we come across the trouble of losing suction. Well, this machine keeps the loss of suction due to radial root cyclone technology. The machine captures the allergens and cleaner air is expelled. The suction power is high at the cleaner head. For best contact, the cleaner head adjusts itself with various surfaces. In this way, it helps and removes dirt from any kind of floor or carpets, especially the highly embedded pet hair.

Ball Technology:

This machine is equipped with ball technology. Now you must be wondering about the advantages of this technology and how it helps the user. With the help of this technology, the machine simply turns on the spot and sucks up all the dirt. It becomes convenient to target corners and spaces that are beyond the reach of a hand. There are certain components of the ball that makes it easy to steer.

Multipurpose Cleaner Plates:

The cleaner head of the machine has an active base plate. It is best in self-adjustment depending upon the floor to floor. While you use the machine on the hard floor, the plate lowers and creates a seal that is quite efficient. To protect delicate floors from harsh cleaning, the brush bar lifts. On the other hand, when the carpet is to be cleaned, the brush bar lowers and base plate rise from the level. It results in removing pet hair and dirt from the depth of the carpet. The cleaner head adjusts itself automatically. That is why it saves you from the trouble of bending and making adjustments manually.

Multi Turbine Head:

It is never easy to eradicate pet hair from upholstery or other confined spaces. For this purpose, the multi-turbine head helps in excluding the pet hair that is not within reach. Also, this machine has a long wand to give you ease of cleaning without reaching on various corners of the house.

Additional Tools:

The product comes with various delightful tools that can be used brilliantly. There are combination tool and stair tool that you can find tagged with the machine. The combination tool has a debris nozzle that helps in dusting. The stair tool is used to target vertical corners in the stairs and removes the dirt.

So, guys, this product has many amazing features that make it a brilliant purchase for your house.


What are the catches of this model that makes it worth buying? Well, here is the list of justification:

  • Very easy to assemble the parts
  • Noiseless machine
  • Works on all kinds of surfaces and remove dirt and pet hair efficiently
  • Easy maneuver over the furniture and narrow areas of the house
  • Large bin to collect extra dirt
  • Bin can be emptied easily
  • Filter is washable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Huge warranty period of 5 years

This machine is rich in aspects that make it a brilliant purchase.


  • Air performance declines on using additional attachments
  • Hard to remove embedded dirt from the carpet

Why Buy Dyson DC40 Animal?

Every product is followed by a list of perks that buyer can get out of it. Well, speaking of this model, it has many highlights that can entice your interest. Moving on to this segment of the Dyson DC40 Animal Review, let’s take a look at the points that make this product worth your money.

By far, this is the best vacuum for dog hair that has proved its credibility to the customers. Other than that, there are various accessories that can be found tagged up with the product. These accessories include a wand, an operating manual, mini turbine head, combination tool, stair tools, product registration card, etc. It also comes with the warranty of 5 years that makes it even safe to buy.

It is fashioned with high power suction that can suck out dirt from any kind of floor. Due to the ball technology, the maneuver of this machine is really amazing. It rolls on very efficiently on the furniture and cleans it with complete ease. This machine is idyllically made for the households with pets as it specializes in the removal of pet hair.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

Before I take you to the next level of the Dyson DC40 Animal Review, it will be better if we discuss how current buyers like this model. It has been rewarded with 4 stars and some pretty resourceful comments by the users. Let’s peek-a-boo on what people are saying about this machine:

  • “Just Two Words- MUST BUY” is a very helpful review shared by one of the proud customers at Amazon. Maggiemay says that this model is a great purchase. It works brilliantly on carpets as I have them spread all over in my house. After buying a DC40, I am quite satisfied and my house looks tidier than ever. Also, this wonder machine works brilliantly on pet hair and sucks them out from every corner of the house.
  • It is an amazing machine. I am highly satisfied with the performance and I give it 5 stars. I have been using this machine for quite a long time now and have never dismayed on my decision of buying it. Very good in performance and a cleaning friend for routine usage. I am genuinely very pleased with this machine and recommend it to all the buyers that are looking for upgrading their vacuum cleaner. By Jenny Prestan

What all can I find in the box other than the cleaner? 

Well, when you open the box, you will discover DC40 animal vacuum cleaner, a manual, a guide, a wand, mini turbine head, combination tool, stair tool, product registration card, etc.

What is the capacity of the Clear bin?

The clear bin is in upright shape. It has the capacity of 1.6 liters and can accommodate enough dust that can be emptied in a go. It weighs 6.7 kg which makes it huge in capacity.

What is the weight of this machine?

According to the manual that you get with the machine, it weighs 6.57 kg. This makes it a portable and lightweight machine to use.

Is it better than other Dyson models?

Dyson is a highly reputed name so this brand has manufactured various products that are worth buying. It is a brilliantly crafted machine, better than many of the kind.


Dyson DC40 is a perfect example of a budget-friendly and highly skilled vacuum cleaner in the market. If the question- what is the best vacuum for pet hair whirling in your head and you are unable to find a solution then allow me to enlighten you with an appropriate option. DC40 is great in pricing and very helpful for the users. I have used it myself and must say that it is sheer proud for Dyson Company. It has many interest catching features that will help you in making an instant decision about this model. You can take a brief look at the features section in order to assimilate the strengths and capabilities of this model.

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