Best Vacuum for Shag Carpet – Reviews & Buying Guide

While most of you may have a Eureka moment thinking shag carpets belonged to Shaggy from Scooby Doo, I can assure it has no such connection.

If you are, however, wondering about the origin of a shag carpet, it is actually derived from Old English “sceacga” translating to beard. Big shocker there! However, it does feel soothing and relaxing.

While the sensation is worth the money, your love for shag carpets needs care and attention thus, you do need to scout for the best vacuum for shag carpets and what else can better help than this well-researched list?

Also, maintenance of your shag carpet could be challenging especially when you have pets, thus, glide through this list to choose the best vacuum for shag carpets.

           Best Vacuums for High Pile Carpet Our Picks

    1. Miele Complete C3 for Soft Carpet

Miele Complete C3 for Soft CarpetOverview:

Nothing is going to go the extra mile than your C3 with its adjustable suction control that you can manipulate with a footswitch pedal. This feature will allow you to control the fate of your carpet and keep it soft.

If you aren’t convinced this is the best vacuum for shag carpets, then it’s 5 stage adjustable height is sure going to change your mind on that. It also comes with and full-size electric power brush.

HEPA filter is going to do what it does best, give you cleaner air and make sure those dust particles do not escape and roam freely, making your work a lot easier and breathable.

Why we love it:

The cherry on the topping is the revolving brush, pair that with wheels which has a clean 360-degree smooth swivel, and you have the perfect recipe to maintain that beautiful shag carpet.

Miele is going to make your list every time you think of shag carpets and the best vacuum for shag carpet because the features are eye-catching.


  • Quality
  • Five high adjustable brush
  • Easy maneuver
  • Compatible with soft and shag carpets


  • Pricey
  • Technical glitch with the electro brush

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2. Shark Navigator NV42 – Best Vacuum for High Pile Carpet


NV 42 screams power with its powerful motor which ensures continuous suction power for the starting till finish so you don’t have to stop mid-way and deal with unnecessary temper fits.

Shark made the list for the best vacuum for high pile carpet because it is portable and that readily means NV 42 is lightweight. Your work just got a lot easier on a daily basis.

Dust capacity is a plus one as you can contain more dirt and dust, while you enjoy dusting brush and crevice tool included in the package. Best vacuum for shag carpet is looking very dandy.

Why we love it:

The design and its features have made us go crazy because it is indeed worth your money. There is no arguing that your carpet is in the safe custody of NV42.

Also, the suction power is the highlight of the product. Work in peace and without involuntary breaks from your vacuum.    


  • Great budget
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful motor
  • Ease of use


  • Efficiency concerns
  • No swivel steering

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 3. Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum 


As one of the best vacuums for shag carpet, it prioritizes on the necessity, with its adjustable vent system, Soniclean will be soft on your carpet and keep its original shag and cushion like feel as original as ever.

This is backed-up by soft nylon brush-roll bristles that will run gently on your carpet and not pluck those carpet strands off while you vacuum your shag carpet.

Large front wheels, 200 sonic vibrations per second and direct-air paramagnetic motor are some superior features to ensure great suction and professional cleaning touch on your carpet, keeping it evergreen.

Why we love it:

We don’t think we can find ourselves being dissatisfied anytime soon with this remarkable creation.

Our love for shag will last for the long run and with this product at hand, we are going to marvel at the suction power. The outlook of Soniclean looks rad and stylish too.   


  • Quality Assurance
  • Sonic Technology
  • Light
  • Great externals


  • Considered expensive
  • Functionality limitations

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4. Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum


Convenience has attracted goodwill from Arthritis Foundation which gives this the title to be considered as one of the best vacuums for shag carpets. On/off switch located on the handgrip strengthens the claim.

Clogging and jams are minimized with v-belt resist slippage and circuit breaker. This will make cleaning a lot easier as not a long time has to be allocated to tend to clog inconvenience.

The filtration system will make sure of cleaner hands and eliminate the necessity to get your hands dirty as you can easily dispose of the content with the disposable bag feature. Neat right?

Why we love it:

U2000R1 gets our need for hygiene and comfort this the on/off button and the disposal bag has got us screaming sweet all over.

This is a luxury we sure won’t pass and would tell you to give it a consideration because U2000R1 is going to be someone’s best vacuum for high pile carpet.


  • Long Cord
  • Double helix brush strips
  • The inner bag is disposable
  • Easy maintenance


  • Compatible mostly on commercial pile carpet
  • Lacks adjustment features

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5. Oreck LW100Best Vacuum for Shag Carpet


For those with a bigger radius to cover, the 30foot cord will be sure to take off the requirement, giving you fewer stops and a consistent cleaning spree.

Adjustable speed will be a great plus when working with different carpets and rugs; high for carpets and love for shag carpets or plush rugs.

HEPA filters are responsible for clean filtrated air, grabbing allergens and taking care of pollen, mold and dust concerns.

Oreck has that sleek finish from durable magnesium, so this had to make the list for the best vacuum for shag carpets.

Why we love it:

Just take a thorough look at it, it is the Brad Pitt of vacuums. The sleek finish, the suave speed control, how can one resist from buying this beauty?

If you aren’t sold yet, the image is most likely to make you sing can’t take my eyes off you!


  • Vacuum is lightweight
  • Long Cord
  • HEPA filters
  • Sleek design


  • No attachments
  • Long cord adds weight


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6. Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus UH70120


It isn’t a surprise to see Hoover making the list for the best vacuum for shag carpets as it serves you with WindTunnel technology and quality HEPA filtration system.

WindTunnel assures you deep cleanse of stubborn debris and dirt that is embedded deep in the carpet, making it cleaner and refining hygiene concerns surrounding your carpet.

No-scuff bumper, a 25-foot retractable power cord, extension wand, crevice tool, the 8-inch stretch hose will just help you get down to business with no compromise at once.

Why we love it:

No one can ignore Hoovers features that have been dedicatedly input to give users the cleaning experience they always required.

Our best quality pick for this product is the WindTunnel technology that is actively responding to pick up dirt and debris as it works its way through stubborn agents.


  • Powerful suction
  • Compatible with different carpet thickness
  • Easy to operate
  • Complimentary attachments and functionality


  • Comparatively bulky
  • Differentiation amongst available color

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7. Bissell Zing Rewind Bagless Canister Vacuum


This is absolutely the perfect fit for those who consider bagless vacuums to be the best vacuum for shag carpets. Even without a bag, built in cyclonic and powerful suction option will woe you with a thorough cleaning.

The hose is convenient at 4 feet 8 inches, giving you the upper hand to work your way as you clean your entire house. This comes with air flow regulator, dirt cup, crevice tool/ dusting brush.

Bissell is not done surprising you since you have yet to discover their three-stage filtration system and multi-surface cleaning for a quality cleaning experience.

Why we love it:

Three stage filtration system and multi-surface cleaning are all we need to go and get this now for ourselves.

Through air filtration and easy transition from carpet to floor and vice versa will assure you maximized convenience.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy
  • Good ergonomics


  • Basic
  • Flimsy and may topple over while the use

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8. Panasonic MC-CL945 Plush Pro 


While Panasonic thrives on a different forte, it did remarkably on their vacuum to make this list of best vacuums for shag carpet.

This is compact and lightweight, resolving your storage concerns and amplifying mobility. Now you can relax without having much hassle on space as it doesn’t take much of it.

It’s low on the noise despite having a powerful 12-amp motor, so what it will maximize is on the suction capability rather than annoy you with the gear noise when in operation.

Finally, air infusion and jet force technology will be sure to rid you of any unwanted dust particle leaving behind an uncluttered and elegant impression.

Why we love it:

This handy helper is posh in its own may and is sure going to make our lives a lot easier too.

We can’t help but marvel at the newest technology associated with this little beauty right here. Now you can work without noise burden and have amazing suction from the jet force technology


  • Easy maneuver
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Paired with attachments
  • Bagless


  • The nozzle doesn’t attach to the unit
  • Stiff wheels concerns

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9. Electrolux EL4335B Corded Ultra Flex Canister Vacuum


How cool is to have a vacuum that responds to motion control? Well, you can find that out with Electrolux. This made the list for the best vacuum for shag carpet as it is technologically advanced.

On/off brush roll switch will let you work according to your preference and in context, to the surface, you are working on. 3 level height adjustment is going to go hand in hand with the aforementioned functionality.

HEPA filtration and adjustable suction power will awe you as you witness cleaner carpet and refined air with Electrolux on the go

Why we love it:

It is not every day you bring home something that has motion control built in it.

If it’s not for cleaning, you are sure not going to be bored with this feature. While you clean your house, you can take a break and go whacky and explore the feature, you just need a bit of an imagination.


  • Motion control
  • 3 level adjustable brush
  • Adjustable suction prevention
  • Great for deep cleaning


  • Small dirty capacity
  • Occasional technical glitches

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10. Maytag M1200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner


If one motor was not enough, then two is the way to go and that is what Maytag is about. Dual intake system reassures two motors are engaged to clean carpets and bare floor for that spotless touch.

6 stage filtrations are equipped with HEPA and odor absorbing charcoal. This is sure to purify your surrounding and curtail those nuisances of a dust particle floating around freely.

Versatility is at it’s best with 6 height adjustment option, LED headlight, 35 long cord, onboard tools. Talk about double or nothing.

Why we love it:

We are going to go ahead and scream Hip Hip HEPA because the filtration system here with odor elimination technology is just caught us off-guard.

The 6 position height adjustment made us dizzy with all the probably flexibility that we are about to experience. Best vacuum for shag carpet alert! 


  • Six height settings
  • Six stage HEPA filtration
  • Two motors
  • Efficient


  • Sort of heavy
  • Height adjustment difficulty

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Considerations for the Best Vacuum for Shag Carpet

There are a lot of vacuum models available and while you may question which to buy, you might want to extend and ask which is the best vacuum for shag carpets.

We realize shag carpets need vacuums that complement cleaning, therefore, the following key points are your savior.

1. shapes and sizes

Yes, it is true that your conquest for the best vacuum for shag carpets comes in different size and shapes, types and other varieties. While this could be daunting, let’s all have a lovely cup of jasmine tea and answer the necessities.

First, what is your requirement? If you are looking for quick and easy, upright is your friend but if you want versatility on a budget then canisters are your safe bet.

Second, what do you need your vacuum for? Again, some may prefer an all-rounder or might look specifically for shag carpets so do look into it.

While you answer those, bring in factors such as hand-held, cords weight that will help you narrow down the preference. These can save your time and also from a wild goose chase.

Finally, when you get down on the battlefield, consider the size and shape which feels like your calling. While uprights can be your all-rounder, the handheld is lightweight and canisters are the perfect go-between 

2. Brush-roll and functionality

In your pursuit for the best vacuum for shag carpet, do bear in mind of the brush-roll and how well are their functionality. Inside of your vacuum, it will be equipped with a brush or rollers with a different disposition and are the important aspect of your vacuum.

Brush-roll configuration makes a remarkable difference in your cleaning and if your brush roll is equipped with a full motorized brush then it’s your lucky buy.

In correlation to that, your vacuum’s brush may have small brushes around the edge to trap and collect any debris. This is where you need to verify if your purchase is carpet friendly or will be a hassle to work with.

It is undoubtedly necessary to be on the lookout for commendable features when you would consider for shag carpets and usually the suction quality steps in to influence your choice.

In all honesty, what you should be on the lookout for are brush or rollers that don’t get tangled and are easy to let loose while the suction power glides through smoothly.

3. HEPA filtration

While shag carpets are your favorite fabric in the house because it feels “oh so royalty” it does house a range of harmful dust particles, strands of hair, dirt, and morsels of dried up food leftovers.

If you are a cleaning enthusiast and need the perfect clean then those mentioned above can be an absolute nightmare to you. This is where your need for the best vacuum for shag carpets amplifies.

Most vacuums now are provided with HEPA filtration and they do safeguard you while cleaning, making sure those particles don’t escape back into the air.

HEPA filtration will have no such shenanigans on their watch so they are designed to filter out these particles ensuring cleaner air for you to breath.

Thus, you should be opting for HEPA filtration system as shag carpets would comprise of more dust particles than anywhere in your house, thus, HEPA filtration all the way.

4. Venting

This is probably what you are doing as your brain has gone haywire from finding the best vacuum for shag carpets. However, let your vacuum be the one to vent and cool off while at work.

This is simple mechanics, stay with us as things are about to get all science and nerdy. Your vacuum design has to be modified in ways to make sure the head does not block and suction isn’t disturbed with.

When your vacuum drifts on a hard floor, there is enough space on the opening to let air flow pass but shag carpets are a whole different story. The bushy surface drags down the head interfering with venting and air flow.

In this context, if you need a smooth surf over your shag do look out for a vacuum that has extra venting. With that, you can maneuver however you like it to your heart’s content without losing your head or cool.


While shags are a desirable form of a flat, cushy throne, it needs to be paired with the best vacuum for shag carpets. That’s right, we are talking about our personal recommendation.

In the lights of this event, our best pick, without a doubt is Miele complete C3.

Having your shag at tip-top shape will eventually become a necessity, therefore, bring home your best pick from the list because the only form of the tangle that you need is the movie and not from your precious carpet

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