Amazing Vacuum Cleaner Hacks You Never Knew Before

“Cleanliness is next to godliness.”

But when it comes to making the house spotless, you can’t just rely on the manual cleaning process. Taking a mop and spinning it all around the house is really tiresome. This is when a high-grade vacuum cleaner comes in handy. Isn’t it?

But do you know a vacuum cleaner is not only for cleaning the floors? It can also make a lot of things easy. Right from a few cleaning hacks to those of non-cleaning ones; a device can offer many alluring benefits. All that you need is to utilize your machine to the fullest and make a lot of things easy to access.

Therefore, here we have provided a few vacuum cleaning hacks, keeping which under your sleeves could help in making the life more comfortable. So check them out!

Vacuum cleaner hacks

Cleaning Hacks:

  • When the surface smells– If you are vacuuming any stinky surface, the chances of the smell spreading all around increases. This is when you may sprinkle some baking soda before vacuuming in the affected area. It will help in overcoming the smell to spread. Moreover, you may also use essential oil over the surface so that if the smell spread, it would only be of the oil.
  • When the keyboard and phone get the dust– It is very common for the keyboards of your computer and laptop to accumulate the dust in between the spaces. Similarly, phone keys get the dirt as well. To clean them all that you need is a squeeze ketchup bottle and attach it to the top of the device. It assists in sucking out all the hidden dust and makes the space in between the keys clean and tidy.
  • When kids play with clay and dough on the carpet– With kids in the house getting your carpet untidy most of the time is common. Sticking of the play dough sets is not something new that you encounter. But with the help of a little vacuum cleaner hack, you may get rid of it completely. You may use the brush tool present on the machine to break the dough into pieces once it gets dried. Later, you may vacuum it up all and clean the carpet.
  • When sandstorm strikes– Generally, the glasses of the window accumulates sand when the hard wind blows. If you wipe the glass with a cloth- the chances of sand leaving the scratches elevates. Therefore, first of all, vacuum it and later wipe it off with a damp cloth.
  • When pets reside in the house– If you are fed up with pets’ hairs lying all around, keep this hack in handy. Set the device in low run setting and move it all around the pets’ body. All the loose hairs will get sucked up by the cleaner before falling off on the floor.
  • When you have to clean the blinds and lampshades– Take the brush tool and attach it to the vacuum cleaner. Now you can run it on the lampshades, blinds and the books as well to make it free from dirt and dust quickly.


Non-cleaning Hacks:

  • When you lost your small piece of jewelry– Missing an earring in the carpet or under the bed is common among the ladies. But finding it could be easy by using a nylon cloth covered over the vacuum hose. Once you start vacuuming with it, the earring will get stuck to the nylon cloth, and you may find your missing piece.
  • When your costly carpet receives the dents– Generally, we place the carpet below the furniture. It leads to getting the marks or dents due to the continuous pressure by the heavy furniture. To fix it, you may sue ice over the affected areas. As soon the ice starts to melt the carpet fiber begins rising. Now you can take your machine and vacuum up the area so that the fibers straighten up.
  • When the house smells– Sometimes some awful smell makes the home completely unwelcoming. But you may easily overcome the issue by using a tissue paper damped with a whiff of perfume inside the vacuum bag. Now clean the whole area and see how the terrible smell gets replaced with a refreshing aroma of your perfume.
  • When you had to pump the air mattress– There could come times when you forget where you placed the air pump last time after inflating the mattress. But don’t worry as you have a vacuum cleaner to beat the problem. Take your machine and attach a small nozzle to it. Now, all that you have to do is to start pumping and inflate your entire air mattress in lesser time and fewer efforts.
  • When you have to soothe a crying baby– When the baby starts crying for no specific reasons trying different ways to comfort him becomes essential. If you have tried your hands on toys and other equipment, it’s time to use the vacuum cleaner. There is soft white noise in the machine which has some calming effect, soothing the baby instantly.

So now that you know vacuum cleaner could do wonders, it’s time to try these hacks and make life easier.  Next time when you lost your earring or have a crying baby in your hands, take out your machine. Just try once and see how amazingly it works.

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