Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair – Reviews & Buying Guide

If your family consists of four-legged, fleecy, whiskered pets then it must mean one thing; loads of pet hair scattered about.  

Yes, pet lovers will never move past the fact that pet hair lying around here and there is their biggest pet peeve. The last thing you need to ponder over is how to rid them once and for all.

In times like this, you need a trusty and convenient cleaner to save the day. What do I have in mind? A cordless vacuum for pet hair to engulf all that hair strand in style.

If you have been racking your brain for the best considerations, then look no further because we have handpicked 10 best cordless vacuums to draw away those pesky pet hairs.

Best Cordless Vacuums for Pet Hair – Our Picks 

1. Dyson Cyclone V10

Dyson Cyclone V10Overview:

When you consider for the best cordless vacuum for pet hair, Dyson is sure to make the list. This is their latest model, that has redefined revolutionary.

The V10 requires 3.5 hours charge time before use giving you a solid 60 minutes run time. You are bound to be blown away with their suction capacity and V10’s motor head which will tend to largest of debris out there.

Additional features are the filtration system resulting in cleaner air and let’s not forget this can easily convert to hand-held.

This version of Dyson will also run stiff nylon bristles with ease into carpets for better cleaning experience and suction for pet hair.

Why we love it:

It has everything that you can’t neglect even if you want to.

It’s lightweight, handheld, cordless that gives you a full 60-minute run time and better yet, it doesn’t compromise with cleaning. Dyson seems to be off to a good star


  • Perfect for carpets and floors
  • Sensors notify blockages
  • Can be used as a handheld
  • Battery power is only consumed while cleaning 


  • Expensive
  • Only 10 minutes on turbo mode

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2. Hoover Linx BH50010 – best cordless vacuum for pet hair

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010Overview:

Hoover Linx BH50010 is your gladiator vacuum because it’s furnished WindTunnel Technology to ensure quality cleaning. This powerful machine will surely be gentle with their edge cleaning bristles.

When buying BH50010, you are getting a fade-free lithium-ion battery system.

The design of it ensures flexibility can be maintained whether you want to reach the furthest corner of your ceiling or any other hard to reach places with extreme recline handle.

Hoover Linx, one of the best cordless vacuums for pet hair, will provide with multi-floor cleaning that won’t disappoint you when you plan on cleaning carpets or floors and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Also, be amazed by its fuel gauge system that indicates the remaining battery life so never again do you have to find yourself stopping halfway suddenly and wonder what happened.

Why we love it:

This is perfect for most of us who wants to get the cleaning done as fast as possible and inconvenience.

Edge cleaning bristle and WindTunnel Technology will maximize quality cleaning and should do the job on a lazy Sunday.


  • Quality suction is available
  • Steer and maneuver with ease
  • Reach high areas comfortably
  • Refined cleaning and suction with WindTunnel Technology


  • Pet hair clogging concerns
  • Pins may come loose

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3. Black+Decker BDH2000FL 20

Black+Decker BDH2000FL 20


While Black+Decker has reasons to make the list for best cordless vacuums for pet hair, what stood out are the 4ft hose and the strong suction power.

Moreover, the LED light will blink to notify charging activity at the same time will use 25 percent less energy.Black+Decker isn’t just lightweight, but masters flexibility and all the while claiming to be fade free for 18 months.

Although it thrives after 5 hours of charge with a run time of 15-30 minutes, it’s 3 stage filtration system and the transparent, bagless canister will surely make up for it.

Why we love it:

We are sold for the sheer fact that it comes with a pet hair tool.

The lightweight, cordless vac made it to our list and our hearts because of the 4 foot, flexible hose to enhance convenience regarding sofas, chairs and any other places in the house that may have been a nuisance to clean till now.


  • Weighs around 4 pounds
  • Has 2 attachments, brush/crevice, and pet hair tool
  • Filter is washable
  • Minimum noise     


  • Limited dirt capacity
  • No replacement battery
  • Emptying canister could be difficult

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 4. Bosch Athlet BCH6PETGB

Bosch Athlet BCH6PETGB


Cleaning will become a lot easier and thorough with this beauty. This is already designed as one of the best cordless vacuum for pet hair as its nozzle is administered to work with pesky pet hair.

Furthermore, you won’t have any complaints from the 60-minute runtime Bosch Athlet has to offer after a shorter charge time. While we are at it, this requires minimum maintenance and understands the need for convenience and cleaning.

This seems like the cordless pro one should call for when pet hair doesn’t seem to reside without a fight.

Why we love it:

Bosch is downright great for all floor types and is already devised for pet hair.  

When buying a cordless vacuum, Bosch comes to mind because it arguably has a good run time. This is a must-have when you want the best cordless vacuum for pet hair.


  • Great performance for all floor types
  • 60 minutes runtime
  • Built-in power levels
  • Upright and has a nozzle for pet hair    


  • Less suitable for furniture
  • Handheld may not be convenient

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5. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Bissell Pet Hair EraserOverview:

Pet hair will be everywhere in your home and it is ideal when you want to combat exactly that; pet hair. Your Bissell Vac is an excellent consideration since they have a one-year warranty.

It makes it more noteworthy with the telescoping extension wand to assure the perfect amount of cleaning that you want.

This is not all from Bissell pet hair, as its motorized brush is reassuring for its powerful suction and will be sure to wipe away and cleanse pet hair.

Bissell’s crevice tool will assist to reach any hard places, giving you a great cleaning experience.

Why we love it:

Major shout out for the dual filtration system because this is going to make things a lot easier, especially abate clogging concerns.

Pet hair is already a mess, in times like this next to no clogging will become a boon as the best cordless vacuum for pet hair.


  • Dual filtration system
  • Easy to empty the dirt bin
  • Crevice tool to reach hard places
  • Upholstery tool for easy clean     


  • Battery life may prove to be dissatisfactory
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty cleaning

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6. Gtech Pro Hygienic Bagged Cordless Hand Held Vacuum

Gtech Pro Hygienic Bagged Cordless Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner & 10 Gtech Pro Hygienic BagsOverview:

G-tech Pro, a great consideration for the best cordless vacuum for pet hair, comes equipped with 2 bags, keeping the user’s convenience in mind.

Powered by 22V lithium-ion battery and charging time reduced to 4 hours, it serves you 20-40 minutes of continuous cleaning.

On the plus side, these hygienic bags are constructed to make sure effortless disposal of debris and dust into the garbage can, making sure unnecessary maintenance is eliminated.

Speaking of dust, G-tech is furnished with 1.5 liters of dust capacity lasting from 1-3 months before requiring a change. Go G-tech Pro!

Why we love it:

Lightweight design warrants for 1.4kg when changed to the handheld.

This can pass for both handheld or a floor vacuum. G-tech pro catches your eye as you marvel at the battery life. A perfect catch as the best cordless vacuum for pet hair.


  • Great ergonomics
  • Laudable battery life
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Powerful     


  • Premium price
  • Two bags included

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7. Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum 

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum 


Dyson V7 competently glided through our list as it amazed us with its creditable suction power.

There are other Dyson models which are frowned upon but as this comes with 6 minutes of fade-free power, this is your ultimate, best cordless vacuum for pet hair.

V7 highlights an Instant release trigger meaning your consumption is only limited to when you are actually using the cleaner.

V7’s 30 minutes runtime will leave no room for complaints while it requires a 3.5 hours standard charge time.

Dyson has made a stance for its sleek design useful for pet owners. Its bin volume comprises up to 0.14-gallon amplifying pet hair storage while cleaning.

Why we love it:

Dyson got some real love because of its quick charge time. While other cleaners do take long hours to charge, Dyson does take the lead here.

V7 compliments the suction power with its well-endowed runtime as it leaves a spotless, hairless and furless floor.


  • Praiseworthy filter system
  • Quick charge time
  • Marvelous suction power
  • Compatible for any floor type    


  • Costly
  • Requires assembly 

8. Numatic HVB160 Cordless Henry

Numatic HVB160 Cordless HenryOverview:

While you get an inanimate cleaning partner with those cute eyes and a smile, this as one of your best cordless vacuum for pet hair is packed with two 36 volt batteries.

This simply means your charge time is close to 3.5 hours with an amazing run time of 30 minutes.

The Henry Cordless has two settings installed according to your cleaning demands. On high, expect it to clean for a good 20 min and on low 30 is the charm.
Henry also makes it worth your while with its low battery indicator and HEPA filters. As the nozzle tends to be longer, your cleaning reach becomes too.

Why we love it:

As much as the goofy smile got us slain with overloaded cuteness, it’s runtime got us by surprise. This cordless, cylinder type may be a tad bit bulky, but satisfaction is the word you are looking for.


  • Sleek design
  • Easy to use
  • Retractable Cord
  • Powerful performance   


  • Bulky
  • Not fit when convenience is a factor

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9. Cleva Joey 18V Cordless Vacuum

Cleva Joey 18V Cordless VacuumOverview:

This is a rather smart consideration with it’s Samsung Lithium-ion battery, a 30 minutes runtime is guaranteed. You will also have a great time switching from upright to the detachable handheld.

It requires a proper 5 hour charge time on paper but tends to be speedy when used.

Additionally, it is equipped with a HEPA 13 filter fit for capturing allergens and other dust particles, cleansing the air for you while you clean debris and pet hair in comfort.

Although the main features have already been talked upon, the 2-year guarantee stresses Cleva to be on the list.

Why we love it:

We recommend this gear as a best cordless vacuum for pet hair because it will prove to be a great buy when you need to have a quick clean let’s say during the festive season.

It also fits anywhere in the corner of your house so space wouldn’t a problem.


  • Commendable suction power
  • Detachable handheld
  • Light to navigate dust and dirt
  • Decent dust size compartment     


  • Flimsy touch controls
  • Not suitable for large flats.

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10. Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum CleanerOverview:

Frequently packed with additional battery and car kit on every purchase, the pet power brush is absolutely complimentary.

This model can convert to handheld and will bend to clean under furniture that isn’t necessarily easy to clean.

Further, into its flex ology technology, this will easily bend whether it’s your couch or your bed, the model will efficiently do what it is designed to do, clean and clean really good. Pretty great for your best cordless vacuum for pet hair, isn’t it?

Moreover, it does require a minimum set up time since its appropriate for Shark’s upright models to undergo some simple assembly. All in All, it should be easy peasy!

Why we love it:

It’s Duo clean system will be a bang for your buck. Shark IF200UKT will make sure you are in safe hands when under hard-fitting furniture is a cause of concern.

 You are sure to have a better cleaning experience with this one right here.


  • Duo Clean
  • 22 minutes runtime
  • Handheld
  • Recommended for stair and pets     


  • Price may be of concern
  • bulky

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What to Look for When Buying a Cordless Vacuum

What’s better than a corded vacuum? A cordless one of course. Cordless vacuums could become your go-to appliance when you are looking to cut the cord and swoosh off pet hair.

Therefore, be sure to check the following when looking for the best cordless vacuum for pet hair:

1. Cleaning Performance

I won’t be wrong if I say the majority of us find cleaning to be a drag. There is literally a thin line between frustrating to downright haywire and we don’t want either of that while cleaning.

While vacuum cleaners are the magic wand for all household, you would want to look for one that has good suction power and is compatible for varying floor types.

A cordless, vacuum cleaner of superb quality is compelled to be equipped with tools and accessories aimed for pet hair, therefore, do keep a lookout for it. Also, the brush bar should be easy to detangle.

This should complement the requirement you are seeking after for the best cordless vacuums for pet hair.

2. Battery Run-Time  

This can be absolutely infuriating when your vacuum calls for a change of battery every now and then.

When you are contemplating on the best cordless vacuum for pet hair, be very precise about your expectation from the battery run-time. The battery runtime depends on the model and your requirements, thus, be aware of your needs.

Although each model is rigged with variables in the battery life, you are sure to find the run-time that you prefer. While some prefer a standard 10 to 15-minute spot cleaning, others prefer models harnessed with a longer run time to clean at one go.

3. Floor Type

One of the most important factors to keep into consideration when you are ready for the best cordless vacuums for pet hair. Not all floors can withstand the kind of service your vacuum is supposed to provide.

When choosing your cordless vac, take a look at your floor type too. Most floors tend to be of hardwood, marble, laminate and can’t be expected to cope with the model you are about to buy.

Most of these cordless vacs aren’t really the all-rounder that you imagine it to be, it has some limitations too. Furthermore, congruity must exist between your vac and your floor for a smooth, clean, pet hair free home.

4. Stair Type

An active pet is a hair shedding pet. Your pet is going to roam around your entire house and there is no stopping them. If your house breeds more than one pet, condolences for the cleaning time over their hair strand.

Whilst you will find pet hair here and there, one place that should be highlighted is the stair.

Pet hair on the stair is inevitable and for cleaning them on a regular basis you certainly need a handy, and unquestionably the best cordless vacuum for pet hair that is not only easy to carry but also is equipped with tools to make sure of maneuverability.  

5. Price

You gotta do what you got to do. There are thousands of models out there and they cater to a huge set of demands made by different buyers, in a time like this price is a necessity to analyze upon.

Price made the buyers guide list because we all want something that exerts remarkable dexterity at an affordable budget. Needless to say, different outlets tend to have some fluctuating price by a fewer margin.

It is advised to compare different platforms ranging from online to retail outlets to capture the best buy for cordless vac since you will be the better judge.

6. Extras

For the best cordless vacuum for pet hair, designs differ through the competitive markets where different add-ons tend to become your favorite.

This is also true when brand loyalty exists. In most cases, buyers are lenient towards a specific brand because they simply have been satisfied over the years.

Other extras are inclusive of stock availability. There are times when a product has taken the market by storm because of its unique features and customer reviews.

In cases like this, the vacuum that you had set your eyes upon, could vanish right before your eyes. Therefore, have a look out for any sales or promotions.


Pets will make you happy even though, I must admit pet hair isn’t particularly anyone’s favorite scene but then again, you just need to look for the best bet to help you advocate for it.

As we get closer to declare our favorite pick, do scroll up once more to know you are completely satisfied with the best cordless vacuum for pet hair in mind.

Now, for the big reveal. We believe hands-down Black + Decker will make you get up right about now and consider that purchase pronto. Godspeed!

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